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Massachusetts Town Origins

Author: John Chandler, Version: 1996-02-03

Name and boundary changes of cities and towns. (Note: in New England, a "town" is a political subdivision of a county, not merely a populated place.) Each entry in this file has a date, two names, and a "transaction". The latter is a code for the type of event and comes in two flavors, according to which name is given first. Each event is entered twice, once with each name listed first. Some entries have remarks further explaining the locality. The entries within each county are listed alphabetically by the first name. The entries have the following patterns.

New was Old (change of name, or foundation if "Old" is "---")
Old became New
Donor part to Donee (land transferred from one town to another)
Donee part fr Donor
New came fr Old (new town created from part of another)
Old part as New
Little joined Big (town merged into another, or to another state)
Big annexed Little
Little got fr State
Town1 bound Town2 (exchanging land)
Old gone (town abolished)

Barnstable County

Berkshire County

Bristol County

Dukes County

Essex County

Franklin County

Hampden County

Hampshire County

Middlesex County

Nantucket County

(Old) Norfolk County

Norfolk County

Plymouth County

Suffolk County

Worcester County

Other States

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