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Whitney surname and variants.



Garsham (Whittnes), s. Gorsham and Sarah, Feb. 4, 1757. Palmer
George, s. of Jonathan and Susanna, Aug. 12, 1721. Sherborn
George, s. Benjamin and Abigail, Mar. 25, 1733. Marlborough
George, s. of Ephraim and Sarah. Feb. 22, 1772. Natick
George, s. of Jason and Lois, Mar. 22, 1778. Natick
George, son of Paul and Charlotte (Clap), b. January 12, 1788. Westfield
George, s. Paul and Charlotte, bap. 03 Feb 1788. Westfield
George, s. of Isaiah Jr. and Mary, Dec. 16, 1788. Harvard
George, s. Simon and Lucy, Feb. 12, 1800. Petersham
George, s. of Joseph and Sally, Jan. 2, 1801. Sherborn
George, s. Abijah and Anna, bap. July 26, 1801. [p. 517] Weston
George, s. of Aaron and Sally (Aaron and Susanna, C.R.I). Dec. 13, 1809 (Dec. 26 dup.). Harvard
George, s. Lt. Benjamin & Anna, b. Mar. 24, 1813. Pepperell
George, s. William and Lucy, April 6, 1814. Ashburnham
George, ch. Nathan & Sina (name unclear), Aug. 16, 1814 Orange
George, s. Amos and S[o]phia, Sept. 21, 1817. Royalston
George, s. of Jonathan and Levina, Mar. 25, 1821. Milford
George [h. Louisa P. C. (Lincoln)], ____, 1821. G.R.6. Holliston
George, s. Capt. Joseph H. and Betsey, Oct. 14, 1822. Westminster
George, s. Asa and Sally, bp. Oct. 17, 1824. C.R. [b. Oct. 28, 1823. P.R.14] Harriot, d. Daniel and Sarah, June 2, 1828. Stow
George, s. Smyrna and Ruth, June 5, 1831. Westminster
George, Nov. 1, 1832. G.R.3. Cambridge
George, s. Jonas Jr. and Lucindia, Oct. 15, 1834. Westminster
George, ch. Gardner and Persis, Dec. 24, 1848 (adopted by Ammi? Whitney) Orange
George A., s. Lemuel and Sarah, Aug. 2, 1804. Ashby
George Alfred, s. Thomas and Henrietta, Mar. 30, 1809. Shirley
George Augustus, s. Theodore A. and Laura W., May 28, 1856. (8:97) Fitchburg
George B. Adams, s. Adam and Mary Ann, Oct. 27, 1853. (8:97) Fitchburg
George Barber, s. Martin and Nancy (Orne), Nov. 9, 1825. Attleborough
George Burgess, s. John A. and Emily Ann, b. Sep. 10, 1844, bp. Oct. 13, 1844. [CRO] Dedham
George Call, s. Nathaniel Ruggles and Abigail, b. 18 Aug 1793 Watertown
George Call, s. of Nathl Ruggles Whitney, bapt. 25 Aug 1793. Watertown
George Callender, s. of George and Ester, Feb 3, 1809. Natick
George Clarkson, s. John and Lydia, Sept. 19, 1842. Westminster
George D. [h. Sarah J. Garfield], ____, 1828. G.R.4. Hopkinton
George David, s. David and Semaria, Sept. 11, 1828. Westborough
George Drucker, Apr. 15, 1849. G.R.3. Cambridge
George E., Apr. 20, 1847. G.S.3. Westminster
George Eliab, s. Eliab and Catharine T., July 24, 1847. Wrentham
George Evans, s. Joel and Esther, Feb. 9, 1849. Woburn
George F., June 4, 1828. G.R.2. Cambridge
George Fenn, s. of George and Pamela, b. 29 Feb 1820. Stockbridge
George Francis, s. Samuel and Lydia, June 18, 1834. Shrewsbury
George Francis, s. James and Mary, May 4, 1845. Grafton
George-Franklin, s. Reuben-P.and Clarasa-C., Sept. 11, 1838. Princeton
George Franklin, s. William B. and Marilla L., May 29, 1847. Petersham
George Frederick, s. Leonard and Abigail E., Nov. 5, 1846. Newton
George Frederick, s. Leonard and Abigail E., Jan. 6, 1849. Newton
George Harlow, s. Benjamin and Sybil, March 1l, 1805. Westborough
George Harlow, s. John and Caroline, July, 1855. (8:97) Fitchburg
George Harrison Gray, s. Geo[rge] and Ann G. G., bp. July 12, 1835. C.R.2. Roxbury
George Haskett, s. Haskett Derby and Joanna (Wallis), July 14, 1844. Beverly
George Henry s. of Jesse and Rebeccah, Feb. 24, 1821. Framingham
George Henry, s. of David M. and Mary Ann, Sept 17, 1830. Natick
George Henry, s. of Justus and Mary C., July 18, 1839. Harvard
George-Henry, s. Levi-T. and Sarah, Feb. 2, 1847. Boylston
George Hoyt, s. Jacob and Sally, April 16, 1847. Phillipston
George J., s. Jason and Emily, May 22, 1845. Medway
George Leavitt, s. Capt. Hananiah Jr. and Mary, ___ __, ____. [Bap. Sept. 29, 1823, C.R.] Winchendon
George Lyman, s. of Lyman and Mary, Aug. 21, 1848. Sherborn
George Murdock, s. Amasa Jr. and Mary, Feb. 3, 1841. Winchendon
George O., s. Dwelly and Emily, March 10, 1833. Ashburnham
George Orlando, s. Orlando and Eliza Ann, Aug. 14, 1836. Lowell
George R., ch. Simeon and Sarah, May 27, 1829. Duxbury
George S., s. of Otis and Johanna, Aug. 26, 1847. Milford
George Stephen Glover, s. David, laborer, and Chloe, May 8, 1846. Brookline
George Theodore, s. George, June 18, 1835. Lynn
George Thompson, s. Nathaniel G. and Charlotte, Oct. 11, 1838. Northbridge. Grafton
George Tyler, s. Ezekiel and Elizabeth, Feb. 27, 1823. Wayland
George W., _____, 1836. G.R.4. Milford
George Wallace, s. of Ebenezer and Joanna, b. 24 Sep 1847. Brighton
George Washington, s. Jonas w. and Phebee, Mar.7, 1813. Westminster
George Washington, s. of George and Polly, Nov. 19, 1816. Harvard
George-Williams, s. Amos and Lovinda, Jan. 7, 1849. Northborough
George Woods, s. Thomas, bap. (C.R.1) Jun. 11, 1809. Marlborough
Gershom, s. Moses and Rebekah [dup. Rebecca], July 25, 1758. Newton
Gidion, s. Isaac and Elizabeth, Nov. 29, 1729. [Gideon Whittney, C.R.1]. Hopkinton
Gilbert H., _____ __, 1824. G.S.1 Athol
Giles H., ___ __, 1818. G.S.3. Winchendon
Gilford, s.Samuell J. and Phebe, Jan. 2, 1769. Shrewsbury
Grace, d. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 22 Oct 1744 Watertown
Grace, d. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 28 Oct 1744. Watertown
Grace, d. of Benja Whitney, bapt. 28 Nov 1757, in private. Watertown
Grace, d. Simon and Mary, b. 12 Jul 1763 Watertown
Grace, d. of Simon Whitney, bapt. 17 Jul 1763. Watertown
Grace, d. Joshua and Mary, Mar. 3, 1776. Worcester
Grace, d. Daniel and Mary, b. 6 Jan 1789 Watertown
Grace, d. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 25 Jan 1789. Watertown
Grace, d. Auren J., and Mary C., teacher, May 21, 1886. Ashby
Grace Esty [_____], w. of _____, Mar. 16, 1764. [G.R.2.] Framingham
Grover [Grover Scollay, G.S.3], s. Joseph and Hannah, July 10, 1816. Winchendon


George and Sarah Couzens, Nov. 21, 1745. [Whitney, and Sarah Cozens, Nov. 6, M.R.]. Holliston
George of Plainfield and Miriam Hunt, int. Aug. 8, 1795. Medfield
George, and Mariam Hunt, m. 21 Jan 1796. Plainfield
George and Esther Morse, int. Sept. 3, 1799. Natick
George and Polly Fairbank, Mar. 23, 1814. Harvard
George, and Pamela Fenn, m. 20 Jul 1816. Stockbridge
George and Sophia Greenwood, March 5, 1823. Gardner
George, and Mary W. Mallard, Nov. 8, 1827. Roxbury
George of Brookline, and Sena Smith, int. Feb. 24, 1828. [Whiting of Brookline, m. Mar. 27, C.R.] Stow
George, of Quincy, and Ann Greenough Gray, Dec. 15, 1829. Roxbury
George and Ruth Dunham of Winchendon, int. June 3, 1830. Whitney requested not to be published. Westminster
George, and Nancy Nimms, of Sullivan, N. H., int. Aug 4, 1833. Lynn
George and Amanda M. Henry, Dec. 17, 1835. Chester
George and Abigail Bemis, Oct. 10, 1836. Harvard
George, Capt., and Azubah Hastings of Millbury, int. Mar. 24, 1839. Natick
George of Natick and Mrs. Azubah Hastings, Apr. 13, 1839. Millbury
George and Eliza J. Simpson of Boston, int. April 14, 1842. Royalston
George and Louisa P.C.Lincoln of Holliston, int. Dec. ___, 1844. Milford
George (farmer, s. Joseph H. and Betsy, a. 23) and Aldice Adams, Mar. 31, 1846. Westminster
George C. and Persis Broad, Dec. 2, 1830. Natick
George D. of N.B. and Sarah W. Jenney of Fairhaven, int. May 23, 1844. New Bedford
George E. [int.omits E.], 23, cordwainer of Milford, s. Jonathan and Lavina, and Louisa P.C. Lincoln, 19, teacher, d. Ira and Patty, Jan. 1, 1845. Jan.1, 1845. [Geo[rge] E. and Lou P.C. Lincoln, C.R.2]. Holliston
George L., and Harriet A. Mears, both of L., Mar. 30, 1841. Lowell
George P. [of Westminster in int.] and Ruth Dunham, July 20, 1830. Winchendon
Geo[rge] T., unm., of L., a. 28y., provision dealer, s. Timo[thy] and Lucy, and Charlotte M. Brigham, unm., of L., a. 25y., milliner, d. W[illia]m and Sophia, July 4, 1847. Lowell
George T., 26, cordwainer, s. Ezekiel, and Mary S. Withington, 26, d. Samuel, Jan. 28, 1849. Stow
George W. and Prudence Stone, Mar. 26, 1833. Dana
George W. and Susan B. Whitney, Oct. 2, 1834. Marlborough
George W. and Dolly Jackson, Oct. 5, 1837. Westminster
George W. and Abigail Sawyer of Templeton, int. Aug. 26, 1838. Hubbardston
George W. [Washington in int.] of Hubbardston and Abigail Sawyer, Sept. 19, 1838. Templeton
George W.,papermaker,a.29y.,b. Leominster,s. George & Mary,and Lucy E.Shed,a.23y.,d. John P. & Betsy,Apr.13,1848. Pepperell
Gershom of Woodstock, and Sarrah Wood, Mar. 21, 1751. Mendon
Gideon, of Hopkinton, and Hannah Norcross of Weston, int. Jan. 25, 1750. [p. 73] Weston
Gideon, of Hopkinton, and Hannah Norcross of Weston, Mar. 14, 1750/1, in Sudbury, by Ebenezer Roby, J.P. [p. 264] Weston
Gideon WHITING [int. Gedion WHITNEY] and Hannah Norcross [int. Norcros] of Weston [int. Westown], Mar. 14, 1750-1, in Sudbury. Hopkinton
Gideon of Hopkinton, and Hannah Norcross, Mar. 14, 1750-1. Sudbury
Gilman H., of New London [N.H. int.], and Sarah J[ane, int.] Durgin of L., Nov. 16, 1848. Lowell
Grace of Harvard and Josiah Houghton of Lancaster, int. Nov. 15, 1755. T.R.1, p. 35. Lancaster
Grace and Josiah Houghton of Lancaster, int. Nov. 22, 1755. Harvard
Grace and Josiah Houghton, Jan. 6, 1756. p. 85. Lancaster
Grace and Josiah Bisco, b. of Watertown, m. 30 Sep 1765 Watertown
Grace, and Samuel Cook, b. of Watertown, int. 5 Dec 1807. Watertown
Grace, and Samuel Cook, b. of Watertown, m. 14 Jan 1808. Watertown
Gracy and John Ranks, Mar. 8, 1797. Worcester
Gracia F., s., 17, and Edward C. Locke, Dec. 31, 1848. (8:136) Fitchburg
Gratia F. to Charles C. Locke, Dec. 31, 1848. (III:413) Fitchburg


Gardner, single, machinist, born in Weston, s. Abijah and Anna, Oct. 24, 1844, a. 33y. 1m. 6d., New-Burying ground, Typhus Fever. [p. 289, 377] Weston
George, Sept. 26, 1752. Holliston
Gideon, July 24, 1752. Hopkinton
George, s. of Isaiah and mary, May 6, 1810, a. 30 y. (a. 30 y. a m. 21 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
George, s. Peter and w., July 19, 1804. [a. 13, C.R.1.] Chester
George, s. John and Jane, Jan. 17, 1831. GR-5 Lowell
George, fever, Sept. 5, 1836, a. 23y. C.R.1. Pepperell
George, Rev. [bilious fever. C.R.3.], Apr. 2, 1842, a. 38 y. Roxbury
George, Capt., s. of Jason, Feb. 18, 1849, a. 71y. Md. Lung fever. Natick
George, sp. Sarah (Flagg) Whitney, b. 1854, Central Cem. 1930 Orange
George B., s. Jotham and Angaline, Mar. 25, 1838, a. 2y. G.R.2. Buckland
George Frederick, Nov. 2, 1830, a. 11y. [CRE [GS1]] Dedham
George H., s. George and Ruth, Aug. 25, 1849. a. 11m 21d. Dysentery. Winchendon
Georg[e] Henry, s. Hezekiah and Sarah, consumption, Sept. 25, 1848, a. 19d. Manchester
George Hoyt, s. Jacob and Sally, Feb. 7, 1848, a. 9m. 24d. Lung fever. Phillipston
George Orlando, s. Orlando and Eliza Ann, Sep. 27, 1837. Jan. 17, 1831. GR. 5 Lowell
George S., s. David and Charlotte, Nov. 10, 1849. Ashby
George Washington, s. William and Dulcena, Nov. 13, 1826, a. 20 mo. C.R. Templeton
George [Whiting. C.R.2.], s. Seth T. [and Lucy. C.R.2.], Oct 9, l815. [a. 12 y. C.R.2.] Roxbury
Gershom, s. Moses and Rebekah [dup Rebecca], Feb. 4, 1759. Newton
Glen, sp. Eleanor (Robert) Whitney, b. 1895, Central Cem. 1977 Orange
Grace, d. Simon and Mary, d. 5 Spe 1763 Watertown
Grace, b. Ashby, d. Auren J. and Mary, May 21, 1886, a. 1d. Ashby
Grace (Harding), sp. Elmer Whitney, b. 1871, Central Cem. 1950 Orange
Gray Frederick, s. of Leonard D. and Abigail, d. 12 Sep 1848, a. 2 y., of dysentery. Paxton
Greace, d. Nathaniel, Mar. 23, 1719/20. [p. 10] Weston

Church Membership

George C., adm. Aug. 20, 1843. [CRO] Dedham
Grace, adm. full comm. 1 Jul 1764. Watertown

Public Records


Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records

George, scholar in the North [East] School, 1808. Weston

Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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