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Whitney surname and variants.



Kate, d. Evrett, b. Canaan, Ct., farmer, and Adelia, b. Canaan, Ct., b. 19 Aug 1859. Sheffield
Katharine, d. Daniel and Dorathy, Apr. 12, 176[worn, 1763 T.C.] Stow
Katharine, d. Daniel and Mary, b. 21 Feb 1777 Watertown
Katharine, d. Abr[aha]m Jr. and Sarah, July 10, 1804. Stow
Katherine, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, Feb. 14, 1770. Grafton
Katherine, d. Timothy and Katherine, Oct. 12, 1777. Shrewsbury
Katherine, d. Timothy and Katherine, Feb. 15, 1779. Shrewsbury
Katherine, d. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 5 Nov 1780. Watertown
Katie, dau. of George and Abigal, b. 27 Mar 1855. Springfield
Kezia, d. of Jonathan and Susanah, July 31, 1706. Sherborn
Kezia, d. Jacob and Ester, Nov. 11, 178[torn, 1782, T.C.]. (d. Jacob and Easter, C.R.] [Keziah, P.R.12] Stow
Keziah, d. Abraham and Mary, Oct. 8, 1716. Stow


Katharine and Lemuel Wheeler of Lincoln, Apr. 23, 1783. Stow
Keziah and Asahel Page of New Salem [int. New Salam], June 11, 1812. [Kesiah and Asahel Paige [of] Salem, Jan. 11, C.R.] Stow
Kimball, and Anna Leonard, int. Oct. 3, 1802. Roxbury


Katharine, d. Timothy and Katharine, Sept. 20, 1778. Shrewsbury
Katharine, w. Abraham Jr., Apr. 7 [dup. Apr. 17], 1802. Stow
Kezia, w. Joshua, Apr. 15, 1820, in 78th y. G.R.1. Medway
Kezia M., w. Samuel, Dec. 15, 1837, a. 37y. G.S. Townsend

Church Membership

Kathy, wf. of Ezekiel, Jr., o. c. 2 Jun 1793. Watertown

Public Records


Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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