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Whitney surname and variants.



Ohio, s. Ohio and Mary, June 9, 1813. Ashburnham
Olive, d. of Jesse and Mary, Feb. 9, 1758. Mendon
Olive W., d. Judah and Mary, May 30, 1797. Ashby
Oliver, s. Nathaniel and Mary, Dec. 1, 1724. Westborough
Oliver,s. of Jonathan and Allis, July 22,1731. T.R.1, p. 61. Lancaster
Oliver, s. David and Mehitable, Apr. 15, 1744. Needham
Oliver, s. of David, bp. June 9, 1745. C.R. Natick
Oliver, s. of Timothy and Alice, Mar. 10, 1754. Harvard
Oliver, s. Timothy and Alice, March 10, 175[torn][1754?]. Petersham
Oliver, s. Oliver and Darcus, Sept. 1, 1756. Upton
Oliver, s. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1763. Twin. Harvard
Oliver, s. Silas and Jane, Sept. 16, 1764. Winchendon
Oliver, s. Caleb and Elizabeth, May 9, 1766. Newton
Oliver,s. John and w., bp. Apr.31[sic], 1769, B.R. Shirley
Oliver, s. Abner and Elizabeth, Dec. 8, 1770. Westminster
Oliver, s. of Caleb, bap. July 19, 1772. C.R.2, p. 389. Lancaster
Oliver, s. Timothy and Alice, Jan. 18, 1775. Petersham
Oliver, s. of Josiah and Sarah, Jan. 9, 1777. Harvard
Oliver, s. of Phinhas, bp. Nov. 4, 1781. C.R.1. Harvard
Oliver, s. Simon and Lucy, Aug. 14, 1783. Petersham
Oliver, s. Joshua and Vashti, April 28, 1784. Gardner
Oliver, s. of Israel and Hannah, May 16, 1786. Harvard
Oliver, s.of Flint and Sophia, Mar. 15, 1844. Dana
Ophelia V., d. Ephraim, merchant, and Joanna, Sept. 5, 1849. Roxbury
Oramel Leland, ch. Moses and Polly, Dec. 10, 1811. Hinsdale
Orange, s. John and Eliza, Mar. 16, 1849. Westminster
Orason, ch. Luke and Cyntha, Jan. 12, 1806. Gardner
Orestes, s. Elijah and Mindwell, June 28, 1803. Westborough
Orlando, ch. Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, Mar. 27, 1792. Conway
Orlando, s. Jonah and Ann, July 23,1804. Westborough
Orlando, s. Orlando, b. Sheffield, laborer, and Julia, b. Washington, b. 8 Jan 1856. Sheffield
Orpah, d. Elisha and Eunice, Sept. 24, 1783. Westminster
Orraett, d. of William and Abigail, Nov. 10, 1847. Milford
Orrin, s. Jonas and Mary, Sep. 1, 1812 Otis
Orrin, s. Silas N. and Anna, Jun. 19, 1839 Otis
Orville-Porter, s. Reuben-P.and Clarasa-C., Oct. 28, 1833. Princeton
Oscar Greenleaf, s. Luther P. and Sophia, Dec. 27, 1846. Marlborough
Otis, s. Timothy and Alice, Apr. 29, 1764. Petersham
Otis, s. Eben[eze]r and Parney, Feb. 1, 1790. Montague
Otis, s. of Ezekiel Whitney, bapt. 17 Aug 1798. Watertown
Otis, [h. Mary L. P.], ___ __, 1802. G.R.1. Stow
Otis, s. Ezekiel and Catharine, b. 11 Aug 1808. Watertown
Otis, s. Lemuel and Betcy, Nov. 14, 1809. Ashburnham
Otis, _____, 1821. G.R.5. Milford
Otis N., s. Otis and Hannah, Sept. 3, 1844. Ashburnham


Ohio of Ashburnham and Mary Bolton, int. Dec. 30, 1808. Westminster
Ohio and Mary Bolton of Westminster, Jan. 3, 1809. Ashburnham
Ohio Jr. and Mary R. Brooks, April 11, 1839. Ashburnham
Ohio (widr.) and Mrs. Dorothy Brown, June 9, 1844. Ashburnham
Olever and Dorcas Forbuish of Westborough, int. Nov. 10, 1749. Upton
Olive and Nathan Whitney, both of C., int. [Oct. 18] 1780. Conway
Olive, and Rufus Scott, both of M., July 30, 1797. Montague
Olive and John Hall Jr., Jan. 3, 1799. Wrentham
Oliver of Upton and Dorcas Forbush, Dec. 18, 1749. C.R. Westborough
Oliver and Abigail Hutchins, Nov. 16, 1752. Harvard
Oliver and Hannah Chase, June 9, 1780. Cambridge
Oliver and Mercy Whitcomb, Mar. 16, 1809. Harvard
Oliver of Gardner and Rebeckah Nichols, int. Apr. 22, 1810. Westminster
Oramel L. and Judith Holbrook, July 4, 1836. Windsor
Orland, and Eliza Ann Carlton, both of L., int. Jan. 26, 1834. Lowell
Orland, and Emeline Harris, both of L., int. Oct. 3, 1835. Lowell
Orlando and Susan M. Wood, May 7, 1829. Grafton
Orlando and Caroline Stewart, both of C., int. Dec. 9, 1838. Conway
Otis, of M., and Thirzah Glazier of Leverett, int. Mar. 28, 1817. Montague
Otis and Marcy Piper, July 20, 1823. Cambridge
Otis and Mary Puffer, wid., int. Aug. 10, 1826. Stow
Otis and Mrs. Mary Puffer, Oct. 15, 1826, in Stow. Sudbury
Otis and Hannah Parker, both of Ashby, May 3, 1840 (int. not recorded). Ashburnham
Otis and Joanna W. Howard, int. Aug. 19, 1843. Milford
Otis, widr., of Augusta, Me., s. of Nathan and Susan, a. 40y. and Sarah Catherine Jackson, d. of Laban and Mary Ann, a. 21y., Oct. 13, 1846. Wrentham


Olive, Aug. 19, 1750, a. abt. 24 y. C.R.1. Harvard
Olive, w. Benjamin, billous fever, Jan. 13, 1809, a. 55y. C.R.1 Pepperell
Olive B., w. Ezra, May 19, 1846, a. 84. Upton
Olivea, w. of Simon, Aug. 8, 1767. (a. 43 y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Oliver, s. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Mar. 29, 1763. (Mar. 31, 1763, a. 6 w. C.R.1.) Harvard
Oliver, s. Timothy and Alice, Dec. 18, 1772, a. 18y. 9m. 8d. Petersham
Oliver, s. Timothy and Alice, Jun 20, 1780, a. 5y. 5m. 2d., G.R.4 Otis
Oliver, s. Abner and Elizabeth, June 24, 1794. a. 23y. 6m. 16d. Westminster
Oliver, Dea., Apr. 16, 1802, in his 71st y. G.R.1. Harvard
Oliver, May 18, 1804. [in 80th year, G.S.] Upton
Oliver, drowned, July 30, 1808, a. 47y. C.R.1. Brookline
Oliver, Aug. 20, 1833. C.R. Upton
Orlando, b. Cavendish, Vt., trader, s. Rebecca, pericarditis, May 14, 1844, a. 38y. 1m. 19d. Lowell
Orlando, b. N., ch. 'I'homas and Esther, typhus fever, Mar. 11, 1848, a. 5, in. N. Nantucket
Orrin, s. Jonas and Mary [inflamation of bowels], Aug 22, 1827, a. 15, C.R.2. [Orrin C [?C. or O], G.R.4] Otis
Oscar G., s. Luther P. and Sophia, Oct. 2, 1847, a. 9m. (G.S.3). Marlborough

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