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Whitney surname and variants.



Zaccheus, s. of Jonathan and Mary, Mar. 11, 1774. T.R.1, p. 108. Lancaster
Zaccheus, s. of Mr. Jonathan and wife, bap. Mar.13,1774. C.R.1.1, p. 309. Lancaster
Zacheass, s. Jonathan and Sarah, Nov. 16, 1707. Sudbury
Zacheus, s. Zacheus and Mary, Mar. 15, 1734/5. Bedford
Zebudah, d. of Jonas and Relief, Feb. 28, 1782. Harvard
Zechariah, s. John and Sarah, b. 28 Dec 1711 Watertown
Zechariah, s. Zechariah and Sarah, Jan. 11, 1747. Lunenburg
Zelinda, ch. David and Rachel, Dec. 9, 1781. Conway
Zimri, d. twin, Isaac and Susanna, July 2, 1807. Ashby


Zaccheus, and Mary Wheeler, both of Concord, by Justice Minott, 23 May 1734. [p. 131] Concord
Zachariah and Sarah Boynton, both of Lunenburg, April 11, 1739, by the Rev. David Stearns minister of Lunenburg. [Int. not recorded.] Lunenburg
Zachariah to Elizabeth Wetherbee of Harvard, Aug. 18, 1774. (III:241) Fitchburg
Zachariah of Fitchburg, and Elisabeth Whetherbe, Aug. 18, 1774. Harvard
Zacheus and Fanny Tucker of Salem, June 16, 1804. In Brookline. [p. 485] Boston
Zacheus [of Boston. int.], and Fanny Tucker, certif. July 1, 1804. [July 20. C.R.12]. Int. not recorded. Salem
Zacheus of Lunenburg and Sally Holt, int. Apr. 1, 1808. (III:79) Fitchburg
Zacheus and Phanny Allen, Apr. 19, 1821. Cambridge
Zacriah, of Fitchburg, and Betse Wetherby of Harvard, int. Apr. 23, 1744. (II:251) Fitchburg
Zimri of Harvard and Mrs. Adeline Conant of Littleton, May 14, 1840, by Rev. W. H. White. [p. 265] Littleton


Zaccheus, Mar. 14, 1739-40 [Zacheus Whitney, C.R.]. Bedford
Zaccheus, b. in Lancaster, Feb. 12, 1845, a. 70y. 11m. Md. Consumption Cambridge
Zacheus, b. Bedford, Mar. 5, 1735, d. May 25, 1760, a. 25y. 2m. 20d. Townsend
Zebiah, m., housekeeper, b. Westbrook, Me., d. Eben[eze]r and Mary Kollock, puerperal, Aug. 1, 1845, a. 30y. Lowell
Zebudah, Nov. 21, 1812, a. 85 y. Widr. Old age. C.R.1. Harvard
Zehariah, Sept. 26, 1808, a. 76y. C.R. Montague
Zilpah, w. William, Feb. 20, 1832, a. 44. Northborough
Zimri, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s. Isaac and Susanna, of suicide, insanity, May 23, 1875, a. 67y. 10m. 21d. Ashby

Church Membership


Public Records

Zach[aria]h, resident, 1790. U.S.C. Montague
Zachariah, reputed owner, 1798. D.T. Montague
Zechariah, occupant, 1798. D.T. Montague

Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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