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Whitney, Henry Austin, Memoranda Relating to Families of the Name of Whitney in England, (Boston: 1859).

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                                                 WHITNEYS OF VARIOUS COUNTIES.


GEORGE WHITNEY, of Brills, in Buckinghamshire.  Will dated March 1, 1634; proved at Oxford, Aug. 16, 1638.  Mentions his house at Woodstock, = Anne.
   his farm at Wootton, and his land at St. Nicholas, in Hertfordshire; all of which he directs to be poaid by Mr. Thomas Franklin, and Mr.  |
   Edmund Sutton, of Bicester, in Oxfordshire, for the benefit of his family.                                                                |
                                                  |                         |
                                                James Whitney.            Child unborn in 1634.

                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Robert Whitney, Clerk and Parson of Ingham and Noughton, in the county of Suffolk.  Will dated Sept. 17, 1556; proved, at Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk,
   Feb. 8, 1556-7.  No Whitneys named.


  "In the name of God, Amen. I ROBT. WHITNEY, Clke, Psone of
Inghm. and Noughton wt. in the Countye of Suff. and wt. in the Dyoces
of Norwiche, holl of mynde and bodye, the sixt daye of Maye in the yere
of or. Lord god ----, and in the iiij yere of the Reigne of Kynge Edward
the Syxte, doe make and declare my last will and Testamett in maner
& forme followinge. First I comende my Soule to god, oure Ladye St
Marye and all the holye and blyssed companye of heaven, my bodye to be
buryed in holye sepulture. Itm I gyve and bequeathe to evrye of them
that shall carrye my bodye to the Churche at my buryall daye, l s. Itm
I gyve to evrye godchild an manye as shalbe there alyve vj s viij d wch. I
did answere for at the font stone. Itm I will that the paryshe of Inghm.
both poore and Ryche wt. in a convenyente tyme after my death be re-
fresshed wt. meate and Drynke and ord that evry house there to have

xij d Playford, Lumpkyn, & Chapman only excepted, and even in lyke
sorte at Naughton I will have lyke distribution. Allso I will that my
movable goods shalbe valued and the monye thereof gyven to the poore
except that yt shalbe gyven by me to whom I shall name. Allso all my
detts I will to be gathered uppe to pay my detts to all to whom I doe owe
anye, and that of their fayth & trouth will saye that I owe unto them
although they be not named, and of this my will I make Mr John Holte,
of Burge, gent. my suer & trustye Executor, to see this my will, fulfylled,
and my trustye frende and Cosyne Sr. Clementt Highm. Knyght to be
Supravysor of this my will to be fulfylled. And Mr Holte is to have for his
paynes takynge xx s. thus fynnysshynge my said will & Testamentt the
xvijth of September Ao. 1556to. by the Testymonye & Wytnes of Willm.
Wade, Maryon his wyfe, Willm. Thompsone, Rose Wade syngle woman,
& others."

                                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

License of marriage granted to George Somerset, Esq., of Wickhambrook, in Suffolk, and Jane Whitney, of Thetford, widow, June 11, 1591.  Registry
   Office, Bury St. Edmunds.

William Whitney, of Coggs' Court, co. Oxford, Gent.  Will proved, P.C.C., in 1602.



1583, Dec. 3. -- Roger Townsend, Esq., was licensed to convey to Robert
  Whitney, Gent., the manor of East Rudham, in Norfolk.
1590, June 17. -- Robert Whitney licensed to convey the manor of Bot-
  tomflock, in Thetford, co. Norfolk.

1594, May 1. -- Pardon granted to Robert Whitney for conveying, with-
  out license, the manor of Pattesby, in Norfolk, to Roger Townsend.
1592, May 30. -- Pardon to Miles Whitney for conveying, without li-
  cense, the manors of Estrigg and Wiginton, in Yorkshire, to John
  Vaughan, Esq.

                                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Wetnay, of the city of York.  Will dated Sept. 30, 1482; proved, at York, May 2, 1486. = Matilda.

John Whitney, of Attleborough, in the parish of Nuneaton, in Warwickshire.  Will dated ----. = Katherine, executrix of her husband's will.

Thomas Whitney = Mary Fibner, June 26, 1562. -- From Parish Register of St. Martin's, Salisbury, co. Wilts.

William Whitney, alias Powell, of the parish of St. Mary Redcliffe, in the city of Bristol, merchant tailor.  Will dated June 17; proved, at Bristol, Aug. 21,
   1623.  Gives every thing to Maud Lewis, and Judith Leonard, widow, and appoints them executrices.  Makes Edward Ellis (alias Saunders) and John
   Warden, tailors, overseers.

Thomas Whitney, of Courtenhall.  Will dated March 4, 1641-2; proved, at Northampton, in Northamptonshire, March 26, 1642; leaves and annuity to =
   his mother.  Kinsman, Thomas Reade.                                                                                                          |
                                               |                      |                          |
                                            William, executor.     Thomas, not 18 in 1642.     Mary.

   |                                                                                                   |                         |
Thomas Whitney, of Leake, in the county of Lincoln.  Will dated Jan. 17, 1652; = Helen, executrix.   John Whitney, writer of   Mary Whitney, wife of
proved at Lincoln.  Mentions his cousins William Whitney and Agnes Knight.     |                       his brother's will.        ... Gannock.
                       |            |            |
                     Alice.       Helen.       Mary.
                          All under 18 in 1652.

        John Whitney, of Leake, co. Lincoln.  Will dated March 9, 1652-3; proved, P.C.C., Sept. 7, 1653. = Sarah, executrix of her husband's will.
                  Appoints his cousins, John and Thomas Taylor, supervisors of his will.                 |
                                                       Samuel Whitney, not 21 in 1653.

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