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Whitney, Henry Austin, Memoranda Relating to Families of the Name of Whitney in England, (Boston: 1859).

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                                                         WHITNEYS OF HEREFORDSHIRE


                         |                                                                                    |
JAMES WHITNEY, Esq.  = Margaret [Bromwich], of Norton Canon in Hereford-     = ... Bromwich, or Browning,  ... Barrett, sister of testator.
probably second hus-   shire.  Will dated Oct. 28, 1568. -- See Extract from | first husband.
band.                  her Will, below.*                                     |
   |                                      |                            |                           |                    |
Thomas, heir to his father's estates in  Joan, wife of ... Phillips.  ..., wife of Hugh Bull.  Elizabeth Bromwich.  Catherine Bromwich.

                          The will of Thomas Whitney, of Middlewood in Herefordshire, was proved in the P.C.C. in 1610.

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  the 20th day of October, 1568.

  "I bequeath my body to be buryed within my Parish Church of Nor-
ton" (Canon) --
  "Item I give to the reparations of the said Church 6s|8d -- Item to the
Poormens box there 2s|. Item to the Cathedral Church of Hereford 12s.
Item to the Vicar of Norton 3s|4d" --
  Item to my son Thomas my best Gelding.
  Item to my daughter Elizabeth Broning 7 kyne & a bull my feather
bed, coverlett bolster blanketts & pilows a silver spoune my best pott &
panne 4 of platters 4 pottingers 4 oz sawsers a payer of hurden shets my
best hanging & two Candlesticks of the beste a grey mare & a colte"
  "Item I give to Elizabeth Phillipps two kyne a silver spone my seconde
pott & panne & two platters" --
  "Item I give to Jane Wallwen two Kyne a silver spone the third
brasse potte a fether bedde a bolster two platters" &c
  "Item to Margaret Fryr" -- similar bequests --
  "Item to Margaret Hopley" -- similar bequests --
  "Item I will that my Executors shallpay yerely to Syr William Skry-
ven during his lyfe 16d|"
  "Item I give to Anne Bull 2 kyne" &c
  "Item I give to Richard Fryser 8 Bushels of Rye --
  "Item I will that my Overseers of this my will shall provide lyghte
and tydye gownes for 4 pore men and women & to ordayne everye thing
decente and mete for my buriall & that the same pore people shall re-
sorte once every quarter to the parish Church & to have every quarter --"
  "Item I give unto Kataryn Helleye a corse gurdell with a buckell &
pendante to the same doble gilte --
  "Item I give to Thomas Frycer two heyfers to increase & make him
a Stock
  "Item I give to Anne Hopleye a heffer & a coverlett a bolster &c --
  "Item I give to Sibyll Gybbens one heffer &c
  "Item I will that my executors shall see my servants payd there
wages yf they be behynde & to distribute amonge them for theire paynes
takinge about me in syckines 2s|6d apece --
  "Item I give to the oldwoman that tendethe me for her paynes an
old cassocke and a hatte --
  "Item I do will that John Gibbons my Cosyn shall have the coffers
wherein my evidens where I have in my custodie concernings my former
husbands landes be and he to see them to be sorted out truly and that
he with one of my executors shall delyver the same evidence after my
decease which belong to Sarnesfyld to my son Thomas and all the evi-
dences of Leomynster -- concernynge John Morris landes to kepe the
same or to deliver ytt to suche persons or person as my sonne in lawes

shall agree to deliver yt unto to their uses and behoof for my dischardge
as my trust is in him only & my said cosyn to have for his labour &
paynes takeinges 1£.6s.8d to be paid & delyvered by my Executors. Also
I give to thesaid John my best saddell brydell & all thinges belonginge
to the same and 3 stone of wolle which is unsolde and to Phillippe his
wife my best ring --
  "Item I give to Anne Feycer a duble ribande of sylke with two
pounds of sylver & gylte weyinge 10 oz --
  "Item I geve & delyvr. to Johan Phillipps my daughter one payer of
beds of blacke Jette with gawdes of sylver and doble gylte --
  "Item I geve to Hughe Bull my sonne in lawe 8 Bushls. of Rye --
  "Item I geve to Edward Drax my old servante 30 Busls. of Rye &c --
  "Item I geve to Thomas Bromyard a blake cote & 4 Busls. of Rye &c
  "Item I geve to Davyd Morrys & Richard Ap powell and to
6 Busls. of Rye between them
  "Item I do hereby confesse before God & the world that I have re-
ceived of Edwarde Drax my servante a perfect acompte of all my rents
and all other receipts which he have resceaved from the beginnings of
the world untill nowe to my use and behoffe & also have receaved of the
said Edwarde & Thomas Grene all such somes of money as was due by
them to paye unto me for their tacks of swyne &c"
  "Item I doe further ordaine constitute & make John Strete of Leo-
mynster gentylman & John Gibbons my cosyn to be my hole & sole
executors of this my laste will & they to see all my legacys aforesd. to be
performed & delivered to such uses as I have geven the same unto & that
they to make restitution yf I have taken anye mans good wrongfullye
& alsoe to see my debts in any wise to be payd unto suche persons as I
doe justelye owe unto as alsoe to see me honestlye buryed whan God do
call for me. And I doe further will that my executors and overseers shall
make or cause to be made a true inventory of all my cattells goods
moveable & unmoveable not before geven or bequeathed & the whole of
my household stuffe &c the same to be prysed & to see my debts payed
to Elizabeth and Katerin Bromwch. my daughters & my funerall chardges
to be payed &c. And the overplus I will that my executors shall distri-
bute as they shall thinke good according to the trust I have reposed in
them satisfyinge themselves for theyre paynes & travell &c. And also
my speyall truste is to see my neighbours & all those that have anye
occupyinge of landes under me that they and every of them maye enjoye
their bargayne & premyses which I have made unto them.
  "Item I geve to my sister Barrett my great maser which is my coffer
at Leomynster for her life and she to leave thesame to one of her bro-
thers my late husbands children. Also I will that Edward Drax & my
executors shall rewarde & geve to the poore fatherless wenche whiche is
with me as shall seme good to theyre discrtions --
  "Wytnes at the publishinge redeinge and" --

"The rest torn away."

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