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Thomas Malbon. Memorials of the Civil War in Cheshire and the Adjacent Counties.

[page 129]

Upon Monday (May 20) Natwich Bands, being about 1000, issued ofrth towards Hatherton: but the Enemy retired to Audlem; & so they did not meet with any of them. Upon Tuesday at Night, the Prince lay at Betteley, & his Army advanced towards Haslington, Sandbach &c. plundering most fearfully all along, & especially taking Men & Horses. Upon Wednesday they advanct to Rud-Heath, & upon Thurs-day they staid to plunder in those Parts, where some of them were taken Prisoners, by the Countrey Inhabitants, about 20: (several) places, did take about twentie of theim p'soners, and some of theim weire Slayne, as the(y) passed alonge by Dodington, By Captyn Churche and Captyn Whitney whoe kepte a garrison in Dodington Hall, wth about fourtie Soldyre for the p'liamt.

[page 234]

{1662} 1662. July 30. great Thunder & lightninge & a great Storm of Hail. Some Hailstones were 6 or 7 Inches about. Ralph Witney of Bartomley, (as was reported by one that heard him speak it,) took up one 11 Inches about. Some had the resumeblance of Men & Woman upon them; some of other Things. The self same Day, Dr. Hall, Bp. of Chester, came into the City, & a great Clap of Thunder happened to be just at his Entrance into the Pallace.

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.

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