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Malin, James C., The Grassland of North America: Prolegomena to its History, 1946.

Chapter 6: Soil -- Soil Science

Until the early twentieth century European and American soil scientists looked primarily to geology and chemistry as the parent sciences, and their studies reflected that emphasis in soil analysis and classification according to geological origins of the materials, the manner of their distribution (residual, or transported by water, wind, or glacier), and their chemical composition. Under the leadership of Milton Whitney (1860-1927) the United States soil survey work, begun in 1899, emphasized texture (the sizes and proportions of different sizes of soil particles and their combinations in the surface layer). He attributed the adaptability of a soil for a given crop primarily, if not exclusively, to texture.

His ancestry: Milton9 WHITNEY, Jr. (Milton8, Silas7, Silas6, Samuel5, William4, Nathaniel3, John2, John1).

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