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"Notes and Queries", NEHGR, vol. XXXIX (1885), pp. 185-195.

[p. 191]

Ely.-- Has any one an autograph of Nathaniel Ely, who died in Springfield, Mass., 1675?
Moseley Homestead, Westfield, Mass. -- Maria M. Whitney

Bodge, George M., "Soldiers in King Philip's War, NEHGR, vol. XXXIX (1885), pp. 255-260.


Communicated by the Rev. George M. Bodge, A.M., of East Boston, Mass.
[Continued from page 179.]

No. XI.

Capt. Nathaniel Davenport and his Men.

[p. 257-258]

Credited under Nathl Davenport & Capt. Ting, February 29th 1675-5
Moses Whitny -- 02 14 00

[p. 259]

The following lists of men impressed in several towns where Capt. Davenport's company was raised, will serve to identify many of the names. Of course, many of those impressed were either excused for disability or escaped from the service in some other manner. See Mass. Archives, vol. 68, p. 100, and for separate lists, pp. 67-100. The returns were dated from Nov. 25 to Dec 3, 1675.
From Watertown.
John Whettney Sr.
Moses Whettny

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