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Stearns, Ezra S., "Some Ancient Dunstable History," NEHGR, vol. LV (1901), pp. 186-188.

[p. 188]

In their memory of the many disasters that befell the frontier settlement, the sad events of 1706 are definitely stated. "About thirty nine Years ago * * there was eleven Persons killed & three captivated": at this time Nathaniel Blanchard, Lydia his wife and one child, Hannah Blanchard, Elizabeth wife of John Cummings, Jr., and Rachel Galusha, and several soldiers at the two garrisons, were slain. The witnesses recall three captives, while the accredited annals preserve the names of four who were captured at this time. They were Richard Hassell, Samuel Butterfield, the wife of Lieut. Butterfield, and Samuel Whitney, senior.

Clarke, George Kulm, "Marriages Recorded by the Ministers of the First Church in Needham, Massachusetts," NEHGR, vol. LV (1901), pp. 258-267, 391-400.

[p. 259]

Nov : 17 . 1743 . . . David Whitney was married to Mehetabel Parker.

[p. 262]

Oct : 27 . 1757 . Josiah Ware was married to the Widow Mehetabel Whitney both of Needham.

[p. 265]

Marh. 17th 1773. Jason Whitney of Natick was Married to Lois Pratt of Needham.

[p. 393]

Sepr. 28th 1780. Samuel Whitney was Married to Asenath Baker, both of Needham.

[p. 396]

No. 36. May 28, 1797 Married Mr. John Whitney, of Boston, to Miss Clarissa Slack of Needham.

[p. 397]

No. 52. January 1, 1799. Married Mr. Israel Whitney, to Miss Mary Fuller, both of Needham.

[p. 399]

No. 109. June 16, 1808. Married Mr Jesse Franklin, to Miss Fanny Whitney, both of Needham.

Kendall, Marion A., "John Daniell of Mendon, Mass., and Some of His Descendants," NEHGR, vol. LV (1901), pp. 317-321.

[p. 319]

ABRAHAM2 DANIELL (John1) [son of John and Sarah (Durham) Daniell] of Mendon and Uxbridge, was born in Sherborn, April 1, 1710. His intention of marriage, to Hannah Whitney of Uxbridge, is recorded in 1735. He married a wife Abigail, before 1742. He was a physician, and removed from Mendon to Uxbridge, where he resided to his death, Dec. 16, 1752. His widow, Abigail Daniels, removed to Douglas, Mass.; and later to Dutchess Co., N. Y., before 1765. In Worcester Deeds is recorded a deed from Dr. John Daniels of Oblong, Dutchess Co., N. Y., dated June 29, 1765, to Joseph Reed of Uxbridge, of "land in Uxbridge which I had from my honored father, Dr. Abraham Daniels."

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