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Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, Vol. 6, Nos. 1-2, January-April, 1928.

SOME DESCENDENTS OF DANIEL WHITNEY By Mrs. Mignon (Gaylord) Griswold, of Lincoln, Nebraska

      1. DANIEL5 WHITNEY, of Madrid, New York, was the third child of Daniel4 and Thankful (Allen) Whitney. He was fifth in descent from John1 Whitney, the emigrant, who settled in Watertown, Massachusetts, in June, 1635, through Jonathan2 and Lydia (Jones), Jonathan3 and Sarah (Hapgood). [Cf. Pierce, F. C. Whitney: the descendants of John Whitney (1895), p. 11-22, 23-24, 33-34, 55-56, 106.] His mother, Thankful Allen, was the daughter of Elnathan and Mercy (Rice) Allen; she was born at Sudbury, Massachusetts, 1 December 1713, and died 8 August 1801. Daniel5 Whitney was born at Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, 4 September 1746; he died at Madrid, New York, 12 December 1812, where he is buried in the Doran Cemetery, between Madrid and Potsdam.

     He married, 26 September 1771, Catherine (called Caty) Stone, daughter of Uriah and Mary (Blunt) Stone, who was born at Oxford, Massachusetts, 15 November 1752. She died at Madrid, New York, 10 May 1817, and was buried beside her husband.

     Mr. Whitney was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, serving in a company commanded by Capt. Andrews, of Shrewsbury. In 1805 he removed to Madrid, whehe (sic) he spent the remainder of his life.

     Daniel5 and Catherine (Stone) Whitney had issue:

i. Jonah,6 b. 3 Sept. 1772; m. Sarah Wilder. Both were buried in the Doran Cemetery.
ii. Isaac, b. 17 Oct. 1774; m. Arvilla ------. Both were buried in the Doran Cemetery.
iii. Sarah, b. 21 July 1776; m. in 1800, Caleb Wilder.
iv. Daniel, b. 4 Sept. 1777; m. Phoebe -----. Both are buried in the Doran Cemetery.
2. v. Luther, b. 23 Feb. 1781, [q.v.]
vi. John Stone, b. 20 June 1783; m. Martha Woodbridge. Both buried in the Doran Cemetery.
vii. William, b. 22 Aug. 1785.
viii. Orange, a twin; m. Maria Franklin.

ix. Orris, a twin; d. young
x. Betsy, m. William Woodbridge.
xi. A daughter.

     2. Luther6 Whitney (Daniel5) was born in Marlborough Massachusetts, 23 February 1781; he died at Madrid, New York, 8 June 1822 and is buried there. He married Hannah Whitney, who was born 27 December 1777. She, as a widow, removed to Ohio in 1832, and died at Toledo 8 February 1876. Her parentage has not been traced.

     Luther Whitney and his family removed from Adams, Massachusetts, to Madrid, New York, and later to Fairfield, New York. The highest point in New York State is near Fairfield on the old Whitney farm, where it is designated by a marker. Luther Whitney was a soldier in the War of 1812.

     Luther6 and Hannah (Whitney) Whitney had issue:

i. Catharine,7 b. at Adams, Mass., 8 Dec. 1803; d. young.
3. ii. Roxanna, b. at Adams, Mass., 30 Oct. 1805. (q.v.)
iii. Maria, b. at Madrid, N. Y., 28 July 1807; d. in 1823.
iv. Chandler, b. at Madrid, N.Y., 1 June 1809; m. 13 Apr. 1831, Marcia Pomeroy.
v. Hannah, b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 16 Aug. 1812; d. in 1826.
vi. Emily, b. at Fairfield, N. Y., 28 June 1814; she m., 25 Feb. 1836, Sylvanus Graves8Gaylord, son of Thomas7and Betsy (Butler). For their issue see The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, vol. 4, p. 242.
4. vii. Luther, b. at Fairfield, N. Y., 8 Apr. 1817. [q.v.]

     3. Roxanna7 Whitney (Luther 6) was born at Adams, Massachusetts, 30 October 1805; she died at Elyria, Ohio, 9 July 1887. She married at Madrid, New York, 25 December 1825, Admiral Nelson Gray, who died 22 June 1862. They removed to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1836, where he and his brother founded the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

     Admiral Nelson and Roxanna7 (Whitney) Gray had issue:

i. Charlotte Hortense, b. 28 Nov. 1831; d. unm. 13 July 1883.
ii. Roman Hector, b. 29 Nov. 1834; killed, 14 Sept. 1867; he was a major in the Civil War.
iii. Helen Celeste, b. 19 Jan. 1837; m. John S. Stephenson. Both are now dead. Issue: Gertrude Elsie.
iv. Persia Violetta, b. 2 May 1839; d. 18 Feb. 1894; m. Joseph Bartlett. Issue: Lewis, Joseph, Fanny, Ruth.
v. Arthur Plantagenet, b. 23 Apr. 1843; m. (1) Emma J. Loomis; she d. and he m. (2) Nellie Howe, now deceased. Issue: Arthur N., Francis Belle, Roman H., Harry H., Charles B., Eleanor, Charlotte, Gertrude.

     4. Luther7 Whitney (Luther6) was born at Fairfield, New York, 8 April 1817; he died 27 January 1880. He married at Cleveland, Ohio, 25 September 1836, Louisa Amelia Wood,



daughter of Twalda and Harriett Wood. She was born 23 December 1821, and died at LaPorte, Indiana, 5 August 1855. He married, secondly, Elizabeth Caine.

     Mr. Whitney was a prominent architect and builder in Ohio. At one time he was architect and superintendent of building for the Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana R. R. Co. He was a councilman of the City of Toledo from the second ward, and was successively vice-president and president of that body.

     Luther7 and Louisa Amelia (Wood) Whitney had issue:

i. Harriet Amelia,8 b. at Chillicothe, O., 28 Aug. 1842; d. at Toledo, 12 July 1873; m. E. D. Peck. No issue.
6. ii. Henry Milton, b. at Chillicothe, O., 16 Dec. 1843, [q.v.]
iii. Clara Louisa, b. at LaPorte, Ind., 13 July 1853; m. as his second wife, E. D. Peck.

     6. Henry Milton8 Whitney (Luther7) was born at Chillicothe, Ohio, 16 December 1843; he died at Toledo, Ohio, 2 March 1921. He married at Toledo, 27 December 1869, Mary Jane Shaw, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Shaw, who was born at Manchester, England, 10 August 1849, and died at Toledo, 2 August 1927. He served in the Civil War.

     Henry Milton8 and Mary Jane (Shaw) Whitney had issue:

i. Harriet Amelia,9m. Charles Platt. Six children.
ii. Henrietta, m. Alvin T. Leddy. One daughter.
iii. Luther, m. (1) -------; m. (2) Helen Eva. Four children.
iv. Clara Louise, m. William A. Taggart. Two children.
v. Elizabeth Jane.
vi. Macey Milton, m. Lillian Ten Eyck. Two children.

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