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From Wilson, Emily S., Inhabitants of New Hampshire, 1776, courtesy of Toni W. Feeney.

All N.H. men were required to sign an association to defend the cause of the colonies. Also men who refused to sign were named. Some of the towns are missing. Also some names were not included if they were already in the Continental Army. An "n." after a name means that this person was a non-associator, that is, a man who refused to sign the Association. Since these names were witten by someone other than the man himself, they sometimes appear in the record in a very mutilated form.


Alexander -- Henniker
Ephrain, n. -- Chesterfield
Ephraim (Lieut.) n. -- Chesterfield
James -- Winchester
Joel -- Chesterfield
Joseph -- Surry
Richard -- Wilton
Solomon -- Rindge

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