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Thanks to Shawn Boone Whitney, who supplied this.

Surrogate Court petition made by Ami7 Whitney after his father's (Ami6's) death [Ami7, Ami6, Jonathan5, Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Benjamin2, John1]. This is a petition to have the courts award him the remainder of his father's estate that was left unadministered after the death of both named executors. It names the remaining children and their locations as of 19 Oct 1881. These places could prove useful to someone researching any of Ami6's children.

Body of the Petition

To the Surrogate Court, County of Ontario
The petition of Ami Whitney of the town of Seneca in the County of Ontario respectfully showethThat Ami Whitney of the Town of Seneca in the said County of Ontario died in the said Town of Seneca on or about the 14th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven. That at the time of his death he was an inhabitant of the County of Ontario. That he left a will which was duly admitted to probate by and before the Surrogate of Ontario County on the 16th day of March, 1868, and on the 28th day of March, 1868, Letters Testamentary on said will were issued to John Lewis and James Wilson, the executors therein named. That afterwards and at some time in the year 1870 said executor James Wilson died, and said executor John Lewis died on the 13th day of September, 1881. and there is now remaining a portion of said estate unadministered, to wit: Eighty shares of stock in the Chemung Rail Road and Two shares of stock in the Bank of Geneva, NY.
That the names of the next of kin and legatees of said deceased are as follows. 1. Ami Whitney, son, (your petitioner) of Seneca, Ontario Co., NY. 2. Jasper Whitney, son, of Rollersville, Sandusky Co., Ohio. 3. William G. Whitney, son, of Solon, White Co., Tennessee. 4. Jonathan Whitney, son, of Allen, Hillsdale Co., Michigan. 5. Esther G. Hooper, daughter, of Fort Jones, Siskiuou Co, California. 6. Elizabeth A. Lewis, daughter, of Hopewell, Ontario Co., NY. 7. Anna H. Wilson, daughter, of Geneva, Ontario Co., NY. 8. John Whitney, of Suspension Bridge, Niagara Co., NY and 9. Charles F. Whitney, of Mineral Ridge, Trumbull Co., Ohio, children of Theodore Whitney, a deceased son of said decedent. 10. Charles Force, of Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, a son of Ellen Force, a deceased daughter of said Theodore Whitney, deceased and 11. ____ ____, a daughter of Ami Whitney, 3rd, a deceased son of said Theodore Whitney, deceased.
That said William G. Whitney and Esther G. Hooper are the only persons having any actual, present interest in said estate.
And your petitioner further showeth, that all the good, chattels and credits of the deceased, unadministered, do not exceed in value the sum of $1860 dollars and your petitioner prays that a decree may be made awarding letters of administration with the will annexed of the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased by the Surrogate to your petitioner and that the proper parties should be cited to show cause why such a decree should not be made.
dated October 19, 1881          signed, Ami Whitney

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