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Locations in William Whitney's Will

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Will of William Whitney, of Aberllunvey, Breconshire.


Will dated 24 Jul 1563, probated 2 May 1564.


  • Parsonage of The Hay - held lands here
  • Llanthomas - held a lease here, including a copyhold of Lladrir marchoke
  • Aberllunvey / Aberllynfi / (a.k.a. Three Cocks) - held a farm here from William Vaughan
  • Crednell - Thomas Smithe's residence
  • Clifford, Herefordshire - James Whitney's residence
  • Hardwicke, Herefordshire - Richard Whitney's residence
  • Dorston - residence of William's sister Elizabeth's daughter
  • "New Haven" (Le Havre) - where William Whitney was going to war. See Wallace T. MacCaffrey (1997). The Newhaven Expedition, 1562–1563. The Historical Journal, 40


Family Members

  • William Whitney - author of the will, resided Aberllunvey, Brecknock Archdeanery, St. David's Diocese, about to go to war towards "New Haven" (Le Havre).
  • Wife, unnamed
  • William Whitney - son and heir apparent
  • John Whitney - brother and executor
  • James Whitney - brother
  • Elinor Whitney - sister, unmarried
  • Margaret Whitney - sister
  • Anne Whitney - sister
  • Elizabethe (Whitney?) - sister, had a daughter of Dorston
  • William Vaughan - father-in-law
  • John Phillip - nephew, son of Phillip David
  • Thomas Phillip - nephew, son of Phillip David
  • John Gunter - uncle and executor
  • Sir Robert Whitney, knight - uncle and overseer
  • Richard Whitney - uncle and overseer
  • Thomas Lewes - his daughters were William Whitney's neices. He had sons as well


  • William John - godson, son of Thomas Lewes
  • William John - godson, son of Lewis Brecknock
  • Jane - goddaughter, daughter of John Gunter
  • Thomas ap Ievan - apparently had a son and a daughter, the daughter being William's goddaughter


  • Lewes Thomas - servant
  • John ap John William - apparently a servant
  • Thomas ap Ievan - servant
  • Richard Roo/Rooe - servant
  • William Watkins - servant


  • Thomas Smithe of Crednell, paid for lease of lands in Aberllunvey
  • James Whitney - of Clyfforde, William was bound to him
  • Richard Whitney - of Hardewicke, William was bound to him
  • John Gunter - William was bound to him
  • Watkyn Gunter - William was bound to him
  • John Mericke
  • Howell ap John
  • Elinor Walwen
  • Howell Vaughan - held one of his horses
  • John Thomas ap howell Filo - held a horse of
  • Edward Games - overseer
  • Edward Hobart - overseer
  • Sibill - daughter of David Watkins
  • Phillip David (same as Phillip David Willcock?) - had four sons
  • Phillip David Willcock (same as Phillip David?) - had daughters


Prerogative Court of Canterbury Liber Stevenson, Folio 17; new reference PROB 11/47


Made by Beth Breinholt and Tim Doyle:

T: Will[ia]mi Whitney

In the Name of god Amen The xxiiij Daie of Julie in the Fifte yeare of the raigne of oure soveraigne Ladie Elizabethe by the grace of God Quene of Ingland France and Ireland Quene Defendor of the Faithe &c

I Will(ia)m Whitney of the parishe of Aberllunvey? w(i)t(h)in the Archedeconry of Brecknock in the Diocesse St. Davides considering the dangerous manifoulde p(er)illes and dowbtfull successe of warres whereunto I do now Address my Journey towardes the Towne of new haven do make my testamente in this mann(er) and fforme followinge

ffirste I bequeathe my sowle unto allmightie God and to all the whole Companie of heaven and my bodie to the Quenes Ma(ies)t(ie)s service to be buried at the appointment and pleasure of allmightie god

It(e)m I do geve and Bequeathe to Will(ia)m my sonne and heire apparente all my Fee simple Lands and tenementes in everie wheare the parsonage of the haye w(i)t(h) all mann(e)r of tithes thereunto belonginge and apperteyninge for ever And yf he happen to die w(i)t(h)oute yssue male of his bodie then to my brother James Whitney and to the heires males of his bodie lawfullie begotten for ever And for lacke of such heires males of his bodie lawfullie begotten to the righte heires of my sonne Will(ia)m Whitney for ever

It(e)m I do geve and bequeathe my lease of llanthomas whole to Will(ia)m my sonne with the Copie uppon Lladrir marchoke?

It(e)m I do geve and bequeathe to my brother James Whitney all the Farme of ab(er)llevenny in as lardge as I have the same from my Father in lawe Will(ia)m Vaughan for the Spane of tenne yeares payinge to Thomas Smithe of Crednell xl li of lawfull money of Englande to Redeme the lease of Ab(er)llevenny out of his handes And to paye yerelie at Sainte Michael Th'archanngell to Will(ia)m Vaughan his heires or assignes vj poundes of Rente and upon the said Farme yf it happen the said Farme to be taken from the said James before they the expirac(i)on of vj of the same tenne yeares then I will that his Fourtie poundes shalbe repayed againe unto hym which he shall paye unto Thomas Smithe And after the tenne years been expired I will that my sonne Will(ia)m shall have the same Farme of Ab(er)llevenny w(i)t(h) the lease aforesaid

It(e)m I do geve and bequeathe to my sister Elinor Whitney towards her presermente in marriage one hundreth poundes the Fortie poundes which I stand bounde by my bonde obligatorie to James Whitney of Clyfforde Richard Whitney of Hardewicke, John gunter and watkyn gunter for the paymente therof for her use to be p(ar)cell of the said hundrethe pounds (that is to sey threeskore poundes more to that Fortie poundes which is in the Foresaid bonde towardes paymente therof I will that she shall receyve yearlie twentie poundes untill the some of an hundrethe pounds come onto that is to sey in fyve yeares to be payde whole of the time said some

It(e)m I do geve and bequeathe to my sister Margaret Whitney yf she wilbe ruled by her unkell John gunter and her brother James Whitney and John Whitney Forties poundes Videlicet xiij li vj s xiij d to the Forte markes which I stand Bounden for by my bonds obligatorie unto Richarde Whitney John Gunter and others to hir use And yf she willnot be ruled by them above said or twoo of them at the leaste then I will she to have nothinge But that shall please myne executors to bestowe on their Free willes on hir and for paymente of the aforesaid Fortie pounds yf she will be ruled to have tenne pounds yearlie until the Fourtie pounds be wholie paide

It(e)m I geve and bequeathe to my Brother John Whitney fortie pounds for the payment therof I will that he shall recyve Fyve markes yerelie untill the Fortie poundes be wholie payde

And for my stocke of Cattell I will that my executors shall keepe and repayre uppon my Landes in everie where as I do leave the Same and so to Deliver hit upp to my sonne

And for my wilde mares I do geve the same oute of hande unto my sonn Wil(ia)m that is to say viijth mares in the whole I do geve and bequeathe to my sister Anne Whitney Tenne poundes ffyve markes yearlie untill the Tenne poundes be payde

It(e)m I do geve and bequeathe to my neeces Thomas Lewes Daughters that are unmarried Fortie shillings or Six yearlige heyffers that is to say twoo a peece

It(e)m I geve unto his Four sonnes that are unmarried Foure heyffers or foure nobles a pece to by them a heyffer a pece

It(e)m I geve unto the Four sonnes of Phillip D(avi)d Foure heyffars of a yere oulde It(em) to the daughters of Phillip David Willcock ij heyfords of a yeare olde and that to them all oute of hande receyvinge bondes for the encrease thereof

It(e)m to my sister Elizabethe her Daughter of Dorston twoo heyffars of a yeare oulde

It(e)m to my god sonn Will(ia)m John Thomas Lewes sonnne one heyffare of a yeare oulde

It(e)m to my god daughter Jane Daughter to John gunter twoo heyffers of a year oulde

It(e)m to Thomas ap Iev(a)n his boye and his Daughter my goddaughter A heyffer to eyther of them of them of A yere oulde

It(e)m to Sibill D[avi]d Watkins Daughter one heyffer of a yere oulde

It(e)m I geve to my s(ir)v(a)nt Thomas app Iev(a)n xli that is to say a xxs yearlie untill yt be paide

It(e)m I geve to unto my serv(a)nte Lewes Thomas twentie shillings

It(e)m to John ap John Wil(lia)m twentie shillings above all theire wages

It(e)m to John Mericke fyve shillinges to Howell ap John Fyve shillings

It(e)m to Elinor Walwen one heiffer of a yere oulde

It(e)m to Will(ia)m John lewes brecknock sonne my godsone one heiffer of a yere oulde

It(e)m I geve and bequeathe to my brother James my baye Curtail w(i)t(h) the sadle and bridle and my sworde

It(e)m I geve and bequeathe to my brother John Whitney my grey coulte

It(e)m unto Thomas ap Ievan my serv[a]nt I geve my blacke go coulte

It(e)m I geve unto Will[ia]m Watkins my serv(a)nt the baie doon Coulte which Howell Vaughan hath in his Custodie

It(e)m to Richard Roo my serv(a)nte the black nagge which I had of John Thomas ap howell Filo

It(e)m I will that the baye Coulte shalbe kepte and tamed for my sonne Will(ia)m to ride to scole and to his use kepte

It(e)m I geve to Will(ia)m Watkins twenty shillinges

It(e)m I geve to Richard Rooe twentie shillinges

It(e)m I geve and bequeathe unto my brother James my ffyne blacke Cloke my Satten dublet my beste hose and my best shirte w(i)t(h) my girdle of Velvet and my dagger

It(e)m I do will that my wife shall keepe w(i)t(h) Clothe meate drinke and Clothes for thes twoo yeares John Phillip and Thomas Phillip my nephews Phillip D(avi)ds Children and then to place them as my trust is in them you with some honest man in Hartford shire there to worke or to bynde them prentices to some Crafte

It(e)m I do assigne and Constitute to be my Executors John gunt(e)r my Uncle and John Whitney my brother to execute and dispose this my testamente and will as to them shall some good for the welth of my soule and accomplishmente of this my Present will and to be Oversears of this my will to be parformed I do appointe my Unckelles S(i)r Robert Whitney Knight[,] Richarde Whitney[,] Edwarde Games and Edwarde Hobarte as my trust is in them to see all this executed &c p(er)__ William Whitney hims script

Probatum orat suprascriptum testimentium iijo Die mensis Maij Anno D(omi)n(e) millum Omni gente sumo Lxiiij Juramento mag(est)ri Chroseri Smithe norij publicii procuratoris Joh(an)is Gunter et Joh(an)is Whitney executoris in h___ testamente noiat C ___bus Comissa erat administrac(i)o _____ Honorum &c Ac de pleno Inventario &c no____ de pleno et vere com()po inde _eddends At ____ Dei evange_ _ Jurat

Abstract of his will:

William Whitney, of Abergeoir [possibly Aberysgir] in Brecon. Will dated July 1, 1558; proved May 3, 1563. About going to war towards New Haven. Son, William. Brothers, James and John. Sisters, Eleanor, Margaret, and Elizabeth. Father-in-law, William Vaughan. Speaks of a bond given by him to James Whitney, of Clifford, and Richard Whitney, of Hardwick.

Will of William Whitney of Aberllunvey, Breconshire 1564 Page 1.png Will of William Whitney of Aberllunvey, Breconshire 1564 Page 2.png Will of William Whitney of Aberllunvey, Breconshire 1564 Page 3.png

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