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Summer Soldiers, Chapter 6

WHITNEY, _____, Lieutenant. Colonel Wheelock's Regiment. Neglect of duty while on guard: cashiered. (84)

WHITNEY, _____, Sergeant. Fifteenth Regiment. Threatening and deserting: reduced to the ranks, ninety-nine lashes, and run the gauntlet--running of the gauntlet remitted. (122)

WHITNEY, _____, Corporal. Disobedience to orders, sneaking out of camp: reduced to private. (23) See Eaton, Nichols, Roll

WHITNEY, Benjamin. Eighth Massachusetts Regiment. Desertion: 100 lashes. (50)

WHITNEY, James, Cpl. Colonel Jackson's Regiment. Desertion: reduced to do the duty of a private sentinel and 100 lashes--the lashes remitted. (26)

WHITNEY, Thomas. Captain Bowman's Company of Artillery. Desertion: 100 lashes. (14)

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