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Hammond, Isaac Weare, ed., Rolls and Documents Relating to Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, Published by authority of the legislature...; Provincial and State Papers, Vol. XIV-XVII, (Concord, N.H.: P. B. Cogswell, state printer, 1885-89).

[p. 62]

[Return of Capt. William Barron's Company.]

We the subscribers do acknowledge to have Recevd of Nahum Baldwin Paymaster Company (Rais'd for Canady) The Several Sums affixed to our Names as a --
N.B. The Capt Lieuts & Ensn Recevd Two months advance Pay, as by the ---?

1st Sergeant, Mustered July 23, lived in Wilton, aged 32, Richard Whitney, paid 10.6.0.

[p. 95]

Muster and Pay Roll of Officers and men belonging to Colonel Samuel Ashley's Regiment of Militia in the State of New Hampshire who marched from the County of Cheshire at the Requisi- tion of Major Genl. Gates to reinforce the Army of Ticonderoga Engaged Oct. 21st returned Nov. 16th 1776. ---

No. NAMES Rank Rate p Month Time in service Amount Wages Miles Travel Amt. Travel Rations Whole Amount
1 Isaac Davis Captain . . .
16 Ithamar Whitney Private 2.0.0 26 days 1.14.8 210 1.15.0 -.-.- 3.9.8

[p. 256]

Henniker, Augt ye 6th 1778
We the Subscribers Do inlist our Selves into a Company wheir of Jonas Bowman is Capt to march to Providenc their to put our Selves under Genarl Sollivan as witness our Hands.

5 Joshua Whitney, £10.0.0.

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