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Tho(mas) Whitersney th'elder seased of houses &c in the parishe of Chreechurche S(ain)t K________ Creechurche neare Algate london holden of his Ma(jes)tie in Socage in Cheefe by his will devised that his ex(ecut)or should have all those houses untill his sonne Tho(mas) should attayne his full age of xxiiij yeres for the p(er)formance of things in the same (vi expressed And further did will unto his his said sonne Tho(mas) the _____ at his age of xxiiij yeres to have to him & his the heirs of his heires of his body body lawfu[lly] begotten & or to be begotten & for default of such issue the rem(oval?) therof to Nicholas W[hitney] [my] sonne & to the heirs of his body to be lawfully begotten & or to be begotte & for default of such issue to rem(ove?) to George Whitney my sonne & to his heirs & ass(igns) forever w(i)th a p(ro)vist of a p(er)petuitie

Ther is m

Tho(mas) the sonne doth demise these things to Rich(ard) Waltham for a 1000 yeres by f___ because he doth not buy the fee simple for feare of the p(er)petuitie

Afterwards the esceker for london 4 Septem(ber) 9 Ja(mes I) fi(n)deth an office after the decease of Tho(mas) Whit[ney] the elder & findeth the will all but the proviso of p(er)petuitie

After this Richard Waltham taketh the fee simple of these houses by a _______ w(i)th single voucher suffered by Tho(mas) Whitney the younger

Ther is proffe out of the courte of wards for ___ not _____ the livery after the decease of Tho(mas) Whitteney th'elder & the houses seased and the houses are seased for _____ upon the lease for 1000 yeres not ha______ a liv___

20. Eliz. d_. 362.

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