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Davis, Gen. George Arthur, Some Royal, Noble, and Colonial Ancestors (Augusta, ME: The author, 1959).

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Brigadier General George Arthur Davis
United States Army Retired
Copyright, 1959, by George Arthur Davis
and Printed in the United States of America

by the Kennebec Journal, Augusta, Maine

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band. Their son was SIMON MILBOURNE, of Tillington in Burghill, county Hereford.

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Sir SIMON MILBOURNE, of Tillington in Burghill, county Hereford, and Incomb, county Gloucester, was sheriff of county Hereford in 1464 and 1481. He died August 14, 1522. His wife was JANE, daughter and sole heiress of Sir RALPH BASKERVILLE, of Eardsley (Erdisley), county Hereford. They had thirteen daughters:

i. Elizabeth, m. (1), Thomas Morrington; m. (2), John Whittington.
ii. SIBIL, m. (1), Rich. Harkinyt, Esq.; m. (2), JOHN BREYNTON.
iii. Anne, m. William Rudhall, Esq.
iv. Joyce, m. Thomas Hyatt.
v. Catherine, m. Thomas Barton, of Weobley, Esq.
vi. BLANCH (FLORENCE), m. JAMES WHITNEY, of Newport (1521-22), in the Marches. She m. (2), Sir William Herbert, of Troy.
vii. Elinor, m. John Moore of Bromsgrove, Esq. (of Donklyn, co. Worc.)
viii. Alice, m. (1), Henry Myles, Esq.; m. (2), Thomas Baskerville, Esq.
ix. Margaret, m. Thomas, Baron of Buiford.
x. Agnes, m. Thomas Walyn, of Helyns, Esq., and had a daughter Sibil, who m. George Delabere. xi. Jane, m. Sir Richard Cornwell, of Betington.
xii. Jane.
xiii. Juliana.

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BLANCH MILBOURNE, daughter of SIMON MILBOURNE (by his wife JANE, daughter and heiress of Sir RALPH BASKERVILLE, of Erdisley, by his wife ANNE, daughter and heiress of Sir JOHN BLACKETT), son of JOHN MILBOURNE (by his wife ELIZABETH, daughter and heiress of WALTER DEVEREUX, by his wife ELIZABETH, daughter of Sir THOMAS BROMWICH), son of PIERS (PETER) MILBOURNE, and his wife ELIZABETH, daughter of JOHN EYNSFORD, by his wife CHRISTIAN, daughter of Sir GERARD DE FURNIVAL, married (1), JAMES WHITNEY, of Newport (1521-22), in the Marches. He was from a knightly family of remote antiquity, founded in 1086 by EUSTACE, son of TRUSTIN and his wife AGNES, who assumed the name of WHITNEY, from the Lordship of WHITNEY. She married (2), Sir William Herbert, of Troy. She had by her first marriage, a son WATKINUS WHITNEY.

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WATKIN WHITNEY, son of JAMES and his wife BLANCH, married MARGARET, daughter and heiress of JENKIN REICE, of county Rodnorsh (Radnor), and had:

i. Jenkins.
ii. Catherina, m. Robert Cloughe.

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iii. ROBERT, see following.
iv. Jacobus.
v. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Morgan, of Ackeston, county Hereford.

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Sir ROBERT WHITNEY, K.B., of Icomb, son of WATKIN and his wife MARGARET, married MARGARET, daughter of ROBERT WYE, of county Gloucester. His will was proved January 11, 1541. Children:

i. ROBERT, see following.
ii. Jacobus. d. without issue.
iii. Gulielmus, d. without issue.
iv. Elizabeth, m. William Bastard, of Banbury.
v. George, had a son George, and a daughter Maria, the wife of Thomas Mills.

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Sir ROBERT WHITNEY, was knighted October 2, 1553; privy councilor 1555, 1559; and a member of parliament, 1559. He married SIBW (SYBIL), daughter of Sir JAMES BASKERVILLE (by his wife ELIZABETH, daughter of JOHN BREYNTON), son of WALTER BASKERVILLE, by his wife ANNE, daughter of MORGAN AP JENKIN AP PHILIP, of Pencoyd. Sir ROBERT WHITNEY died in 1567, leaving issue:

i. James, who d. May 31, 1587, without issue.
ii. Eustace, m. Margaret, dau. coheiress of Guil'mi Vaughan, of Galesbury, county Hereford.
iii. ROBERT, see following.
iv. Blanche, m. Robert Grevill.
v. Elizabeth, m. Jo. Pricede.

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ROBERT WHITNEY, son of Sir ROBERT WHITNEY and his wife SIBIL, daughter of Sir JAMES BASKERVILLE, married ELIZABETH, daughter of MORGAN DAGLLIN (MORGAN AP GWILLIMS). Their children were:

i. Nicholas.
ii. William.
iii. THOMAS, see following.
iv. Richard.
v. Margaret, m. William Poell.
vi. Anne, m. Thomas Robredge (Roberdg).

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THOMAS WHITNEY, of Lambeth Marsh, London, son of ROBERT WHITNEY and his wife ELIZABETH MORGAN, married May 10 or 12, 1583, MARY, daughter of JOHN BRAY, of Westminster. He died in April 1637. She was buried September 25, 1629. Their son JOHN WHITNEY was born in 1589,

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and baptized July 20, 1592. He married ELINOR about 1618, and came to New England in June 1635 with his wife ELINOR and five sons. For details see WHITNEY-HUNT-DAVIS chart and the WHITNEY account following.

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ROGER DE NEWBURGH, second Earl of Warwick, son of HENRY DE NEWBURGH, and his wife MARGARET, daughter of GEOFFREY II, Count of Perche, was born before 1102; knighted; succeeded as second Earl of Warwick, June 20, 1123; witness to King Stephen's second charter of Liberties, 1136; took the Cross about 1146; and was a crusader. He married before 1130, GUNDRED DE WARREN, eldest daughter of WILLIAM, second Earl of Surrey, and his wife ELIZABETH (ISABEL), DE VERMANDOIS, daughter of HUGH the GREAT, Count of Vermandois, son of HENRY I, King of France, and his wife ANNE of Russia. She died after 1167. He died June 12, 1153. Children:

i. William, succeeded his father as Earl of Warwick; died in the Holy Land, November 15, 1184.
ii. WALERAN, see following.
iii. Henry, who had his patrimony Gowerland, in Wales; died without issue.
iv. Agnes, m. Geffery de Clinton, the king's chamberlain, son of Geffery, founder of Kenilworth Castle.

WALERAN DE NEWBURGH, son of ROGER DE NEWBURGH and his wife GUNDRED, was born before 1 153. He succeeded his brother William as fourth Earl of Warwick in 1185; and was bearer of "the right hand sword," at the coronation of King JOHN, May 27, 1199. He married (1), Margery (Margaret), daughter of HUMPHREY DE BOHUN, 4th Lord of Bohun, and Earl of Hereford, by whom he had:

i. Henry, his successor.
ii. Waleran, who had the manors of Gretharn and Cotismore, in county Rutland, and died without issue.
iii. Gundred, who took the veil at Pinley.

He married (2), Maud, - - -; and married (3), in 1198, ALICE DE HARCOURT, daughter of JOHN DE HARCOURT, and widow of John de Limesi, by whom he had an only daughter:

i. ALICE DE NEWBURGH, who married WILLIAM MAUDUIT, feudal Baron of Hanslape (great grandson of WILLIAM MAUDUIT, chamberlain of King HENRY I, by his wife MAUD, daughter and heiress of MICHAEL DE HANSLAPE); their children:
i. William Mauduit, who in 1263 succeeded to the Earldom of Warwick.
ii. ISABEL MAUDUIT, who married WILLIAM BEAUCHAMP, Baron of Elmley, from whom the Beauchamps, Earls of Warwick, descended.

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JONATHAN (3) HUBBARD (JOHN (2), GEORGE (1)), was born in Wethersfield, Conn., on January 3, 1658-9. When quite young he went to Concord, Mass., where he lived with Robert and Mary (Sheaf) Merriam, who had no children of their own. When Robert Merriam and later his widow Mary Merriam died, the bulk of the extensive Merriam estate was left to JONATHAN HUBBARD.

On March 15, 1681, JONATHAN HUBBARD married HANNAH, daughter of SAMUEL and ELIZABETH (KING) RICE. They continued to live in the Merriam homestead, which was now known as the Hubbard estate. They lived together for almost a half century and had a family of eleven children.

JONATHAN HUBBARD died in Concord, Mass., on July 17, 1728, and his widow HANNAH survived him nineteen years and died in Concord, Mass., on April 9, 1747. She was eighty-nine years old, having been born in Sudbury, Mass., in 1658.

The children of JONATHAN and HANNAH (RICE) HUBBARD: (All born in Concord, Mass.)

i. MARY, b. June 3, 1682; m. Apr.27, 1699, DANIEL DAVIS, son of SAMUEL and gr. son of DOLOR and MARGERY (WILLARD) DAVIS, of Cambridge, 1634.
ii. Jonathan, b. Aug. 6, 1683; m. Rebecca Brown.
iii. Hannah, b. Apr.20, 1685; m. John Temple; d. May 23, 1725.
iv. Samuel, b. Apr.27, 1687; m. Dec. 8, 1709, Sarah Clark; m. (2) Prudence Temple abt. 1721; d. Dec.12, 1753.
v. Joseph, b. Feb. 8, 1688-9; m. Nov.10, 1713, Rebecca Bulkley, of Concord, Mass.; d. Apr.10, 1768.
vi. Elizabeth, b. June 16, 1691; m. Jan. 12, 1709-10, Samuel Heywood; d. Dec.25, 1757.
vii. John, b. Mar.12, 1692-3; m. (1) Nov.14, 17 16, Hannah Blood; m. (2) Azubah Moore of Sudbury, Mass.
viii. Daniel, b. Nov.20, 1694; m. Dec. 5, 1717, Dorothy Dakin.
ix. Thomas, b. Aug.27, 1696; m. Mary Fletcher, of Concord.
x. Abigail, b. Jan.23, 1698; m. Jan. 18, 1721-22, Samuel Fletcher, of Concord, Mass.
xi. Ebenezer, b. Dec.28, 1700; m. Mary Conant; d. May 21, 1755.

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(a) John Whitney m Elinor 1589-1673 1618 1599-1659 (b) Benjamin Whitney m Jane 1643-1723 abt. 1668 -1690

[p. 78]


(c) Jonathan Whitney 1680-1753 (a) John Whitney m Elinor 1589-1673 1618 1599-1659 (d) Thomas Whitney m Mary Kedell 1629-1719 1655 (e) Thomas Whitney m Elizabeth Lawrence 1656-1742 1679 1659-1741 (c) Jonathan Whitney m Susanna Whitney 1680-1753 1700 abt. 1680-aft. 1753 (f) Ebenezer Hunt, Sr. m Dorothy Whitney 1707-1774 1734 1708-1744 (g) Ebenezer Hunt, Jr. m Deliverance Newton 1735-aft. 1775 1755 1735-6-1778 (h) Eliakim Davis m Dorothy Hunt 1761-1844 1781 1763-1819 George W. Davis (See Davis chart page 90)

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JOHN (1) WHITNEY, son of THOMAS and MARY (BRAY) WHITNEY, was born in 1589, and baptized July 20, 1592, at St. Margaret's, Westminster. He came to New England in the spring of 1635 from Islesworth parish, near London, and settled in Watertown, Mass. He brought with him his wife ELINOR, whom he married in England about 1618, and five sons, ranging in age from one to eleven years.

It is said that through purchases and grants he owned land amounting to 198 acres, most of which he distributed to his sons during his lifetime.

[p. 79]


He was appointed constable in 1641; selectman, 1638 to 1655, and town clerk of Watertown, Mass., in 1655.

His wife ELINOR, who was born in 1599, died in Watertown, on May 11, 1659, and he married on September 29, 1659, Judith Clement, whom he survived. He died in Watertown, Mass., on June 1, 1673.

The children of JOHN and ELINOR WHITNEY:

i. Mary, bapt. England, May 23, 1619; d. young.
ii. John, b. England, 1620; m. Ruth Reynolds.
iii. Richard, b. England, 1626; m. Martha Coldam.
iv. Nathaniel, b. England, 1627.
v. THOMAS (2), see following.
vi. Jonathan, b. England, 1634; m. Lydia Jones.
vii. Joshua, b. Watertown, Mass., July 5, 1635; m. (1), Lydia; (2), Mary; (3), Abigail Tarball.
viii. Caleb, b. Watertown, Mass., July 12, 1640; d. same date.
ix. BENJAMIN (2), see following.

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BENJAMIN (2) WHITNEY (JOHN (1)), was born in Watertown, Mass., on June 6, 1643. He settled first at York, Maine, about 1662. Here about 1668, he married JANE. She was probably from York, Maine, but there is no verification of this, as the early records were destroyed during the attack and destruction of that town by the Indians in 1692. At the request of his father, he returned to Watertown, Mass., where on September 29, 1669, his daughter, Jane, was born. On April 5, 1670, his father deeded the Watertown homestead to BENJAMIN, who, on March 9, the following year, with the approval of his father, sold his right to this property to his brother Joshua. BENJAMIN and JANE, then returned to York, Maine, where he had land granted to him in 1674, and an additional grant in 1680. In 1685 he sold his property in York, Maine, and moved to Sherborn, Mass., where his son Joshua was born on September 21, 1687, and his wife JANE died on November 14, 1690. On April 11, 1695, he married Mary Poor, by whom he had one child, his son Benjamin, born on May 22, 1709.

He was a soldier in the Narragansett Campaign, King Philip's War. He died in Sherborn, Mass., on March 26, 1723.

The children of BENJAMIN and JANE WHITNEY:

i. Jane, b. Watertown, Mass., Sept. 29, 1669; m. in Sherborn, Jan. 4, 1693, Jonathan Morse.
ii. Timothy, b. York, Me. In 1703 he was a member of Captain Preble's Company.
iii. John, b. York, Me., abt. 1678; m. Lettice, dau. of John Ford of Kittery, Me.
iv. Nathaniel, b. York, Me., Apr.14, 1680; m. Sarah Fortt.
v. JONATHAN (3), see following.
vi. Isaac, m. Elizabeth Bridges.

[p. 80]

vii. Joshua, b. Sherborn, Mass., Sept.21, 1687; m. Hannah Rockwood.
viii. Mark, m. Tabitha Mellen.

By second marriage:

ix. Benjamin, b. May 22, 1709; m. Esther Maverick.

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JONATHAN (3) WHITNEY (BENJAMIN (2), JOHN (1)), was born probably in York, Maine, in 1680, and died in Holliston, Mass., in January, 1753. In 1700, he married SUSANNA, daughter of THOMAS and ELIZABETH (LAWRENCE) WHITNEY, and great-granddaughter of JOHN and ELINOR WHITNEY. She was born in Stow, Mass., about 1680 and died probably in Holliston, after 1753.

He was a well-to-do land owner in Sherborn, later Holliston. He was interested in church and civic affairs, and served as selectman in Holliston, Mass., from 1724 to 1728, 1732, 1736, and 1737.


i. Susanna, b. Jan.20, 1702; m. Gershom Eames, of Holliston.
ii. Jonathan, b. Oct.17, 1704; m. Lydia Jones.
iii. Keziah, b. July 11, 1706; m. 1730, Elder Abraham Jones.
iv. DOROTHY, b. Sherborn, Aug.28, 1708; m. in Holliston, May 9, 1734, EBENEZER, son of ISAAC and MARY (WILLARD) HUNT, of Sudbury, Mass. He d. in Paxton, Mass., Jan.20, 1774; she d. in Paxton, Mass., aft. May 4, 1774, and before Aug. 7, 1774.
v. Mary, b. May 28, 1710; m. Joseph Jones.
vi. Lydia, b. Mar. 3, 1712; m. Isaac Hill.
vii. Jesse, b. Feb. 8, 1713; not named in will.
viii. Hannah, b. Feb.11, 17 14; not named in will.
ix. Elias, b. Nov.14, 17 16; m. Elizabeth Mellen; m. (2), Elizabeth Boyden.
x. Mehitable, b. Dec.27, 1719; m. David Cutler.
xi. George, b. Aug.12, 1721; m. Sarah Cozzens.

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THOMAS (2) WHITNEY (JOHN (1)), was born in England in 1629. At the age of six years he accompanied his parents to New England. He married in Watertown, Mass., on January 11, 1655, MARY, daughter of JOHN KEDELL of Watertown. He was admitted freeman on April 18, 1690, and died on September 20, 1719.

The children of THOMAS and MARY (KEDELL) WHITNEY:

i. THOMAS (3), see following.
ii. John, b. May 9, 1659; d. May 16, 1659.
iii. John, b. Aug.22, 1660; d. Aug.26, 1660.

[p. 81]

iv. Eleazer (twin), b. Sept. 2, 1662; m. Dorothy Ross.
v. Elnathan (twin), b. Sept. 2, 1662; d. Mar. 8, 1727, unmarried.
vi. Mary, b. Dec.22, 1663; d. young.
vii. Bezaleel, b. Sept.16, 1665.
viii. Sarah, b. Mar.23, 1666; m. Apr.11, 1699, Charles Chadwick.
ix. Mary, b. Aug. 6, 1668; d. Sept. 6, 1669.
x. Isaiah, b. Sept.16, 1671; m. Sarah (Woodward) Eddy.
xi. Martha, b. Jan.30, 1673; unmarried.

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THOMAS (3) WHITNEY (THOMAS (2), JOHN (1)), was born in Watertown, Mass., on August 24, 1656. On January 29, 1679, he married ELIZABETH, daughter of GEORGE and ELIZABETH (CRISP) LAWRENCE, of Watertown, Mass. She was born in Watertown, Mass., on February 28, 1659, and died in Bolton, Mass., on February 8, 1741. He resided in Watertown, Stow, and in that part of Lancaster which was incorporated later as Bolton.

He was a soldier during the King Philip's War, and was a member of the garrison at Lancaster on October 19, 1675. He died in Bolton, Mass., on April 12, 1742.


i. SUSANNA, b. Stow, Mass., abt. 1680; married in 1700, JONATHAN, son of BENJAMIN and JANE WHITNEY, and grandson of JOHN and ELINOR WHITNEY. He was b. in York, Me., in 1680, and d. in Holliston, Mass., in January, 1753; she d. probably in Holliston aft. 1753.
ii. Thomas, b. Sept.17, 1681; m. Mary Baker.
iii. Elizabeth, b. Feb.16, 1683.
iv. John, b. May 13, 1684; m. Elizabeth Barnard.
v. Mary, b. Jan.13, 1686.
vi. Benjamin, b. Oct. 7, 1687; m. Sarah Barrett; m. (2), Abigail Bridge.
vii. Nathan, b. Nov.18, 1689; m. Mary Holman.
viii. Abigail, m. in Lancaster, Feb.27, 1723, Jonathan Rand.

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(a) William Hunt m Elizabeth Best 1605-1676 abt. 1630 -1661 (b) Isaac Hunt, Sr. m Mary Stone 1647-1680 1667 1649-1706

[p. 85]

viii. Henry, b. Mar. 10, 1715-16; m. Nov. 3, 1735, Elizabeth Rice; m. (2), Dec.25, 1754, Prudence Howe.
ix. Abidah, b. July 31, 1717; m. July 26, 1739, Phebe Pratt; d. Sept. 12, 1789.

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EBENEZER (4) HUNT (ISAAC (3), ISAAC (2), WILLIAM (1)), was born in Sudbury, Mass., in 1707. He married on May 9, 1734, in Holliston, Mass., DOROTHY, daughter of JONATHAN and SUSANNA (WHITNEY) WHITNEY.

In 1769 he resided in Paxton, Mass., and is listed among the heads of families living in the area of "Northeast School Plot, No.1." He died on January 20, 1774 in Paxton, Mass. He left a large estate. His wife DOROTHY was appointed administratrix on March 1, 1774. The division of property was made in 1779, after the death of DOROTHY, who made her will May 4, 1774, and died prior to August 7, 1774, when her will was proved. The property, valued (1780) at £2700 or $162,000.00 went to their son EBENEZER, Jr., his wife DELIVERANCE, and their children.


i. EBENEZER (5), see following.
ii. Thomas, b. Aug.23, 1737; d. March 5, 1744-5.

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EBENEZER (5) HUNT, Jr., (EBENEZER (4), ISAAC (3), ISAAC (2), WILLIAM(J)), was born in Holliston, Mass., on April 15, 1735. He married on October 30, 1755, in Rutland, Mass., DELIVERANCE, daughter of JAAZANIAH and DELIVERANCE (NEWTON) NEWTON. In 1769 he is listed among the heads of families of Paxton, Mass., living in the area of "Northwest School Plot No.4."

EBENEZER HUNT, Jr., was a soldier in the company of "Minute Men," commanded by Captain Willard Moore, which marched to Cambridge, Mass., on the alarm of April 19, 1775.

He died, probably in Paxton, Mass., after 1775. His wife DELIVERANCE, was born in Marlborough, Mass., on January 20, 1735-6, and died in Paxton, Mass., on May 29, 1778. Her dower appraised March 6, 1780, amounted to £5,360 or $321,600.00.


i. Thomas, b. May 8, 1756; m. Apr. 9, 1775, Rebecca Stone.
ii. Joseph, b. Nov.22, 1757; m. in Rutland, Mass., Jan.29, 1778, Anna Estabrook.
iii. Jonathan, b. in Rutland, Mass., Dec.26, 1759.

[p. 86]

iv. Deliverance, b. in Rutland, Nov. 16, 1761; m. in Rutland, Mar. 16, 1779, Thaddeus Estabrook; she d. Nov.17, 1842; he d. May 30, 1818.
v. DOROTHY, b. in Rutland, Mass., Oct.27, 1763; m. in Rutland, Mass., Dec. 8, 1781, ELIAKIM DAVIS, of Rutland, Mass., a descendant in the sixth generation from DOLOR and MARGERY (WILLARD) DAVIS of Cambridge, Mass., 1634. She d. in Rutland, Mass., June 19, 1819; he d. in Fitchburg, Mass., August 15, 1844.
vi. Jaazaniah, b. Oct.21, 1768.

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(a) John Kneeland m Mary Stewart abt. 1575- (b) John Kneeland m Mary Hawkins 1632-1691 abt. 1658 abt. 1640- (c) John Kneeland m Mary Green 1668-1740 abt. 1691 1669- (d) Joseph Kneeland m Elizabeth Chamberlain 1698-1760 1722 1699- (e) William Shaw m Elizabeth Kneeland 1724-1808 1748 1724/5-1760 (e) William Shaw m Martha Mills abt. 1750- 1771 (e) William Shaw m Asenath Hopkins 1778-1856 1802 1785-1869 (f) George W. Davis m Abigail Shaw 1801-1878 1832 1811-1860 William Shaw Davis (See Davis chart page 91.)

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