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From the L.D.S. International Genealogical Index, Batch # C503811 and M503812.




Abbie Q. Whitney, and Eben J. Gilkey, 5 Mar 1884.
Climend L. Whitney, and J. Wesley Soule, 3 Mar 1858.
Constant H. Whitney, and Olive H. Vaughan, 9 Aug 1846.
Elbridge G. Whitney, and Frances A. Whitney, 4 Jan 1862.
Frances A. Whitney, and Elbridge G. Whitney, 4 Jan 1862.
John D. Whitney, and Eldusty Peary, 26 Jan 1870.
Laurinda Whitney, and Nathaniel T. Williams, 19 Oct 1846.
Martin V. Whitney, and Nancy M. Pease, 17 Feb 1861.
Mary S. Whitney, and Gilbert M. Leighton, 20 Apr 1848.
Royal T. Whitney, and Sarah L. Lambert, 21 Aug 1859.
Samuel Whitney, and Allura H. Preston, 23 Sep 1855.
Sumner Whitney, and Elizabeth I. Burbank, 7 Jun 1846.
Wesley Whitney, and Ann A. Furbuish, 1 Aug 1861.


Not included in the I.G.I.

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