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Source: "Surrey Will Abstracts 1470-1856", as found on

Phillip Wytney of St Mary Magdalen Overy Southwark 4 0ct 1537 (to be buried in churchyard) to Richard Gylford a gown as my wife thinks fit; residue to wife Margaret, exec.
Witnesses: John Gryffith, curate; Richard Gilford
Proved: 15 Nov 1537 [DW/PA/7/4 f.220r]

Phillip Wytney of St Mary Magdalen Overy Southwark 4 0ct 1537 (to be buried in churchyard) [as 472] [DW/PA/7/4 ff.221r-221v]

Jacob Stapelerst of Ewhurst, sick 10 Jun 1562 (to be buried in the churchyard; to the mother church 2d) to my godchildren 4d each; to my daughter Elizabeth Stapelerst £5, a great pan and two of best platters at 18; residue to my wife Alice Stapelerst, exec.
Overseers: John Alyne (6s 8d)
Witnesses: William Tycer, clerk; John Heybyetell; Simon Whittnie
Proved: 24 Mar 1562/3 to exec. [DW/PA/5/1562/84]

Richard Didlesdon of Pyrford, yeoman, sick 27 Sep 1570 (to be buried in the churchyard; to poor 1s) my wife to have chamber under where I lie, my worst featherbed, a flockbed that was her own, a healing, two blankets (one best, one worst), two a pair of canvas sheets (a pair of best and a pair of worst), a holland sheet, a lockram sheet that was her own, two feather bolsters (one of best, one of worst), two streaked pillows that were her own, a pair of pillowcases with a white seam that were her own, a bedstead in the chamber, all hangings and the old cupboard in the chamber that were her own, a brass pot called the broad mouth pot, a posnet with an iron leg, one of best platters, three of best pewter dishes that were her own and three chests; to my godchildren 4d each; to my son Hugh Didlesdon my house at Church Hill, Pyrford and all freehold land thereto, son John Didlesdon having rent for seven years, paying Hugh 6s 8d p.a. for seven years; to my son Hugh eight ewes, two tegs, a cow, a two year old heifer bullock and two quarters of rye; to my daughter Elizabeth Didlesdon my house at Ripley and all freehold land thereto and a grove I bought from Mathew Stintte, two kine, a two year old heifer bullock, seven ewes, three ewe tegs, two pewter platters, two pewter dishes and a little brass pot; to my daughter Joan Didlesdon a little brass pot, two pewter dishes and a cow immediately and a three year old heifer bullock, five ewes and five tegs at marriage, my house and freehold land at Ockham; to my daughter Alice Didlesdon £6 13s 4d at marriage; to my wife's daughter Maud Underwood a year old bullock and a two year old bullock, one fourteen years after my death and one fifteen years after my death; to my wife's daughter Alice Underwood a two year old heifer bullock in six years; residue to my son John Didlesdon, exec.
Overseers: Geoffrey Hone; Nicholas Portte (5s each)
Witnesses: John Roger; John Frenche; Richard Bedford
Debts owing to me: Robert Baly of Ripley for a yoke of oxen £1 19s 4d; William Underwood of St Katherine's Hill for sheep £8; William Roydon for a year's rent of my house and land £5; I lent said William eighteen bushels of rye; I lent Richard Harwood £3 and six bushels of rye; I lent John Rowdon £1; I lent Richard Wytne 1s 8d
Proved: 12 Oct 1570 to exec. [DW/PA/5/1570/79]

William Chylde of Woking, yeoman 8 Feb 1570/1 (to repair of church 1s; to poor 4d; to church of Send 1s; to poor of Send £1) to my brother Robert Chylde £2; to my brother Richard Chylde £2; to my sister Alice wife of George Goughe £2; to Edmund Troute £2; to Simon Lee 5s; to John Whethwell, Robert Benet, John Renname's widow, James Nuttall, Harry Heade's widow, Walter Newman's widow, William Bittelley's widow, John Gybbes, William Howke, John Willis, Ralph Lankaster, Henry Skete, Joan Paine, John James, John Champe, Richard Purdam, John Adalton's widow, Richard Amore's widow, Robert Farnham, Thomas Gee, Nicholas Starke, Alice Munger, John Synekell, Richard Bedford, Richard Whitney, John Myles, William Hone, snr. and John Catringham 3s 4d each; to George Allberie, Nicholas Woods and John Penne 2s each; to my godchildren 6s 8d each; I occupy a piece of land in Byfleet which I hold of William Roydene, gentleman by his lease to pay £1 p.a. to get land back and money between Robert West of Woking, Thomas Child of Ripley, Send, Edward Child his brother and Edward Collyer of Byfleet and if no money paid Edward Collyer to have lease paying 6s 8d each p.a. to Robert West, Thomas Child and Edward Child above; residue to my wife Alice Chylde, exec.
Overseers: (Mr) Richard West, fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; Edward Johns, curate of Woking (6s 8d each)
Witnesses: Thomas Beast; Thomas Davy; Richard Mylward; John Davie; John Parkhust; John Spong; Robert West; John Hearne
Proved: 14 Jun 1571 to exec. [DW/PA/5/1571/15]

Ellen Fromans (X) of Mitcham, widow 11 Jun 1588 (to be buried in my chapel called St Nicholas in Mitcham; to church 10s) to my cousin John Beestonne of Streatham £2; to my servants 5s each; to my brother's son James Wiche £10 and a bed furnished in the stair head chamber; to my godson Richard Gilles five silver spoons and to his brother Henry Gilles four silver spoons; to Richard Wiche son of Richard of London, skinner a silver salt; to my goddaughter Ellen Cooper £1; residue to my brother's son Richard Wiche and Robert Gilles, execs.
Overseers: cousin George Beestonn, esquire one of the Queen's pensioners; cousin Henry Whytney, gentleman (two angels each for a gold ring)
Witnesses: Henry Whytney; Thomas Crofton
Proved: 12 Aug 1588 to Thomas Ashwood, notary public and proxy for exec.

Andrew Stevenson of St Olave Southwark 27 Jun 1642
to my wife Ann Stevenson, exec. all my goods; to my brother (Mr) Andrew Stevenson [sic] 1s; to my brother John Stevenson 5s; to my cousin Andrew Stevenson 1s and my large Bible when my wife thinks fitting; to my brother Joel Parson a suit of my clothes, a coat and my grey hat
Witnesses: William Druet (X); Edward Whitney (X)
Proved: 15 Jul 1642 to exec. [DW/PA/7/13 f.216v; DW/PA/5/1642/76]
See page 90A for abstract 487A

John Reinalds (X Renalds) of St Olave Southwark, sick 16 Jan 1657/8
all to my now wife Susanna Reinalds, exec. but is she remarries to have half only and other half to my kinsmen John Harrison of Bermondsey, shipwright and Richard Bourne of Bermondsey, citizen and skinner; I owe Austin Witney £24 10s; to Elizabeth Wadfeild daughter of William Wadfeild of St Olave Southwark £5 with remainder to her siblings; to John son of John Notrish £5 with remainder to John Harrison son John Harrison and John Bourne son of Richard Bourne; to John Harrison, jnr. £5 which Richard Bourne to pay; to those who carry me to the grave 5s each and an apron; to Sarah Frith £2 and to Eleanor Chapman £1; to Henry Smithe 10s; to my apprentice John Hea £1 to make him free; to my cousins John Barker and 'Sw.' Barker
Overseers: Nehemiah Drout; John Harrison (£2 each)
Witnesses: Anthony Harrison; John Harrison (X); Nehemiah Drought
Proved: 13 Aug 1661 to exec. [DW/PA/7/14 QQ.6-7; DW/PA/5/1661/87]

Francis Hopper (X) of St Saviour Southwark, citizen and joiner, sick and weak 18 Aug 1679
residue to my wife Eleanor Hopper, exec.
Witnesses: William Smith; John Potter; Tobiah Witney, scr.
Proved: 28 Aug 1679 to exec. [DW/PA/7/15 Q.44; DW/PA/5/1679/

Joseph Benson of St Saviour Southwark, butcher, infirm and weak 7 Apr 1740
all to my friend Elizabeth wife of John Ireland late of St Olave Southwark, butcher at 5s p.w.; friends Henry Ventrice of St Saviour Southwark, snr. and Richard Sims of St Olave, execs.
Witnesses: William Clark; Edward Witney
Proved: 13 May 1746 to Elizabeth, universal legatee, execs. renouncing [DW/PC/7/3; DW/PC/5/1746/2] (administration bond of John Taylor of St Saviour Southwark, victualler, Alexander Moon of same place, butcher and John Taylor of same place, dyer, jnr.; John Ireland has not lived with his wife for some years; two years ago she heard he was in some part of England but has not heard of him since)

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