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Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton, Whitney Chapter

Dean Crawford Smith and Melinde Lutz Sanborn, The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton, 1878-1908. Part I: The Ancestry of Warren Francis Kempton, 1817-1879 (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1996).

[p. 523]


THOMASA WHITNEY, gentleman, born England say 1560 or earlier, buried St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England 15 April 1637; married by license St Margaret, Westminster 10 May 1583 "of Lambeth Marsh, gent." MARY BRAY, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 24 December 1564, buried St Margaret, Westminster 25 September 1629, daughter of JOHN and MARGARET (HASLONDE) BRAY (see Appendix).

John Bray, tailor, died in 1615 and Thomas and Mary (Bray) Whitney were executors of his will. Unfortunately, the will does not survive, and its possible revelations regarding surviving family members are lost.

The parentage of Thomas Whitney is currently unknown. A fraudulent royal pedigree was published in Ancestry of John Whitney . . . 1896, by Henry Melville. His otherwise excellent work fell victim to a pretender's claim to the inheritance of the Whitneys of Whitney, Herts. [sic -- should be Herefordshire. RLW]

Melville used many interesting sources in tracing the movement of the early English Whitneys, among them the churchwarden's accounts from St Margaret's. About Mary (Bray) Whitney he says

[She] hired a part of a pew in St. Margaret's Church. She is on record, for example, as paying "IIIs IIIId" for it in 1605, and quot;IIIIs" in 1616 and 1621. The fact that the transaction was in her name and that a whole pew was not needed may indicate that Thomas was not particularly interested in such matters. A possible reason is that he had embraced Puritanism and becom a nonconformist to the discipline of the church of England (Melville, 215).

Another possible reason for this was that Thomas may have been splitting his time between St Margaret's and Isleworth for business or personal reasons. His eldest daughter, Margaret, died at Isleworth at the same time Mary was paying for a pew in St Margaret's.

Further records from the churchwarden's accounts show that when "Mris Marie Whitney" died, 6s 8d was paid for her grave, 2s 6d was paid for her shroud, and 6s was paid for the tolling of the church bells. Likewise, when "Mr Thomas Whitney" died, 5s 4d was paid for his grave, 2s 6d was paid for his shroud, and 6s for the tolling of bells (St Margaret, Westminster Churchwarden Account Book, 1637, Week 51).


It was customary at the death of a leading person that friends, family, or the decedent himself would see that a small "benevolence" was given to the poor in his community. Thomas Whitney was styled "gentleman" and was a tailor and a merchant, like his father-in-law. When Thomas Whitney died, 20s was given to the "poore Hospitall Children" (St Margaret, Westminster, Churchwarden Account Books).

On 22 May 1637, adminstration of the estate of Thomas Whitney went to his sons Francis and Robert Whitney (Dean and Chapter of Westminster 4:49). Ordinarily, the eldest son or sons would be selected as administrators, yet John Whitney was Thomas' eldest surviving son and no refusal by him is recorded. If he was living in the Massachusetts Bay Colony at this time, the reason that he failed to administer his father's estate would be obvious. It is possible that, just two years before his father's death, John may have taken his patrimony with him in the form of a lump sum to assist him in his settlement in Watertown.

The administration of Thomas Whitney's estate showed an inventory total of £233 (Dean and Chapter of Westminster 4:49, Account #31).

The Accompt of Francis & Robert Whitney the Sonnes &
Ad[ministra]tors of the goodes & chattells of Thomas Whitney
late of the p[ar]ishe of St Margarett in Westm[inste]R
deceased, made as followeth.
the Charge
Inprimis the s[ai]d Accomptantes doe charge themselves
w[i]th the somme of two hundred thirtie & three poundes
of lawfull money of England, for the true value of all
& singuler the goodes chattells debtes & certaine estate
of the said deceased as they are comprized & valued in an
Inventary hereof made & ex[hi]b[it[ed] unto this Court &
there remayning, w[hi]ch said goodes & estate have come
to these Accomptants handes CCxxxiij li
Item they farther charge themselves w[i]th /
sixe pounds tenne shillings in p[ar]te of paym[en]t
of the desp[er]ate debtes mencioned under the somme
totall of the said Inventary, received by them since
the said deceaseds death
                                Summa oneris CC xxxix li x s.
The discharge:
Debtes owinge by the said deceased at his Death & since
paied [&] satisfied by these Accompt[ants] as followe.
Imprimis paied & satisfied
to severall Brewers for beer w[hi]ch the said
deceased had of them, the somme of lxx li.


Item to severall workemen as Brickelayers Carpenters
Glasyers & other workemen, for materialls & other
charges touchinge the repayringe of the said deceaseds
dwelling howse, before his death, the somme of xl li.
Item to Mrs Starchie viii li.
Item to Goodwife Barnes xxxs.
Item to one Bridgett xx s.
Item to William Watts v li.
Item to John Wandricke xx li.
                                Summa debitor[is] hui[us] mo[d]i Cxlv li x s.
other paym[en]tes necessarily disbursed by these
Accomptantes by reason of their said Administratorshipps,
as p[ar]ticulerly followe, w[hi]ch they crave to be allowed.
Inprimis for all manner of charges aboute the said
deceaseds buriall xx li.
Item for the letters of Ad[minstra]c[i]on the apprizeinge
of the deceaseds goods, the double ingrossinge &
exhibitinge the Inventary unto this Court, w[i]th the p[ro]ctors
fee & other charges there unto incident, the somme of
iii li.
Item for the drawinge & double ingrossinge of the
Accompt, w[i]th the fees of the R[     ]
Judges seale, p[ro]ctors fees & other charges thereunto
appertayneinge, the somme of xl s.
Summa exoneraceis Clxx li x s.
Soe deductis deducend[um] et allocatis allocand[um]
there remaineth in these Accamtantes handes, the somme of lxix li.
x:o Martii: 1637:
Mr. Eresheldi fecit fidem [ ] animam &c Will: Sammes

Despite giving birth to at least ten babies, only four of this couple's children reached adulthood.

Children, surname WHITNEY:

i. MARGARET, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 18 October 1584; buried Isleworth, co. Middlesex 12 January 1604/5.
ii. THOMAS, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 25 July 1587; buried St Margaret 19 August 1587.

iii. HENRY baptized St Margaret, Westminster 11 November 1588; buried St Margaret 4 January 1588/9.
iv. ARNWAYE baptized St Margaret, Westminster 2 February 1589/90; buried St Margaret 11 August 1591.
v. JOHN baptized St Margaret, Westminster 20 July 1592.
vi. NOWELL baptized St Margaret, Westminster 30 October 1594; buried St Margaret 28 February 1596/7.
vii. FRANCIS baptized St Margaret, Westminster 27 Jan 1598/9; died Westminster August 1643; married ELIZABETH (_____), buried St Margaret 15 January 1670[/1].

Children, both deceased before their mother, names unknown. In her will Elizabeth requested that she be buried "by her husband and two children at the west end of the new Chappel by the greate window" (Dean and Chapter of Westminster 6:48).

viii. MARY, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 2 August 1600; buried St Margaret 8 August 1600.
ix. ROBERT baptized St Margaret, Westminster 10 November 1605, buried in the east yard at St Peter's, Cornhill, London 3 April 1662; married say 1636 MARY perhaps WEST, buried as "widow Whitney" St Peter's, Cornhill 27 October 1667. In her will, Mary made a bequest to her "loveing Cozen" Mary West, daughter of Edward West (Archdeaconry Court of London 9:168).

Children, surname Whitney:

  1. John, baptized St Peter's Cornhill 10 February 1638/9.
  2. Thomas, baptized St Peter's Cornhill 27 December 1640.
  3. Robert, baptized St Peter's Cornhill 30 October 1642.
  4. Thomas, baptized St Peter's Cornhill 29 July 1645.
  5. Richard, baptized St Peter's Cornhill 14 October 1647.
  6. Margaret, baptized St Peter's Cornhill 31 July 1651.
  7. Robert, baptized St Peter's Cornhill 13 Jul 1654.
  8. Mary Frances, named in the wills of both her parents, a minor in 1667/8 (Archdeaconry court of London 9:168, 9:23).
x. probably THOMAS, if a son of this couple he was unrecorded, born about 1609 (calculated from age at marriage, vide post); buried St Margaret's Church, Westminster 20 May 1637; married St Gregory, London by license dated 31 January 1632/3 (Faculty Office 89) MARGARET (MOGGE) GEORGE, widow of Thomas George, born about 1591. "Whitney, Thomas, of St. Margaret, Westminster, gent., bachelor, 24, and Margaret George, of same,

42, widow of Thomas George, late of same, butcher - at St. Gregory, London 31 Jan. 1632/3. F.* She was on the far edge of childbearing years and likely they had no children.

It was probably his administration granted to widow Margaret in Dean and Chapter of Westminster 4:48.
Margaret had married first St Margaret Westminster 19 November 1609 Thomas George, buried St Margaret 18 May 1632 (199 Camden IV, 3, Dean and Chapter of Westminster).

xi. possibly JAMES, buried as "Mr. James Whitney" St Margaret, Westminster 13 March 1636/7.


JOHN1 WHITNEY, baptized St Margaret, Westminster, England 20 July 1592; died Watertown, MA 1 June 1673, "widdower, aged abought 84 yeares" (WVR 1:36);


married first England say 1623 ELINOR (_____), born say 1600, died Watertown 11 May 1659 (WVR 1:21); married second Watertown 29 September 1659 (WVR 1:22) JUDAH CLEMENT, who probably died before 5 April 1670 when John made a deed related to his homestead and Judah was not asked to release her dower (Middlesex Deed 3:452), and certainly dead by 1673 when she was not named in her husband's will.

John Whitney, son of Thomas Whitney, of the city of Westminster, yeoman, was apprenticed to William Pring of the Old Bailey, a freeman of the Merchant Taylors Company, on 22 February 1607[/8] (Apprentice Binding Book, Vol 5, 1606-1609, Guildhall Library MS. 314[13], page 170):


As an apprentice he learned clerical duties and studied a varied curriculum, as well as a trade. William Pring probably dealt in cloth, since John Whitney is called a tailor in Watertown deeds (vide post).

When he reached his majority in 1614, John was made free by his master, William Pring (Court Minute Book, vol.6, Freemen 1607-1618, Guildhall Library Ms. 327 (31), page 483: Freedoms), and ten years later, on 8 November 1624, "Robert Whitney, son of Thomas Whitney of the city of Westminster, Gentleman, was apprenticed to John Whitney in Thistleworth" (another name for Isleworth).

Robertus Whitney filius Thome Whitney de Civitate Westminster Gent pose appren[tice] John Whittney modo Comanone in Thistleworth pro Septem annis a die dat hor[umm] pr[e]d[i]c[tu]m dat Octavo die Novembris, Anno Dm 1624 Annoque regis Jacobis Anglie vicesimo secundo (Apprentice Binding Book, Vol.9, 1623-1628, Gulldhall Library Ms 315 [18], page 93: Apprenticeships)

Robert, in turn, was made free by his brother on 14 January 1632 (Court Minute Book: Freemen 1630-1642, Guildhall Library Ms 329 [33], unpaginated).

John Whitney's London in the 1620s

In the 1620s, his children's baptisms in the St Mary Mdermary's parish register showed that John lived on Bow Lane and that he was a tailor.

John sent his eldest son to the Merchant Taylors' School, affording him the finest education available to the son of a yeoman intended for business. The younger John Whitney appears in the Merchant Taylors' School Register from 11 December 1631 until 1634 (Merchant Taylors' School Register, 132). This attendance was contemporary with the Kemptons, who likely knew the Whitneys (see Kempton chapter).

Bond says the Whitneys embarked at London, England in April of 1635 for New England in the ship Elizabeth and Ann, Roger Cooper, master. The family consisted of John, age 35; Ellin, age 30; sons John, age 11; Richard, age 9; Nathaniel, age 8; Thomas, age 6; and Jonathan, age 1 year (Bond, 642). John's age is grossly understated in this passenger list, but


his baptism at Isleworth and his age at death are more nearly in tune. Likewise, his sons' ages are somewhat understated in this list and Elinor was more likely 35 than 30.

At Watertown, John was admitted a freeman 3 March 1635/6. He was of a comfortable social standing and had a better than average education, but claims to a stunning royal descent have been disproven (TAG 10:84- 88).

His property was in keeping with his status as a Watertown proprietor and reflected a modest amount of trading and selling, as well. His homestail of sixteen acres was bounded to the east by William Jennison, west by Martin Underwood, north by Isaac Mixer and south by William Jennison (WTR 1:120). In the third division of Watertown lands he received lot 16 containing fifty acres (WTR 1:5). In the grant of the plowlands at Beaver Brook plains, with an allowance of one acre per person and likewise for cattle, John Whitney received ten acres, 28 February 1636 (WTR 1:6). The next year he received another ten acres (WTR 1:10). His other possessions granted to him included two acres of meadow at Beaver brook, ten acres of remote meadow and the eighty- third lot, ten acres of plow land, one acre of meadow in Pond Meadow, one acre of meadow, eighteen acres of upland beyond the further plain and the forty fifth lott, six acres of upland (WTR 1:85).

Richard Woodward sold John Whitney nine acres in Watertown on the little plain bordering Whitney's land on 16 limo 1646 for "six pounds...forty shillings a yeare in wheate, or Rie, or pease, or Indian, some of each as God shalbe pleased to afford us" between limo 1647 and 1649 (Middlesex Deed 1:150-151). Thomas Arnold discharged the debt and acknowledged Whitney's title to the land in another deed dated 27 October 1661 (Middlesex Deed 3:445). John Whitney, "Taylor" bought six acres of land near the "Little Playne" from Robert Daniel on 6 2mo 1653 (Middlesex Deed 1:192). After moving from Watertown to Providence, RI, Thomas and Phebe Arnold sold seventeen acres of land in Watertown to John Whitney on 20 October 1662 (Middlesex Deed 2:259).

John Whitney is seen many times in the records with Thomas Arnold, in both friendly and adversarial relationships. He accused Arnold in court for absenting himself from public worship.

Mr Jno. Whitney & Henry Bright attested uppon oath that Thomas Arnold had to their best knowledge absented himself from the publike ordinances of Christ on the Lords dayes for a full yeare last past. Thomas Arnold pleaded that he had bin absent severall dayes by warding and cow keeping &c. wch he could not make appeare (Pulsifer, 72).

Arnold was given a reduced fine 3 2mo 1655.

In 1649 when Thomas Arnold was granted a small patch of land near his house, John Whitney Sr. was to set it out so that it did not prejudice the


highway (WTR 1:19). For an unspecified service to the town, John Whitney received 2s 9d in 1651 (WTR 1:25).

John Whitney was a selectman in 1637 (WTR 1:3) and served again in 1647 and 1650 (WTR 1:10, 20). "Mr Whetny is chosen to take the Invoyce for the towne: and to have lOs for his paines; and to take Land and cattell as it was to the Country rate" (WTR 1:14).

He was paid £1.1.0 by the town in 1653 (WTR 1:41) and as town clerk, wrote out the receipt of the town's account that year (WTR 1:4041). In 1654 Mr. Whitney testified against Robert Daniel when Daniel was charged with failing to fence his land like the rest of the commoners (WTR 1:37). He was charged with making the ministry rate in 1654 (WTR 1:39).

In 1663, Watertown paid Thomas Torball 8s "for Tho whitnies Child" perhaps indicating that Whitney had a grandson who was a town charge (WTR 1:77) which seems likely in light of "Thomas whetney (in regard of his present nessesity) shall have the one half of his Sallery payd him in hand" for whipping dogs out of the meetinghouse upon the Sabbath (WTR 1:81).

John Whitney witnessed the deed of Reana Daniel to John's son, John Jr. on 7 limo 1656 (Middlesex Deed 3:364).

John Whitney gave a tract of thirty-nine acres to his son, Jonathan, in 1659, but never made a formal deed for it. Five years later, on 10 November 1664, John acknowledged that he had given the land to his son (Middlesex Deed 3:79).

About two months before his death, John Whitney Sr. made his will:

I John Whitney Senior of Watertown, in ye County of Middlesex: being perfect and sound in memory and understanding blessed be God for it: doo declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth
  F[ir]st I commit my spint into ye hand of god yt gave it; and my body unto ye earth whence it was taken:
  2 ly. I give unto my son John Whitney: my meadow called beever-brook meadow with ye upland yt doth apertane thereto: and a yoake of oxen: or nine pounds ten shillings: and ten acres of my land called devedent land and a trunke and one palre of sheets and one paire of piliow beers and two pewter dishes a great one and a small one: and the bed whereon I lie with all ye furniture thereunto belonging.
  3 ly. I give unto my son Richard Whitney: ten acres of my land called devedend and two cows and a great sea chest.
  4 ly. I give unto my son Thomas Whitney ten acres of my land called devedend and two cows and a sad colored sute namely a paire of breeches and a close coate and pewter dish.
  5 ly. I give unto my son Jonathan Whitney: one fron kittle and a great brass skillit.

  6 ly. I give unto my son Joshua Whitney: twenty acres of my land called devedend: and a cubard and a liffle table and a cheste and a great kittle and a warming pan and a skillit.
  7 ly. I give unto my son Benjamin Whitney: the old mare if she live:
  8 ly. My wili is yt what of my estate be left over after all is paid out as abeve sd namely of my movables yt it be equally divided betweene my executors and I doo nominate and apoynt my well beloved son John Whitney and Joshuah Whitney; to be my executors to this my Will and testament and doo desire my loving frind Wililam Bond Senior: to see yt this my will be performed according to ye true intent of it as is aforesaid and doo set to my hand this 3rd of Aprill: 1673.
This is an Inventory of ye estate of Mr. John Whitnie Senior: taken this 4th of June, 1673: by us whose names are hereunto subscribed.
Wearing cloths.
a sad colorid Sute coat and breeches: 1.10.0
ye rest of bethe linin and woolin and shoos
  stoclins hats gloves: being much wome: 2.10.0
ye bed whereon he lay with all the furniture
  thereunto belonging 5.0.0
three pillow beers three sheets and three small
  old table cloaths 1.0.0
an old fether bolster and fether pillow 0.12.0
A sea chest 0.14.0
two old chests an old trunk an old box and
  an old cubard 0.14.0
two old tables one forme four old chairs 1.0.0
three pewter platters and basson a sacer an
old great pot an old pewter bode and a
  chamber pot 0.12.0
a brass kitle 2 brass skillits a brass skimer
  a warming pan a small brass morter a litle
  ladle of brass 1.2.0
an iron pot and pot hooks a tramell a iron kitle
  a spit a smoothing iron and two old frieing pans 1.5.0
three earthen vessells a great grater two cheeny dishes
a dozen of trenchers a wooden dish three chees moals 0.3.0
a small trevet a paire of tongs and a small paire
  of scalls pund and haif ain weights a spindle for
  a wheele and a iron bullet 0.2.0
a churne and other lumber 0.5.0
foure cows 10.0.0
two oxen 9.10.0
an old mare 2.10.0
an old saddle and pillon 0.10.0
an old paire of hoops and boxes for a cart a
  peire of iron pins for ye extree a paire of

  lince pins and washers 0.10.0
a chaine a iron bar a spoone of iron an old adze a set
  for a saw 2 wedges and an iron pin for a cart
  a hay crouse and other old iron 0.12.0
a grind stone with ye iron to it 0.4.0
an old hame a cart rope an old bage 2 old cushions 0.12.0
fifty acres of land called dividend 25.0.0
three acres of meadow at Beever brooke with an acre
  and half of upland to it 20.0.0
an acre of meadow called plaine meadow 10.0.0
a forke and shovall 0.2.0
also... 0.14.0
Joseph Underwood
William Bond
Nathan Fiske Senior.
At a court at Charlestown 17.4.1673
Sworn by ye executors (Middlesex Probate #24680)

Children, surname WHITNEY:

i. MARY2, baptized Isleworth, Middlesex 23 May 1619; buried St Mary Aldermary, London 15 February 1626/7.
ii. JOHN, baptized Isleworth, Middlesex 14 September 1621; died Watertown 12 October 1692 (WVR 1:65); married Watertown circa 1643 RUTH REYNOLDS, born say 1620s, living 27 May 1695 when her daughters mention the reversion of what may be left by their mother (Middlesex Probate #24681), daughter of Robert and Mary (_____) Reynolds.

  John served in King Philip's War (Bodge, 171).
  Children, all named in their father's will, surname Whitney:

1) John, born Watertown 17 September 1643 (WVR 1:10)
2) Ruth, born Watertown 15 2mo 1645 (WVR 1:12)
3) Nathaniel, born Watertown 1 l2mo 1646/7 (WVR 1:12)
4) Samuel, born Watertown 28 Smo 1648 (WVR 1:13)
5) Mary, born Watertown 23 2mo 1650 (WVR 1:14)
6) Joseph, born Watertown 15 January 1651/2 (WVR 1:15)
7) Sarah, born Watertown 17 March 1653/4 (WVR 1:16)
8) Elizabeth, born Watertown 9 June 1656 (WVR 1:18)
9) Hannah, named in her father's will (Middlesex #24681)
10) Benjamin, born Watertown 28 9mo 1660 (WVR 1:23)
iii. RICHARD, baptized Isleworth, Middlesex 4 January 1623/4; living

Stow, MA 8 April 1691 when he petitioned the General Court to be dismissed from military service being now above seventy years of age, and not being able to serve in the capacity of a soldier (Middlesex Co. Court 1690-143-I); married Watertown 19 1mo

1650/1 (WVR 1:15) MARTHA COLDHAM, born say 1630s, living

30 June 1672 when her last child was born.
  Children, surname Whitney:

1) Sarah, born Watertown Smo 1653 (WVR 1:17)
2) Moses, born Watertown 1 6mo 1655 (WVR 1:17)
3) Johanah, born Watertown 16 limo 1656[/7] (WVR 1:18)
4) Deborah, born Watertown 12 October 1658 (WVR 1:20)
5) Rebecca, born Watertown 15 December 1659 (WVR 1:22)
6) Richard, born Watertown 13 January 1660/1 (WVR 1:22)
7) Elisha, born Watertown 26 August 1662 (WVR 1:24)
8) Ebenezer, born Watertown 30 June 1672 (WVR 1:35)
iv. NATHANIEL, born say 1626; died after 1635 when he came to the

Massachusetts Bay Colony with his parents.

v. THOMAS, baptized St Mary Aldermary, London 10 December 1627; died Watertown, MA 20 September 1719 (WVR 2:65); married Watertown 11 lImo 1654/5 (WVR 1:17) MARY KEDEL, born say 16305, died after 30 January 1673/4 when her last child was born.

  Thomas served in King Phillip's War (Bodge, 375).
  Children, surname Whitney:

1) Thomas, born Watertown 24 6mo 1656 (WVR 1:18)
2) John, born Watertown 19 May 1659 (WVR 1:21)
3) John, born Watertown 22 6mo 1661 (WVR 1:22)
4) Eleazer (twin), born Watertown 7 2mo 1662 (WVR 1:24)
5) Elnathan (twin), born Watertown 7 2mo 1662 (WVR 1:24)
6) Mary, born Watertown 22 10mo 1663 (WVR 1:25)
7) Bezaleel, born Watertown 16 7mo 1665 (WVR 1:27)
8) Sarah, born Watertown 23 March 1666/7 (WVR 1:28)
9) Mary, born Watertown 6 August 1668 (WVR 1:31)
10) Isaiah, born Watertown 16 September 1671 (WVR 1:35)
11) Martha, born Watertown 30 January 1673/4 (WVR 1:37)
vi. MARGARET, baptized St Mary Aldermary, London 25 December 1629; evidently died before 1635 when her family sailed for the Massachusetts Bay Colony and she did not appear on the passenger list.
+  vii. JONATHAN, born about 1635.
viii. Deacon JOSHUA, born Watertown, MA 15 February 1635/6 (WVR 1:4); died Groton, MA 1 August 1719, age 83 years (GVR, 278); married first LYDIA (_____); married second say 1669 MARY (_____), died Watertown 17 March 1671 (WVR 1:35); married third Watertown 30 September 1672 (WVR 1:36) ABIGAIL TARBELL, who served as executrix of John's estate in 1719 (Middlesex Probate #24703), daughter of Thomas and Mary (_____) Tarbell.

  Joshua's 1713 will identifies many of his children who were not otherwise recorded (Middlesex Probate #24703).

  Children with first or second wife, surname Whitney:
1) Joshua, born Groton 14 June 1665 (GVR, 252)
2) Sarah, born Groton 10 October 1668 (GVR, 252)
3) Hannah, born say 1670; wife of Thomas Wood, deceased by 1713

  Children with third wife, surname Whitney:

4) Abigail, born say 1673; wife of John Hutchins, deceased by 1713, had children John and 3 daughters (first child born 14 September 1698 in Groton [GVR])
5) Mary, born Groton 1 5mo 1675 (GVR, 252)
6) William, born Watertown 28 February 1677/8 (WVR 1:43)
7) Cornelius, born say 1680; m by 1715, named in father's will
8) David, born say 1682; named in father's will
9) Eleanor, born say 1684; m by 1701/2 Samuel Shepard of Plainfield, CT, named in father's will
10) Elizabeth, born say 1686 (based on marriage in 1706/7 [GVR 2:18]); named in father's will
11) Martha, born say 1688 (based on marriage in 1708/9 [GVR 2:18]); named in father's will
ix. CALEB, born Watertown, MA 12 July 1640 (WVR 1:8); may have died young.
x. BENJAMIN, tailor, born Watertown, MA 6 4mo 1643 (WVR 1:11); died Sherborn, MA 26 March 1723 (SVR, 227); married first Watertown or York, ME say 1669 JANE (_____), died Sherborn 14 November 1690 (SVR, 228); married second Marlborough 13 April 1696 (MVR, 396) MARY POORE.

  Children with first wife, surname Whitney:

1) Jane, born Watertown 29 7mo 1669 (WVR 1:32)
2) Benjamin of Framingham
3) Jonathan of Sherborn
4) John of York
5) Nathaniel, born York 14 April 1680 (LND, 750)
6) Joshua, born Sherborn 21 September 1687 (SVR, 94).


JONATHAN2 WHITNEY, born England about 1634 (aged about thirty-six in 1671, Suffolk Files #1050); died Sherborn, MA 1 January 1702/3 (SVR, 228); married Watertown 30 October 1656 (WVR 1:18) LYDIA2 JONES, born say 1636, died Sherborn 3 February 1701/2 (SVR, 228), daughter of LEWIS1 and ANNA (_____) JONES (see Jones Chapter). Jonathan Whitney took the oath of fidelity in 1652 (Pulsifer, 301).


In 1659, Jonathan's father gave him thirty-nine acres in Watertown, five acres of which Jonathan and Lydia subsequenfly sold to Richard Child on 7 November 1664 (Middlesex Deed 3:80-81). Lydia signed her name to this deed, as indicated in the copybook, but no original sample of her writing survives.

At the March 1664 Watertown selectmen's meeting, it was found that

whereas Jonathan whetny & Danill Meddup are intendinge to goe to Cape Pare: & the towne feareinge thir wives or children may be in want in their absence: & thay not beinge willinge to satisfy the select-men upon thefr demand:
  The town apoynted goodman Baitow goodman Colledge & goodman Tayntor to Call Jonathan whetney & Danili Meddup before Mr Danforth or sum other magistrate
  which acordingly was done: & Jonathan whetney before mr Danforth ingaged to leave (for his wives & childrens supply in his absence: in the hand of Tho. Flegg) as a debt then due 36£: to be paid yearly in 3 years: & the vallew of 14£ in Cattell in his wives hand (WTR 1:83).

Nathan Fisk Jr. and Jonathan Whitney were chosen to be Watertown's hogreeves in the year 1674 (WTR 1:121). In 1676, Jonathan was charged for his share of the fines of hogs and cattle, 12s (WTR 1:126). He may have been away at the time, since his service from Watertown in King Philip's War dated from 24 August 1676 (Bodge, 273,376). He was paid in 1677 for his work on the mill bridge, 8s (WTR 1:132).

Jonathan Whitney and his son, John, were witnesses in the attempted rape case of Sam, an Indian. On 30 August 1671, Mary Bacon, wife of Daniel Bacon of Cambridge, was returning home with her husband on a horse-drawn cart, when they arrived at the river. Mary and Daniel crossed, but Mary was in a hurry to get home, so she asked Daniel to wait for the cart, while she went on ahead a quarter of a mile to their house. She deposed that "when I was goften within about 20 roods of[f] from the house, a man coming sudingly behind me claping his hands upon my eyes" knocked her down and flipped her clothing over her head. Pinned to the ground she struggled and called out, nearly suffocating, but succeeding in frightening the man away (Suffolk File #1050). Although


she never actually saw the man who attacked her, she named Sam, an Indian, who lived nearby as her assailant. Among the deponents who came forward in the case was "John Whitney aged about 9 years" who testified that on that day he had been looking for sheep with Sam, son of William Indian, who soon ran up toward Goodman Bacon's, and it getting dark, young Whitney "went home & about one quarter of an houre after the said Sam came to my father's house near the bridge foot at Waftertown mill." Not long after Sam left, John saw a woman pass by towards Goodman Bacon's house on the highway. He told his father, who also came to testify:

Jonathan Whitney aged about 36 yeares examined sayth that in sd evening upon ye 30 August after it ye day light was Gone, hee being abeute half a mile of[f] hee herd a doleful cry hee suposed a woman's cry & it twas toward ye house of daniel Bacon as I conseive fromm sd plase wher I was; but who it was yt so cried I know not also when he came Hom yt night & hering of the buisnes about Goodman Bacon's wife Asault had examined his sonne John Whitney who the[n] did relate unto me the substance of what is contaned in his examination taken before Capt Gookin (Suffolk File #1050)

Sam the Indian was near the scene of the crime, but no one, not even the victim, saw him attempt the assault. He was committed to prison.

Jonathan Whitney served from Watertown in King Philip's War (Bodge, 273, 376).

In 1679 Jonathan became an inhabitant of Sherborn, MA. With five other men, Jonathan Whitney was appointed to lay out highways leading from Sudbury, Sherborne, Marlborough and Framingham, and Falls upon Charles River, "so as may be most convenient for the accommodation of travaillers from Towne to town both for men & beast" (15 December 1684, Pulsifer, 4:139). His involvement with the town and colony roads continued to the end of his life, when on 15 December 1702 the Middlesex Court ordered that Jonathan Whitney Senr be paid for his work in ordering the building of a bridge on the way from Natick to Boston at the falls (Middlesex County General Sessions).

In July of 1683 Jonathan Whitney was unsuccessfully sued by George Fairbanks and others (Inferior Ct. of Pleas, Suffolk Co.).

Several days before his death, Jonathan Whitney made his will:

In the name of God, amen
I Jonathan Whitney of Sherborne in the County of Middx within her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England yeom: being weeke of body but in sound & disposing memory Praise be given to god for the same; doe make this my last wrn & testament in manner & forme following, that is to say, first & principally I Resign my Soule into the mercyfull hands of almighty god my Creator, assuredly hoping

through the merits of my blessed saviour to obtaine pardon & remission of all my sins, and my body I comit to the earth whence it was taken, to be decently buried by the desc[rJ etion of my executors herein after named; and as for the worldly goods and estate the lord hath lent me, I dispose thereof as follows
  Impr my will is that after my Just dets and funerall charges be paid, that all the rest & residue of my estate both housing lands, chattle & other my movables (ten pounds excepted) be equally divided betwen my children Jonathan Whitney, John Whitney, Josiah Whitney, Joseph Whitney, Benjamin Whitney, Lydia Addams and Abigail Whitney to them & their heires for ever.
  I give & bequeath to my grandchild Benjamin Fisher fower pounds towards his bringing up to be pd to my Daughter Abigaill Whitney within six months after my Deces, to be pd by my executors.
  I give and bequeath to my grandchild Anna Fisher six pounds to be pd her by my executors when she is of ye age of eighteen years or day of Marriag, which shall first happen, and I doe nominate appoint & ordaine my abovessl Sons Jonathan Whitney & John Whitney my executors to se this my last will & testament performed, making null & voide all former or other wills by me heretofore made. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale this twenty first Day of December one thousand seven hundred & two, and In the first year of her Majesties Reign Anne by ye grace of God of England &c. Queene
Signed, Sealed and Published
In the Prsence of us Jonathan Whitney
Nathaniel Coilldg
Thomas Whitney
Munings Sawin
(Proved Cambridge 1 March 1702[/3])
An Inventory of the Estate of Jonathan Whitney Late of Sherborne Deceasd Jany 1 1702/3 as it was taken by us whose names are underwritten viz.
Imp: His wareing apparrell, books, money & armes 04.06.00
Beds and Beding and Houshold ware 11.14.00
Cart, plow & other utersills 02.12.00
one horse cattell and swine 24.08.00
Buildings & Lands and grain 88.16.00
Totall 131.16.00
Benoni Larned
John Coollidg
March 1 1702[/3] (Middlesex Probate #24690)

Following his death, on 21 January 1714/5, the heirs of Jonathan Whitney Sr., late of Sherborn, being Jonathan, John, Josiah, Joseph, and Benjamin Whitney, and Lydia Adams and Abigail Whitney, all called his "orphants," acknowledged a 1702/3 agreement to leave the real estate to


Joseph and Benjamin, with these two paying small sums to their remaining siblings (Middlesex Deed 17:167-9). Benjamin had to forfeit some of his portion because he neglected to settle some of the debts of the estate.

Children, surname WHITNEY:

i. LYDIA3, born Watertown, MA 3 July 1657 (WVR 1:18); died Sherborn, MA 27 May 1719 (SVR, 187); married Sherburn 15 April 1684 (SVR, 181) MOSES ADAMS, born 6 October 1654, died 27 May 1724 (Whitney genealogy, 24). No probate found.
  Children, surname Adams:
1) Lydia, born Sherborn 2 February 1684[15] (SVR, 10)
2) Elizabeth, born Sherborn 18 September 1686 (SVR, 9)
3) Hannah, born Sherborn 8 February 1687/8 (SVR, 9)
4) Elizabeth, born Sherborn 25 October 1689 (SVR, 9)
5) Moses, born Sherborn 26 November 1691 (SVR, 10)
6) James, born Sherborn 7 July 1693 (SVR, 9)
7) Isaac, born Sherborn 4 March 1695[/6J (SVR, 9)
8) Abigail, born Sherborn 7 September 1697 (SVR, 9)
+  ii. JONATHAN, born Watertown 20 October 1659 (WVR 1:21)
iii. ANNA, born Watertown, MA 28 April 1660 (WVR 1:22); died Wrentham 6 March 1700/1 following the birth of her last child (WVR, 442); married as his first wile, before 1691 CORNELIUS FISHER, born 8 February 1660[/1] (Whitney genealogy, 24), died Wrentham 6 June 1743, age 84 years (WVR, 441)

  Cornelius married second Dedham 29 April 1702 (Wrentham VR, 293) Mary Colburn, died Wrentham 20 September 1726 (WVR, 444), with whom he had children: Merey and Esther. Cornelius married third Wrentham 13 February 1726/7 (WVR, 293) Mary Ware.
  Children, surname Fisher:

1) Jonathan, born Wrentham 22 February 169[0/]1 (WVR 1:84)
2) Cornelius, born Wrentham 29 September 1692 (WVR 1:79)
3) Isaac, born Wrentham 19 May 1694 (WVR 1:83)
4) Anna, born Wrentham 28 March 1696 (WVR 1:78)
5) Joseph, born Wrentham 11 May 1698 (WVR 1:84)
6) Benjamin, born Wrentham 6 March 1700/1 (WVR 1:78)
iv. JOHN, born Watertown, MA 27 4mo 1662 (WVR 1:24); died before his inventory was taken 22 May 1735; married first Watertown 10 April 1688 (WVR 4:98) MARY HAPGOOD, born Sudbury, MA 2 November 1667 (SVR, 62), died Sherborn 13 January 1692[/3] (SVR, 228), daughter of Shadrack1 and Elizabeth (Treadway) Hapgood (see Hapgood Chapter); married second about 1694

SARAH HAVEN, born Lynn, MA 4 June 1665 (LVR 1:181), died 23 April 1718 (Whitney genealogy, M), daughter of Richard and Susanna (_____) Haven; married third 20 November 1718 (ibid.) MARTHA WALKER, died 14 November 1721 (ibid.).

  Children with first wife, surname Whitney:

1) Mary, born Sherborn 27 March 1689 (SVR, 94)
2) Elizabeth, born Sherborn 29 January 1690f/1] (SVR, 93)
3) James, born Sherborn 28 December 1692 (SVR, 93)

  Children with second wife, surname Whitney:

4) Lydia, born Sherborn 18 April 1695 (SVR, 94)
5) Hannah, born Sherborn 27 September 1697 (SVR, 93)
v. JOSIAH, born Watertown, MA 19 May 1664 (WVR 1:26); died Wrentham, MA 29 December 1717 "in his 53" year" (WVR, 515); married first by 1686 MARY (_____), died Wrentham 18 July 1710 (WVR, 514); married second Dorchester, MA 3 November 1713 (but recorded Wrentham [WVR, 397]) ABIGAIL MARTEN, died Wrentham 6 December 1734 (WVR 514).

  Children with first wife, 2-5 named in father's division (Suffolk Probate 20:386), surname Whitney:

1) Josiah, baptized Watertown 21 November 1686 (WVR 4:127)
2) Jonathan, born say 1690
3) Abigail, born say 1694
4) Mary, born say 1696
5) Josiah, born about 1698 (a minor aged about twenty years on 17 April 1718 [Suffolk Probate 20:386]).
vi. ELINOR, born Watertown, MA 12 October 1666 (WVR 1:28); died Watertown 23 November 1678 (WVR 1:44), about age 12.
vii. JAMES, born Watertown 25 9mo 1668 (WVR 1:30); died Sherborn 30 November 1690 (SVR, 227), about age 22.
viii. ISAAC, born Watertown 12 January 1670/1 (WVR 1:33); died Sherborn 5 December 1690 (SVR, 227), about age 19.
ix. JOSEPH, born Watertown 10 March 1672/3 (WVR 1:36); named in his father's will; living in 1716 at bfrth of last child and certainly 4 February 1713/4 when his brother Benjamin made him a bequest (Middlesex Probate #24605); probably the Joseph who married REBECCA (_____) of Sherborn.

  Children, surname Whitney:

1) Jonas, born Sherborn 7 June 1708 (SVR, 93)
2) Joseph, born Sherborn 22 March 1710 (SVR, 93)
3) James, born Sherborn 23 March 1714 (SVR 93)
4) Ephraim, born Sherborn 11 March 1715/6 (SVR, 93)
x. ABIGAIL, born Watertown 18 August 1675 (WVR 1:40); died Sherborn 7 June 1704 (SVR, 227). A deed by the heirs of Jonathan

Whitney selling land to their brothers Joseph and Josiah, dated 12 January 1702/3, is supposedly acknowledged 21 January 1714(5 by all the heirs, including Abigail, but the casual wording of the acknowledgement leaves room for the interpretation that since Abigail's only heirs were her siblings, it made no difference whether she acknowledged or not (Middlesex Deed 17:167-168). Consequently, there is no conflict in identifying her as the Abigail who died in 1704.
xi. BENJAMIN, born Watertown, MA 6 January 1678/9 (WVR 1:44); died Sherborn 29 August 1718 in his 40th year (SVR, 227); married Sherborn 24 October 1700 (SVR, 180) MERCY TRAVIS. No children (Middlesex Probate #24605).

  The widow Mercy married second before 31 May 1721 Lt. Thomas Frinck.


JONATHAN3 WHITNEY, born Watertown 20 October 1659 (WVR 1:21); died Concord 17 March 1734/5, age 76 years, 4 months, 28 days "husband of Mrs Sarah" (CVR, 128);


married say 1692 SARAH2 HAPGOOD, born Sudbury say 1672 (age five at the time her mother gave a final account of Shadrack Hapgood's estate, 1677, Middlesex Probate #10315), died Townsend 26 July 1746 "in her 75th year, relict of John [sic], late of Concord" (TVR 348), daughter of SHADRACK and ELIZABETH (TREADWAY) HAPGOOD (See Hapgood Chapter).

In December 1701, Jonathan Whitney, Hopestill Lealand, Jonathan Fairbanks and Daniel Sheffield of Sherborn, and John Whitney and Benjamin Whitney of Framingham, were ordered to be brought to court for having "with force & arms & strong hands" gone into the dwelling house of Isaac Bowen of Framingham and "riotously assaulted" Bowen (Middlesex County Court files 2X 1701). Although the depositions assert that Jonathan Whitney and Hopestill Lealand went into the house, there are no clues here regarding the reasons for the conflict. The jury hearing the case found the defendants not guilty (Middlesex County General Sessions, 9 December 1701).

It is possible that Jonathan Whitney of Concord, husbandman, was the man whom David Church of Marlborough, weaver, owed £15 and promised to pay in a bond dated 13 March 1715/6 (Middlesex County Court files 247-1715/6). In 1727 Ephraim Sawtell and Samuel Jones sued Jonathan Whitney for a modest debt (Middlesex County Court files F301-1727).

On 24 July 1734 Jonathan Whitney sued in the County court over the failure of the town of Sherborn to acknowledge his inhabitancy and include him in all the division of lands that were his right since 30 May 1681 (Middlesex County Court 1681-1734-103A). He won the first case, heard by the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, but the judgment was appealled (Middlesex County Court 1734-106A-4). To the County court he brought an affidavit that stated that "Jonathan Whitney Junr" had been authorized to "take up his house lot according to Town Grant at Chestnut Brook according to his invoyce, so to take up his Divident on that which was granted to Isaac Learned..." and yet another copy of a town document showing that he was one of the first twenty families to settle in Sherbom (Middlesex County Court files 1734-106A-4). His grants were also recorded as: "twenty acres of upland for a houselot"; "five acres and a half of meadowland"; "eighteen acres and a half" of Divident land (ibid.).


His will was proved in 1735:

In the Name of god amen the fourteenth Day of March 1734/5 I Jonathan Whitney of Concord in the County of Middx and Province of the Masechusets Bay in New England Husbandman being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto god therefor Cling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is apointed for all men once to Die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say: Principally and first of all I give and Recomend my soul into the Hands of god that gave it and my body I Recommend to the Earth to be buried in Decent Christan burial at the Discresion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall Receive the same again by the Mighty Power of god. and as touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this life I give Demise and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form:
  Imprimis I given and bequeath to Sarah my Dearly beloved wife all my Beds & beding Putter and Brass with all other of my houshold goods also to have annually of my Estate for her maintainance the sum of sixteen pounds in money Dureing her Natural Life and at her Decease a Decent Christian Burial
  Itm I give and bequeath unto my son Isaac Whitney all the bonds and wrightings obligatory that I have from under his hand and seal with all the Rights or tenements of land that I hold in the Town of Sherburn Except those that have been afready sued for in Cort for his portion in full.
  Item I give to my son Shadrach Whitney the sum of Ten pounds in money to be paid at the End of two years after my Decease:
  Item I give to my son Jonathan Whitney the sum of four pounds in money to be paid at the End of one year after my Decease;
  Item I give to my son Amos Whitney the sum of four pounds in money to be paid at the end of one year after my Decease

  Item I give to my son Zacheus Whitney the sum of five pounds in money to be paid at the End of one year after my Decease

  Item I give to my son Timothy Whitney the sum of five pounds in money to be paid at the End of one year after my Decease
  Item I give to my Daughter Sarah Warrin the sum of one pound in money to be paid at the End of one year after my Decease
  Item I give to my Daughter Tabitha Parks the sum of one pound in money to be paid at the End of one year after my Decease
  Item I give to my Daughter Anna Cutfier the sum of one pound in money to be paid at the End of one year after my Decease
  Item I give unto my son Daniel Whitney whom I likewise Constitute make and Ordain my Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament all and singular my lands messuages and Tenements by him freely to be possesed and Injoyed and all other of my Estate both Real and personal I do hereby Reqire my Executor to pay all my Just Debts funeral Charges and Legacies Whatso Ever. And I do hereby utterly disallow Revoke and

Disannal all and Every other former Testaments Wills Legacies and bequests and Executors by me in anny ways before have willed and Bequeathed Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my Last will and Testament in Witness Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal the :Day and year above writen
Signed Sealed published
and Declared by the same               Jonathan Whitney
Jonathan Whitney as his
Last Will and Testament
In presence of us
Joseph Pefrce
Thomas Whelor
Timothy Wesson
(Proved 28 March 1735)
To the Honr Jonathan Remington Esqr Judge of Probate for Wills these are to Certifie that Whereas Jonathan Whitney of Concord Deceased my Late Husband Did upon his Deathbed make a Will and Testament bareing Date the fourteenth of this Instant march and there in due order and Dispose of his Whole Estate both Real & Personal that I am fully Satisfied there with and Desire your Honr will proced and Prove the sd Will as Witness my hand       Sarah Whitney
Concord March 28:1735
(Middlesex Probate 1735 #24691])
Wheraas Sarah Whitney late of Townshend in the County of Middlesex deceasd Relict of Jonathan Whitney of Concord in the County aforesaid died siezed of sundry Goods & moneys not dispos'd of in her life time whereof Administration is not taken; and the Heirs at law being all of Age, and capacitated to divide the same as hereafter expressed and having mutually and amicably agreed, distributed and seffled the same, being the Estate enumerated, in the Schedule hereunto annexed, The Subscribers being the Children and Heirs as afores'd & Guardians & Rpresentatives of the sd Heirs, vizt Shadrech Whitney, ye Eldest son who appears for himself & the Heirs of Zaccheus Whitney deceased as their Guardian; Jonathan Whitney for himself, Amos Whitney for himself and as Guardian for the Heirs of Timothy Whitney deceased, Daniel Whitney for himself, Sarah Warren widow for herself and Samuel Hunt and Tabitha, his Wife for the sd Tabitha; Ebenezer Cufler & Anna his Wife for the said Anna, being all the Heirs at Law to the Estate afores'd, Do hereby conclude, condescend & agree to divide the same to and among us the said Subscribers, and the parties we appear for as above in equal Shares; and do hereby acknowledge and declare that we have divided and received the same according thereunto Each one respectively his full and whole part as a final Settlement of the same being nine equal Shares in the whole. In Testimony whereof we have hereunto sett our hands and Seals this 10 Day of Octor A:D: 1746

Shadrach Whitney
Jonathan Whitney
Amos Whitney
Daniel Whitney
Sarah Warren
Tabitha her X mark Hunt
Annah her O mark Cutler
In the presence of us
Samuel Taylor
William Fletcher
The following Articles is a Schedule or Inventory of all the Estate that Sarah Whitney late deceased mentioned in the within Instrument died seized of, and that is divided to and among her heirs as within mentioned
One Bond 15.11.1
One Bond 6.0.0
One Bond 7.3.6
One Bond 8.0.11
One Bond 5.0.0
Dept Due 5.0.0
more Due 5.2.0
more Due 1.0.0
Dept Due 5.0.0
Dept Due 1.15.5
To Silver Claspts &c 1.5.6
To Cash 0.6.8
To one Grate Bible 3.10.0
One Greate Book 3.10.0
One Book of Nineteen Sermons 0.8.0
One Book of Mr Farwells 0.10.0
One Book of Mr Vincens 0.4.0
One Book of Mr Henrys 0.3.0
To Three Small Books 0.3.0
To One Camblit Gown 6.10.0
To three Low Ditto 3.10.0
To five old Ditto 2.10.0
one old Woollen Blankit 0.15.0
one Cotten Table cloath 1.6.0
To Six Cotten Napkins 2.5.0
To 2 Table cloaths 0.14.3
To three Towels & 3 old Cloaths 0.14.6
To Two Cotten Pillow cloaths 1.4.6
To old Cotten Ditto 0.7.6
To Two Pillow cloaths & 4 old cloths 0.15.0
one old wallet 0.2.6
To five Baskits & Two Boxes 0.14.0

To thj one pound & 3/4 pewter 12.14.0
One Brass Cittle 4.0.0
one Small Brass Ditto 1.0.0
One warming Pan 1.0.0
One Brass Skilllt 1.0.0
One Brass Skimer 0.50.
One Iron Kittle 1.6.6
One Box Iron & heaters candle melt stick & fork 0.11.0
one Tramiel 0.10.0
one Rale & Tongues 0.16.0
To Two Earthen Plates and Poringer 0.4.0
To Glasses 0.6.6
To Tin wair 0.2.6
One Chaping knife 0.5.0
To knives & forks 0.6.0
one Earthen pott & Jugg 0.2.2
One chest of Draws 2.5.0
one old Chest & Box 0.16.0
One Table 0.16.0
To four old Chairs 0.16.0
To one Harthell 01.15.0
To one Churn 0.15.0
One Barrill 0.5.0
Scails & Wait 0.5.0
One Tunrel 0.3.0
one Ramel 0.5.0
One Sillicrape Gown 3.0.0
One Drudgit Gown 3.0.0
One Rideing Wood 2.10.0
One old Rieding Wood & Gown 0.10.0
One Quilted Peticoat 3.0.0
One Quilted Coat 1.15.0
Two Stript Ditto 2.0.0
One Pair of old Slays 0.10.0
To Three apperns 0.15.0
Tow Two Wascotts 0.6.0
One Pair of Stockins 0.9.0
Old Stocki Pockits & Garters 0.4.6
One Cotten Shift 1.12.0
To four old Ditto 0.10.0
To one fine Ditto 1.19.0
To Two fine aprons 2.3.0
To one fistion wescoot 1.0.0
one fine Hankerchief 0.15.0
one Silk moslen Ditto 0.8.0
To Two Stript Ditto 0.7.0
one pair of white Gloves 0.9.0
To Three pair old Lather Ditto 0.9.0

one whit Hankerchief 0.4.0
To Caps 2.7.0
One pair of thread Stokins 0.10.0
to bonhits 0.9.0
To Two pair of Shoes 1.1.0
To flax yarn & thread 0.17.9
To cysors kniting nedles & comb 0.8.0
To one Bead bolster & Two Pillers 18.10.0
one Bedstead under Bed & Cord 1.18.0
To Two Dimond Coverlids 5.0.0
one Rugg 1.15.0
one Ragg Coverlid 1.10.0
one flock Bed & Two Pillows 6.8.0
Pair of Curtains & vollence 1.11.3
To her Cotten Sheats 5.0.0
one Pillion 0.12.0
one Pair of Cards 0.3.0
To Two old Wheals spindle & Real 0.18.0
To Black Silk 2.10.0
[untotalled but in old tenor]
Dated this 10 day of Octor A.D 1746
Daniel Taylor
William Thacher

This inventory implies a refined and well-educated household.

Children, surname WHITNEY:

+  i. SARAH4, born Watertown 2 March 1692/3 (Bond, 646); died Weston 10 April 1752, age 59 (WVR, 297); married November 1712 (Bond, 646) JONATHAN4 WARREN, born Watertown 26 April 1688 (WVR 1:59), died Weston, MA 10 April 1732 (WVR, 30) (see Warren Chapter).
ii. JONATHAN, born Watertown 27 September 1694 (WVR 2:19); died young.
iii. TABITHA, born Watertown 22 August 1696; died Harvard, MA 2 November 1762; married first Weston 28 February 1715/6 (WVR, 4) JACOB FULHAM, born Watertown 19 November 1692 (WVR 2:7), died in "Lovewell's Fight" at Pigwacket (Fryesburg) 8 May 1725 Middlesex Probate #8716, son of Major Francis and Sarah (Livermore) Fullam; married second Weston by Rev. William Williams 19 April 1726 (WVR, 19) GEORGE PARKHURST, born Watertown 17 January 1685 (WVR 1:56), died Weston 17 March 1734/5 (WVR, 35) Middlesex Probate #16865, son of John and Abigail (_____) Parkhurst; married third Weston by Rev. William Williams 10 August 1736 (WVR, 39) SAMUEL HUNT, born

Cambridge 11 January 1709[/10] (CVR 1:383), died Harvard 4 July 1775 "of advanced years" (HVR, 281), son of Isaac and Mary (Willard) Hunt.

  Samuel Hunt married second 19 January 1764 (HVR, 184) Lydia Willard.
  Children, surname Fulham:

1) Francis, born Weston 20 March 1716/7 (WVR, 6)
2) Jacob, born Weston 22 December 1718 (WVR, 6)
3) Tabitha, born Weston 12 May 1722 (WVR, 12)
4) Elisha (posthumous), born 26 June 1725 (WVR, 16)

  Children, surname Parkhurst:

5) Daniel, born Weston 11 February 1726/7 (WVR, 20)
6) Jonathan, born Weston 16 November 1728 (WVR, 23)
7) William, born Weston 11 April 1731 (WVR, 28)
8) George, born Weston 25 April 1733 (WVR, 35)

  Child, surname Hunt:

9) Mary, born Weston 29 June 1741 (WVR, 53)
iv. SHADRACH, born Watertown 12 October 1698 (WVR 2:12); died Groton, MA 8 August 1764, in his 67th year (GVR, 279); married Groton "of North Town" 5 January 1731[/2] (GVR, 181) PRUDENCE (_____) LAWRENCE, born circa 1694 (calculated from age at death), died Groton 25 December 1762, in her 68th year (GVR, 279).

  Prudence had married first Thomas Lawrence of Groton (Middlesex Deed 35:205). Lawrence died Groton 4 October 1729, aged 37 years, 9 months 19 days (GVR, 240).
  The will of Shadrach Whitney named many of his siblings' children (Middlesex Probate #24750).

v. JONATHAN, born Watertown 25 November 1700 (WVR 2:19); died Milford 28 January 1755 in his 51st year (MVR, 376, which makes him slightly younger than his birth record would indicate); married LYDIA (_____), died Milford 4 May 1783 in her 77th year (MVR, 376).

  Children, surname Whitney:

1) Susanna, born Mendon 12 February 1727/8 (MVR, 212)
2) Jonathan, born Mendon 18 October 1729 (MVR, 212)
3) Jesse, born Mendon 24 November 1730 (MVR, 212)
4) Lydia, born Mendon 18 November 1732 (MVR, 212)
5) Sarah, born Mendon 14 March 1735/6 (MVR, 212)
6) Jonathan, born Mendon 26 July 1737 (MVR, 212)
7) Ruth, baptized Milford 1 April 1742 (MVR, 182)
8) David, born Milford 2 September 1746 (MVR, 181)
vi. ANNE, born Watertown 24 May 1702 (WVR 2:22); died Lincoln, MA 24 August 1793 (LVR, 159); married by Francis Fullam, J.P. Weston 3 March 1723/4 (WVR, 14) Capt. EBENEZER CUTLER, born 24

July 1700, died Lincoln, MA 17 January 1777, age 77 years (LVR, 159), son of John and Mary (Stearns) Cutler.

  Children, all baptized together on 15 January 1748[/9], surname Cutler:

1) Elisha, born Weston 30 April 1725 (WVR, 18)
2) Jonas, born Weston 16 October 1727 (WVR, 22)
3) Anne, born Weston 6 March 1729/30 (WVR, 28)
4) Mary, born Weston 23 December 1732 (WVR, 42)
5) Sarah, born Weston 15 September 1735 (WVR, 42)
6) Mellicot, born Weston 31 March 1738 (WVR, 43)
7) Eliakim, born Weston 10 July 1745 (WVR, 84)
8) Ebenezer, baptized Weston 15 January 1748[/9]
9) Zaccheus, baptized Weston 15 January 1748[/9]
vii. Lieut. AMOS, born Watertown 1 May 1705 (WVR 2:30); died Townsend 31 October 1770 in his 66th year (TVR, 348); unmarried.
viii. ZACCHEUS, glazier, born Sudbury, MA 16 November 1707 (SVR, 151); died Bedford, MA 14 March 1739/40 (BVR, 139); married Concord by Justice Minott 23 May 1734 (CVR 131) MARY WHEELER.

  Widow Mary likely married second Bedford 1 January 1740/1 (BVR, 106) William Grimes, and if so, she died Bedford 15 July 1742 (BVR, 122).
  Children, surname Whitney:

1) Zacheus, born Bedford 15 March 1734/5 (BVR, 55)
2) Jonathan, born Bedford 12 January 1736/7 (BVR, 55)
3) Shadrack, born Bedford 17 May 1739 (BVR, 55)
ix. ISAAC, named in father's will; one of Lovewell's men; died Concord, MA before 17 January 1744 when his probate was begun; possibly the Isaac Whitney of Weston who confessed to fornication with Elizabeth his wife in court 9 March 1730/31 (Middlesex General Sessions), she predeceased him or this was another Isaac because he was apparently unmarried at his death when his brothers Amos and Shadrach declined administration of his insolvent estate and no widow was asked to administer (Middlesex Probate #24657). Notice of this administration had to be mailed to two of the brothers.
x. TIMOTHY, born Concord, MA 20 February 1708/9 (CVR, 72); died Groton before 18 June 1740 when his estate was probated (Middlesex Probate #24758); married Townsend by Rev. Phinehas Hemenway 24 May 1738 (TVR, 15) SUBMIT PARKER, born Groton 10 September 1715 (GVR, 178), who survived him (ibid.), daughter of John and Abigail Parker.

Widow Submit (Parker) Whitney married second Groton 11 [blank] 1740 Reuben Woods (GVR, 189) and this couple had ten children.

  Child, surname Whitney:

1) Sybil [Seabill in VRs, sic], born Groton 31 March 1739 (GVR, 252) and named in her uncle Shadrack's will.
xi. DANIEL, born Concord, MA 12 September 1710 (CVR, 75); llving 1771 when he was notified of the probate of his brother Amos' will (Middlesex Probate #24603); married Shrewsbury 8 March 1738/9 (SVR, 233) THANKFUL ALLEN, born Hoplinton, MA 9 December 1713, daughter of Elnathan and Mary (_____) Allen. Daniel and his family were warned out of Townsend in 1770, lately from Westford (IVR, 441).

  Children, surname Whitney:

1) Levi, born Shrewsbury 5 December 1739 (SVR, 112)
2) Timothy, born Shrewsbury 25 October 1743 (SVR, 112), also named in his uncle Shadrach's will (Middlesex Probate #24750)
3) Daniel, born Shrewsbury 4 September 1746 (SVR, 111)
4) Sarah, born Slrrewsbury 9 September 1749 (SVR, 112)
5) Daniel, born Westford 20 February 1757 (WVR, 116)

BRAY Appendix

JOHNB BRAY, born say 1520s; died probably St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England before 6 December 1615 when his will was proved (Dean & Chapter of Westminster, 3:267); married St. Margaret's Westminster 13 August 1553 MARGARET HASLONDE, buried St. Margaret's 28 March 1588.

John Bray wrote a will which was proved 6 December 1615 (Dean & Chapter of Westminster, 3:267). While the Act Book reveals that John's only surviving child Mary, and her husband Thomas Whitney of St Margaret, were executors, the will itself does not survive.

Children, surname BRAY:

i. JOHN, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 30 December 1554; buried St Margaret 28 April 1555.
ii. MARGARET, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 17 February 1556/7, buried St Margaret 2 March 1556/7.
iii. LAURENCE, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 11 October 1558, buried St Margaret 24 March 1569/70.
iv. JOAN, a chrisom child (unbaptized), buried St Margaret, Westminster 27 June 1560.
v. THOMAS, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 29 November 1562, buried St Margaret 22 March 1569/70.
vi. MARY, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 24 December 1564; buried St Margaret, Westminster 25 September 1629; married St Margaret, Westminster 10 May 1583 THOMASA WHITNEY, born say 1560 or earlier, buried St Margaret, Westminster 15 April 1637 (see Whitney Chapter).
vii. HENRY, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 6 October 1566.
viii. HENRY, baptized St Margaret, Westminster 4 February 1567/8.

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