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Harford, Lucille M., The Country Cousin. (1976)

Cemeteries in the Town of Geneva, New York, p. 137
"At the corner of Pre-Emption and Castle Roads is the Whitney-Crittenden Cemetery, the only well-preserved family cemetery in the Town of Geneva. Captain Jonathan Whitney, a soldier in both the French and Indian War and the Revolution, first came to the Geneva area as an explorer in 1789. He remained four months and then returned to his home in Conway, Massachusetts. The following year he returned with his seven sons and their families and located on the north side of Castle Road where he died in 1792. He owned well over 1,200 acres of land, which was divided at his death among his family. His daughter Experience and her husband Immer Crittenden came to Geneva with Captain Whitney. In 1794 Immer's father, Samuel Crittenden, followed with six sons and their families and settled in the area. Captain Whitney and Samuel Crittenden, also a Revolutionary War soldier, are buried beside one another. Captain Whitney's grave is the oldest (1792) in the town. The majority of the approximately 29 graves in the plot are those of the family of Immer and Experience (Whitney) Crittenden. Most of the Whitney family members are buried in the Whitney Cemetery further west on Pre-Emption County Road 4) in the Town of Seneca."

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