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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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Elsey EVARTS went to Keesville,N. Y., from New England at an early day, and joined the Congregational church before there was any church edifice. She was untiring in her efforts to help build the church and sustain it in its work. Her hus- band died in 1840, and upon her devolved the arduous work of rearing the large family of children. She performed her work nobly and well. He d. Oct. 11, 1840; res. Chesterfield, N. Y. 3749. i. NORMAN, b. May 16, 1802; m. Mary Wilcox FORSYTH. 3750. ii. DAVID, b. Jan 3, 1804; m. Maria WRIGHT. 3751. iii. DIMAS ELMIRA, b. June 11, 1807; m. Hiram PERRY; res. Ft. Cov- ington, N. Y. Had one son, Samuel. She d. July 3, 1833. 3752. iv. SAMUEL, b. Jan 25, 1811; d. Keesville, N. Y., unm. 3753. v. HARRIETT ZEPHIA, b. Sept 29, 1819; m. Henry D. ANDREWS, and Heber S. HURLBUT. She d. Dec. 1, 1854, leaving one dau., Mayra Ellen, v. Oct 3, 1850; m. John Ogleby DAY; res. Mil- waukee. He was b. Oct. 22, 1849. Ch.: Daniel. R., b. Feb. 27, 1878; Charlotte E., b. Jan. 22, 1884; Elsey Whitney, b. July 225, 1885. 3754. vi. DANIEL MILO, b. July 28, 1815; m. Emily REYNOLDS. 3755. vii. JOHN C., b. May 19, 1821; m. Harriett Y. DICKINSON. 3756. viii. LUTHER, b. Feb. 19, 1825; m. Jane E. BIGELOW and Mary Emily WATSON. 3757. ix. LYMAN B., b. Dec. 5, 1828; m. Roxanna K. HURLBUT. 3758. x. CLARENCE J., b. Nov. 1, 1834; m. Sarah E. COLVIN. 1794. JOSHUA WHITNEY (Samuel, Joseph, Timothy, John, John, John), b. June 10, 1784; m. Harriett -----. He d. in 1860; res. Lawrenceville, N. Y. 3759. i. HARRIETT, b. -----; m. ------ FARLIN. Ch.: Dudley, m.; res. s. p. Albany, N. Y.; Josua Whitney, b. Nov. 16, 1836; m. Mar. 5, 1861, Amanda F. KING, b. June 3, 1839. He d. June 6, 1893. She res. 64 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Ill. Mr. FARIN resided in Chicago for nearly forty years, and had long stood high among respected citizens. He was b. in Warrenburg, N. Y., in 1836, and was 57 years old at the time of his death. He came to Chicago as a boy of 19, and his entire ife was that of a Christian gentleman. For the last twenty years he was engaged in the real estate business, and was a large buyer of suburban and city property. He laid out and subdivided the town of Maple- wood, and conducted other large transactions which gave him a high standing in the business world. He was an active mem- ber of the Chicago Real Estate Board, and for years ably man- aged the Tuttle KING Estate. His wife was the second daughter of Mr. KING, and survives him. The philanthropic side of Mr. FARLIN's nature was well developed. He omitted no oppor- tunity to do good, and a large protion of his time in late years was taken up with the management of the affairs of poor widows, who looked upon him as their trusty friend He was one of Mr. MOODY's principal supporters in his Chicago Avenue Church, and his religious work was marked by deep earnest- ness, liberality and untiring devotion. For years he was asso- ciated with the Young Men's Christian Association, and he took a deep interest in the work of the Chicago Bible Society. He was active in Railway Chapel matters, and has been the prei- dent of the Free Dispensary from the date of its prganization. Ch.: Myron Whitney, b. Nov. 3, 1876; Susie F., m. Geo. H. HIGH, son of George M. HIGH; res. 63 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Ill.; Harriett, b. -----; m. Lewis H. DAVIS, attorney; res. s. p. 1468 Mich. Ave., Chicago, Ill. 1797. LUTHER WHITNEY (Samuel, Joseph, Timothy, John, John, John), b. Apr. 15, 1791; m. Sept 20, 1814, Betsey DART, b. June 8, 1791; d. Nov. 13, 1881. Luther WHITNEY, in 1813, while residing in Gilsum, N. H., had a tailoring estab- lishment on the brook south of his father's house. It was burned by the fire in 1817; a new shop was erected on the spot occupied by the old one. Later he conducted a woolen factory which he erected, and which he afterward sold in 1829 to David BRIGHAM. It was destroyed by fire in 1830. He was often chosen on important committees of the town, was selectman 1817-21-22-23-35-56, representative 1825 and

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