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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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166. iii. JONATHAN, b. 1704; m. ----- [NOTE]. 167. iv. ABIGAIL, b. 1709 [NOTE]; m. Sept. 20, 1729 [NOTE], Preserved HALL of Wren- tham. At the time of her father's death in 1717, Benjamin WHITNEY was appointed her guardian. 48. JOSEPH WHITNEY (Jonathan, John), b. prob. Watertown or Sherborn, Mar. 10, 1672; m. May 26, 1706, Rebecca BURGE, of Charlestown. At the time of marriage both were of Chelmsford. In 1740 he resided in Chelmsford; for that year he deeded property in Pepperell to his son Joseph, which for over 100 years remained in the family. He was born in Watertown and married his wife in Charlestown. The records say both were of Chelmsford at the time of the marriage. Res. Chelmsford, Mass. and Sherborn, Mass. 168. i. JONAS, b. June 7, 1708 [NOTE]. 169. ii. JOSEPH, b. in 1710 [NOTE]; m. Abigail NUTTING. 170. iii. SVLVANUS, b. in 1712 [NOTE]. 171. iv. JAMES, b. in 1714; m. Ellenor ----- [NOTE]. 172. v. EPHRAIM, b. in 1716 [NOTE]. 173. vi. ABIGAIL [NOTE], b. Mar. 5, 1707. 51. DEA. JOSHUA WHITNEY (Joshua, John), b. Groton, Mass. June 14, 1666 [NOTE]; m. Mary -----; b. in Mass. 1666; d. June 25, 1751; m. 2d. Dec. 11, 1751, Sarah FELLOWS [NOTE], b. 1668; d. Mar. 28, 1759. Joshua was born in the town of Groton, Mass., resided there with his parents until their removal to Plainfield, where he was among the first settlers. He was one of the signers of the covenant of the first church there Jan. 5, 1751. He ever after lived there and died of old age. Joshua WHITNEY, will made and dated at Plainfield, Conn., Oct. 15, 1751. Joshua WHITNEY, will recorded at Plainfield, Conn., Jan. 8, 1754. Maker of will, Shubah CONANT, justice of peace; residence at Plainfield. Sarah WHITNEY, widow of Joshua WHITNEY, letter of administration, May 23, 1759. His will mentions William WHITNEY, Cornelius WHITNEY, and David WHITNEY, brothers; and Abigail HUTCHINGS, Mary PEIRCE, Elizabeth HARMON, Martha WILLIAMS, Elinor SHEPARD, and Sarah TYLOR, sisters. Mary LAWRENCE and John CRERY names mentioned in the will of J. WHITNEY; also the names of two negroes are mentioned, Sandy and Ceaser, he leaving property to both. Dea. Joshua WHITNEY was born in Groton, Mass., and served as a soldier in King Philip's war in 1692 [NOTE] from Groton. He soon after moved to Quinebaug, Conn., for Nov. 13, 1699, with thirty-eight others, he signed a petition to the Massachusetts General Court in relation to the land boundaries. In 1702 he was elected collector. He resided on the east side of Quinebaug river, which later became Plainfield. In 1704 he was appointed a committee to apportion the enclosing fence to the several proprietors. In 1705 he was chosen to finish the laying out of the divisions of meadows. In 1706 he had twelve acres of land bound over to him in security for four pounds in money loaned the town. After the township was incorporated, he was elected representative to the General Court. In 1710 he gave part of the land for a highway, from Quinebaug river to the east bound of the town. In 1719 he was elected deacon of the church, and that year, when the new meeting house was erected, he gave a sum much larger than many others and only equaled by one other. According to Miss LARNED's valuable History of Windham County, he was one of the most prominent citizens of Plainfield. Deacon WHITNEY, in his will, made by Shubah CONANT, justice of the peace, made provision for his negro servants, and it shows the conscientious scrupleness with which some good men of that day fulfilled the responsibility of ownership. Not only did he make Sandy, Ceaser, Judith and their children absolutely free, but bequeathed to each household six acres of land and farming tools. He gave to one his "oldest little Bible," and to the others several good books; enjoined Sandy to take care of Bess, his wife, and give her decent burial, and directed Ceaser and Judith "to see that their children were in no way left to perish." He d. s. p. Dec. 1, 1753; res. Groton, Mass. and Plainfield, Conn. 54. WILLIAM WHITNEY (Joshua, John), b. Groton [NOTE], Feb. 28, 1678, m. in Chelms- ford, Mar. 1700 [NOTE], Lydia PERHAM, b. Feb.19, 1673; d. in G. Aug. 24, 1716 [NOTE]; m. 2d. in Newton, Apr. 25, 1717, Margaret MIRICK, b. 1683 [NOTE]; d. -----. William WHITNEY, of Groton, and Lydia PERHAM, of Chelmsford, entered into a covenant of marriage before Mr. Thomas CLARK, Mar. 1700 (the rest of the date is torn off, but suppose it to be 1699-1700. Hon. S.A. GREEN). The family record has it 1700. Lydia (PERHAM) WHITNEY was admitted to the Groton church Aug. 5, 1716.

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