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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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6408a. vi. ANNA ELIZA, b. Oct 24, 1825; m. Oct 2, 1844, Albert BENJAMIN. She d. Mar.10, 1890; res. Reading, Mich. Ch.: Hattie E., b.-----; res. Reading. 6409a. vii. ESTHER AUGUSTA, b. Apr 24, 1828, m. Mar 6, 1850, Charles DAR- ROW; res. 118 Pulteney St. Geneva, NY. He was b. Nov 5, 1814; d. Feb 1, 1860. Ch.: Charles H., b. Oct 24, 1857; m. June 16, 1880, Hattie C. BENNETT, wife of C.H.D., b. in Brooklyn, NY., Feb 24, 1859; ch., H. Whitney, b. May 16, 1881, and Mary A., b. Sept 19, 1894. Occupation of Charles H. DARROW, nurseryman and fruit grower. Address, Geneva. 6410a. viii. JOEL BELDING, b. June 2, 1830; d. unm. Jan 7, 1883. 6411a. ix. CHARLES CARROLL, b. Oct 2, 1832; m. Marion CLARKE and Julia L. BROWN. 6412a. x. AMELIA CLARISSA, b. Nov 6, 1834; m. Nov 2, 1853, J. Wesley RUNYAN. She d. Dec 13, 1855, s.p. 6413a. xi. WILLIAM HENRY, b. Apr 28, 1837; m. Lavina H. FIERO 6414a. xii. MARY FRANCES, b. Dec 31, 1840; res. Geneva, NY Add., P.O. box 377. 3595. THEODORE WHITNEY (Ami, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Benjamin, John), b. Flint, NY, Jan 2, 1802; m. at Geneva, NY., in June, 1823, Experience WARNER; b. June 2, 1805; d. Jan 15, 1840; m. 2d, Aug 26, 1840, Nabby W. SMITH; b. Aug 26, 1795; d. May 1875. He d. Nov 30, 1850; res. Niagara, NY. 6406. i. JOHN, b. Apr 24, 1828; m. Elizabeth A. GARRETT. 6407. ii. ELECTA ANN, b. Aug 6, 1826; d. Jan 25, 1843. 6408. iii. ELIZABETH, b. July 19, 1828; d. Sept 22, 1853. 6409. iv. THEODORE, b. Jan 23, 1830, d. 1839. 6410. v. CHAS. FIELD, b. Nov 22, 1831; m. Charlotte W. CRITTENDEN. 6411. vi. ELLEN EXPERIENCE, b. Feb 15, 183- ; d. young. 6412. vii. ELLEN, b. Mar 2, 1835; m. Nov 14, 1855, Geo. B. FORCE, who was killed at the battle of Antietam and left one son, Chas. C.; res. Rochester, NY. 6413. viii. AMI, b. May 24, 1837; m. Catherine Rose MILLS. 6414. ix. Infant son, b. May 23, 1839; d. May 24, 1839. 3596. JASPER WHITNEY (Ami, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Benjamin, John), b. Seneca, NY, Nov 8, 1803; m. in Ohio, Feb 13, 1826, Elizabeth GUNWER: b. 1809 in Berne, Switzerland; d. Wood County, Ohio, Oct 18, 1886. Jasper WHITNEY was a native of New York state, and at one time resided in Thompson, O., where he was one of the early settlers. He was at one time taken suddenly ill and after a short illness died. The neighbors rendered all possible as- sistance and the doctor informed the family that he was dead. A coffin was made and brought to the house and preparations made for the burial. Mrs. WHITNEY could not persuade herself that her husband was dead and the funeral was post- poned. A consultation of physicians was held and no trace of life could be dis- covered. The doctors, neighbors, and all tried to prevail on her to have the funeral but she was unmoved and insisted that her husband was not dead. Her neighbors thought she was insane, but she cared little for their opinions. She kept her sleepless nights by the side of her husband applying restoratives and on the forenoon of the ninth day discovered signs of consciousness and in short time succeeded in bring- ing him to life. He soon recovered good health. He heard, while lying in a trance everything that was said near him, and when he recovered sufficiently said many ugly things of those who wished to bury him alive. Mrs. WHITNEY's father died several years after and the coffin was used for his interment. He d. Oct 15, 1888; res. Gibsonburg, Ohio. 6415. i. ERASTUS F., b. Aug 31, 1836; m. Lucinda HAMBURGER. 6416. ii. EZRA A., b. Aug, 12, 1840; m. Mary E. DECKER. 6417. iii. AMI, b. Apr 19, 1842; m. Julia DAMSCHRODER. 6418. iv. MARY, b. -----; m. O.C. RUSSELL; s.p.; res. Helena, Mont., 1418 Phoenix Ave. 6419. v. ANNA ELIZABETH, b. Jan 24, 1856; m. Henry KING, Ch.: Har- rie WHITFORD; b. June 8, 1877; Geyette, b. May 24, 1879; res. Sandusky, O.; the mother m. 2d at Fort Benton, Mont., Carroll W. THRAILKILL; b. Dec 25, 1846. Ch.: Whitney J., b Dec. 17, 1886; Estella, b. Nov 17, 1888; res. Ft. B.

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