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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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John PEET, of Duffield, England, 1597; came to America 1635; she was also a descendant of Richard BUTLER and Thomas FAIR- CHILD, of Stratford, mentioned by TRUMBULL (vol. I., chap. VI., p.109). 6. Ranson NOBLE, the grandfather, was born in New Milford, Conn., and moved to Essex (then Willsborough), N.Y.; left New Milford, Dec. 22, 1799, and drove to Essex, reaching there Jan. 3, 1800. He was a tanner lumberman, and ironmaster, and acquired a large property. He was out with the militia in the war of 1812, as major 8th regiment, 1812-13; major 37th regiment, 1813; lieutenant-colonel 37th regiment, 40th brigade (Gen. Daniel WRIGHT); 8th division (Clinton and Essex Co., N.Y., militia), Maj.-Gen. Benjamin MOOERS, and was present at the battle of Plattsburgh. He was stationed at Chateaugoy and St. Regis some time during 1812-13, in command of a battalion of the 8th regiment. He was commissioned colonel brigadier-general, and resigned after the war. His wife Anna was a daughter of Charles McNIEL, who lived at McNiel's Ferry, Char- lotte, Chittenden Co., Vt., directly across Lake Champlain from Essex, N.Y. She was a granddaughter of Archibald McNEIL of Litchfield, Conn., who was ensign in Col. Phinehas LYMON's regiment, in Lord LANDON'S expedition at Ford Edward, 1757; Capt. Col. READ's regiment Fort Edward, 1758; captain in Col. David WOOSTER's regiment, Crown Point, 1759-60; Capt. Col. Nathan WHITNEY's regiment, 1761-62; expedition against Canada (see Colonial Recs. of Conn.; Records in adjutant-general's office, Hartford, Conn,; Litchfield Conn. Town Recs.; also Kil- bunes, Litchfield, for dates of commissions, etc.). Anna MCNIEL's mother, Mercy WOOSTER, was a relative of Col. David WOOSTER, a captain in the British army, and afterwards major-general continental line; killed at Ridgefield, Conn., by the British. 7. Harmon NOBLE, the father, was born in Essex, N. Y.; educated at Plattsburgh and Lansingburgh, N.Y.; was in business with his father and brother Belden. The firm was R. NOBLE & Sons, and afterwards H. 7 B. NOBLE. He was a successful business man and died possessed of a large property. He was a major in the New York state militia. Henry has his commission signed by Gov. De Witt CLINTON, March 9, 1825. He was A.D.C. to Maj.-Gen. Henry Howard ROSS of the 8th division who succeeded his father in command. The mother, Laura Anne WELCH, is a lineal descendant of Thomas WELCH, who is mentioned by TRUMBULL, (vol. I., chap. VI, p. 107,) as one of the seven pillars of the church and town of Milford, Conn. His wife, Hannah, was dau. of Thomas BUCKINGHAM, also one of the seven pillars. Their names are on the memorial bridge across the Weposvage river at Milford, erected by the exertions of the late Nathan Gillette POND. Laura Anne's great-grandfather was "Squire" Paul WELCH, who settled in New Milford and was prominent there prior to the revolution; he was a justice of the peace for many years; (see Orcutt's Hist. New Milford, p. 65); he was deputy 16 sessions and a lieutenant in the militia (see Colonial Recs). His son Paul, Laura's grandfather, moved to Vergennes, Vt., in 1808. He married Abigail CRANE, sister to Sally CRANE who was Elisha NOBLE's wife. Their father was Elijah CRANE. Laura's brother, Peter WELCH, was born in New Milford; lived most of his life in Vergennes; died in Essex, N.Y. 7. Harmon was born in Essex; was educated at SELLECK's school, Norwalk, Conn., and in England; "have spent considerable time abroad. My home was at Essex, until July, 1893, when I moved to Babylon, L.I. I have always been a Republican; was on the Essex County Republican committee 1886-1891; chairman Republican Town committee, 1886, 1889, 1890, 1892; delegate to congressional convention, 1886; delegate to Republic State con- vention, 1891; member of the board of education, Union free school district No. 1, Essex, N. Y., 1882-1893, inclusive; vice- president Essex Horse Nail Manufacturing Company, 1886-

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