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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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the battles before Port Hudson he served on the staff of Gen. KIMBALL, and in the memorable assault upon the works of Sunday, June 14, 1863, lasting from 3 A. M. to 9 P.M. he had eight minie-balls through his clothing and was shot in the right arm. In this battle, though wounded, Capt. WHITNEY, with knife blades, probed for and extracted a round ball from the head of Sergeant HITCHCOCK of Fitchburg (Gen. KIMBALL'S orderly) which had entered at the right eye, and both remained on the field until night, and later, with his swollen arm, wrote out an official report of the battle, forwarding it before morning with a ship load of wounded to New Orleans and the North. His acting adjutant's report of the morning showed 165 men in eight companies who reported for duty, of whom 86 were killed or severely wounded, there being but one unharmed commissioned officer to lead the regiment from the field. After the surrender of Port Hudson the regiment campaigned at Baton Rouge and a part at Fort Butler. At the latter place Capt. WHITNEY, having been prostrated by sunstroke, was attached with malarial fever. He was hurried North and succeeded in staving off the disease until he arrived at his home, when at the first meeting with his family he was instantly seized with fever and delirium, followed by six weeks of dreadful sickness, and afterwards a whole year of fever and ague. On his recovery, the war being nearly over, Capt. WHITNEY surrendered his wish to re-enlist and accepted a call to Marlboro to assume charge of the savings bank and organize a national bank. He served as cashier and treasurer for nineteen years when he was called to Boston. In Marlboro he was commander of Post 43 six years, Captain of Co. E, 6th Regiment five years; was chief engineer of the Fire Department three years; was selectman, and as a side issue to fill up chinks of time was local agent of sixteen fire insurance companies, carrying risks amounting to $3,000,000. He is Knight Templar of Trinity Lodge of Masons and has during the administrations of Horace Binney SARGENT and Col. SIBLEY held the offices of inspector, chief mustering officer, member of the council of administra- tion, and commander of a brigade, Middlesex Co. division. At the last annual encampment he was elected junior vicecommander. Comrade WHITNEY is a true and consistent advocate of Grand Army principles and a forcible and indefatigable assistant in the labors attending the advancement of all worthy objects relating to the welfare of the veteran. His social and mental worth is recognized by a large circle of warm friends in and out of the Grand Army, while his superior business qualities have always been highly appreciated by the commercial public. His earnest and successful efforts in behalf of raising funds for the erection of the elegant new hall of Post 68, G. A. R., Dorchester, should endear him to every com- rade of that post. It is safe to say that the junior vice commander will do his full duty, cheerfully and devotedly, at all times; res. Boston, Mass.; address 178 Devon- shire street. 7558. i. LAWRENCE SYMMES, b. Sept. 14, 1864; died Sept 14, 1864; 7559. ii. EDMUND HEBER, b. May 21, 1867; d. Aug. 21, 1867. 7560. iii. LILIAN HEMANS, b. June 13, 1868. 7561. iv. AGNES ELIZABETH, b. May 19, 1876; d. Aug. 8, 1877. 7562. v. ROSE LANCASTER, b. June 5, 1879. 7563. vi. RALPH HADLEY SHEPARD, b. Jan. 16, 1881. 4300. AUGUSTINE WHITNEY (Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, David, Benjamin, John, John), b. Westminster Apr. 9, 1825; m. Nov. 2, 1854, Mary A. TITUS; b. Dec. 4, 1828. Augustine WHITNEY, son of Nathan and Ann, married Mary A., daughter of Otis and Sally (MINOTT) TITUS, and resided on the estate owned by the father of his wife in the Central Village. He is a carpenter and contractor, a man of ability and moral worth, respected and honored in the town and general community. He has served as moderator at town meetings, was selectman two years, and representative to the general court in 1865; res. Westminster, Mass. 7564. i. WILLIAM TITUS, b. Dec. 12, 1855; d. Aug. 7, 1860. 7565. ii. LEON AUGUSTINE, b. Apr. 29, 1864; m. Geneva FRADLEY. 4301. DEA. FREDERIC WHITNEY (Aaron, David, Nathan, David, Benjamin, John, John), b. Westminster, Oct. 17, 1823; m. Sept., 1850, Sarah Ann RANDELL, d. Nov. 22, 1857; m. 2d, Apr. 19, 1859, Janette C. VANDENBURG, d. Dec., 1881; m. 3d, Oct. 31, 1882 Jane MCLEAN. Frederic WHITNEY, son of Aaron and Martha, married 1st Sarah Ann, daughter of Levi and Lucy Allen RANDELL, of Providence, N.Y. She bore him one son. He married 2d Janette C. VANDENBURG, of Onondaga, N.Y. She died without issue at

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