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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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He owned large tracts in Marlboro, partly inherited from John and Deborah BARRETT. In his will, dated Oct. 19, and proved Nov. 9, 1737, he speaks of himself as late of Marlboro, now of Boston, and therein wills to his son, Solomon, his "Narragansett right" (Petersham), showing service in the Indian wars. He d. in Oct. 1737; res. Marlborough and Boston, Mass. 421. i. DEBORAH, b. Nov. 7, 1711; m. Mar. 17, 1730, Joseph WHEELER; res. Marlboro, Mass., b. Apr. 19, 1700. He d. Apr. 23, 1772. Ch.: Sarah, b. Aug. 8, 1730; m. Jan. 9, 1752, Samuel MORRIS [NOTE]; Silas, b. Oct. 23, 1732; m. July 27, 1758, Abigail BOWKER; John, b. Feb. 23, 1734; Solomon, b. Feb. 25, 1736; d. Nov. 26, 1773; David, b. May 4, 1738; d. young; Joseph, b. June 14, 1740; Elizabeth, b. Apr. 4, 1742; David, b. Dec. 8, 1744; Miriam, b. Dec. 4, 1748; Dinah, b. Jan. 1, 1749; d. young; Dinah, b. Dec. 1, 1750; Fortunarus, b. Apr. 29, 1754. 422. ii. BARRETT, b. Sept. 22, 1715; m. June 16, 1737, Elizabeth ALLEN [NOTE]; res. in Boston, Mass. 423. iii. DAVID, b. June 21, 1717 [NOTE]; m Mercy -----. 424. iv. PERSIS, b. Jan. 10, 1719; m. Nathan GOODALE of Marlboro; b. June 10, 1709; d. Jan. 14, 1780. He died during the "hard winter," and such was the depth of the snow that his remains were drawn to the graveyard on a hand-sled by men on rackets, though the yard was several miles distant from his residence. Ch.: Nathan, b. Mar. 14, 1737; m. Dinah WEEKS; Timothy, b. Jan. 20, 1739; d. Feb. 11, 1739; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 25,1740; m. Josiah WINN; Sarah, b. Aug. 15, 1742; m. Joshia WARD; res. Henniker, N.H.; Solo- mon, b. Sept. 19, 1744; m.Mehitable BURNAP and Persis BAILEY; res. Wardsboro, VT; Persis, b. Nov. 7, 1745 [NOTE]; David, b. Aug. 14, 1749; res. Shrewsbury; Miriam, b. July 14, 1751; m. Elisha ALLEN; Lucy, b. July 3, 1753; m. Otis HOWE; Abner, b. Aug. 22, 1755; m. Molly HOWE; Timothy, b. Oct. 18, 1757; d. 1776 in the Revolu- tionary army; Levina, b. Nov. 22, 1759; Job, b. Aug. 20, 1762; m. 1794, Lydia FOOTE; res. Bernardston. He was a judge of the old Court of Sessions and prominent man in the county. 425. v. SOLOMON, b. Dec. 20, 1721; m. Elizabeth SMITH. 426. vi. SARAH, b. July 13, 1723; m. 1745, Abraham JOSLIN; b. Apr. 30, 1794. He had formerly m. Jemima SNOW of Woburn, who d. July 8, 1745. Ch. by Sarah [NOTE] born in Marlboro, where they resided; Ben- jamin, b. July 3, 1746; m. Persis CARLEY; Wm., b. Oct. 30, 1747; d. 1766; Submit, b. Mar. 10, 1749; Abraham, b. Mar. 24, 1751; Sarah, b. Dec. 5, 1752; Dinah, b. Dec. 3, 1754; John, b. June 2, 1757; Elizabeth, b. June 2, 1760; Henry, b. Oct. 23, 1762. 427. vii. TIMOTHY, b. July 6, 1725; d. young. 428. viii. DINAH, b. July 12, 1727; m. Jan. 2, 1756, Elijah LIVERMORE, of Boston. She died Sept. 30, 1759, having one daughter, Abigail, who m. Rev. Elisha Scott WILLIAMS, gr. Yale 1773; 11 ch. Their daughter, Sarah Potter WILLIAMS, b. 1782, gave his first lesson in the spelling book to Dr. Henry BOND, the compiler of that remarkable work, the Genealogies and History of Watertown. 429. ix. JOB, b. Oct. 22, 1729; gr. Harvard College, 1738; d. unm. June 13, 1761. He was the second of the name to graduate at Harvard, and died three years later. Every member of his class, except- ing himself, was present at commencement to take the degree of A.M., and it is the only class of which every surviving member has been present in person to take the second degree. Before graduating he "supplied ye desk" for several months on the south side of the river (Brighton). At the time of his death, he was about preaching as a candidate at Marblehead, to be col- league with Rev. John BARNARD. In his will, 1761, he mentions his cousin, Silas WHITNEY. 430. x. ABIGAIL, b. May 3, 1731; m. Samuel AUSTIN; his second wife. She d.s.p. He and his brother, Benjamin AUSTIN, were of the leading merchants of Boston, who first opposed the aggressions of the Crown. She d. s. p., 1793. 431. xi. BENJAMIN, b. May 9, 1732 [NOTE]; d. Mar. 22, 1751. 432. xii. GEORGE, b. Mar. 2, 1733 [NOTE]; d. Dec. 26, 1751.

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