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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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490. viii. ELIJAH, b. Feb. 15, 1754; m. Sarah STEARNES. 491. ix. ANN [NOTE], b. May 2, 1760. 151. SHADRACH WHITNEY (Jonathan, Jonathan, John), b. Oct. 12, 1698; m. Jan. 5, 1731, Mrs. Prudence LAURENCE, wid. of Thomas. She d. Dec. 25, 1762. Shadrach WHITNEY, son of Jonathan WHITNEY, and brother of Amos, the giver of the Townsend parsonage, was born in Watertown, in 1698. He was in Townsend before it was chartered, in 1732. The Groton records contain his marriage: "Jan. 5, 1731-2, Shadrach WHITNEY, of ye North Town to Prudence LAWRENCE." He was rather a prominent man, and served in several committees, appointed by the propri- etors, to lay out and apportion the undivided lands equally among them. He lived in that part of the town, which was left in Mason, by the running of the Province line. It appears that in 1753 he had "a house and barn, and about twenty acres cleared and fenced and a young orchard," in that town. He owned lands in Mason, Townsend and Groton. In Aug. 1733, the Townsend proprietors held a meeting "at ye publick meeting house," the principal object of which was "to see if ye said pro- prietors think it convenient to grant a recompense (to Ephraim SAWTELL) for any land which may be flowed by erecting a dam upon Squannacook river, near ye house of John PATT in order to sett upp mills for the benefit of said Proprietors." A grant of land was awarded to said SAWTELL at that meeting. The following record in connec- tion with that vote is here presented: "The Subfcriberf whofe namef are underwritten (being diffatisfied with the Vote of ye Proprietorf in granting an Equivolent for Landf which may be flowed of afore Said) have Decented againft ye proceedingf of faid vote. Ebenezer WYMAN, Samuel KENDALL, Amos WHITNEY, Jasher WYMAN, Shadrach WHITNEY. Atteft: Jasher WYMAN, Proprietor's Clerk. Some time in the latter part of his life he moved from Mason to Groton, where, on the 20th of July, 1764, he made his will, which was proved, approved, and allowed on the 14th of the following August. After making several bequests to relatives and friends, he gave the town of Groton forty pounds, to be put upon interest "in such a way and manner as they shall think fit, so that the interest thereof may be improved and applied to the support of the ordained minister of the town of Groton, from time to time, forever hereafter." The WHITNEYs, from that time to the present, have been noted for their liberal donations, both to religious and scientific objects. As in the flowage case cited, they have always done their own thinking, and were always ready to place themselves squarely on the record. He d. July, 1764 [NOTE], s.p. His will is dated July 20, and is proved Aug. 14, 1764. Both are buried in the old burying ground in Groton: res. Townsend, Mass. 154. ZACCHEUS WHITNEY (Jonathan, Jonathan, John), b. in Sudbury Nov. 16, 1707; m. in Concord, May 23, 1734, Mary WHEELER. In 1725, when but 18 years of age, with his brother Isaac he enlisted and served in the Colonial militia, and took part in many of the skirmishes and battles with the Indians. He was left in 1725 at the fort in Ossipee ("the river of the pines") by Capt. John LOVEWELL. He was probably killed by the Indians. All the earlier historians erroneously refer to him as "Zachariah of Concord." His will was made in 1730 [NOTE]; his brother, Shadrach, was executor. He was a glazier by trade, and at his decease owned lands in Township No. 3, on the easterly side of Conn river. He d. in 1739 [NOTE]; res. Bedford, Mass. 492. i. ZACCHEUS, b. ----- [NOTE]. 493. ii.] JONATHAN, b. 1736 [NOTE]; m. Mary WYMAN and Lucy SMITH. 157. TIMOTHY WHITNEY (Jonathan, Jonathan, John), b. Feb. 20, 1709; m. May 24, 1738, Submit PARKER. She m. 2d June 11, 1741, Reuben WOODS, of Groton. He d. 1740; res. Townsend and Groton, Mass. 494. i. SYBIL WHITNEY, b. Mar. 31, 1739; m. Peter GILSON and Oliver LAKIN [NOTE]. 158. DANIEL WHITNEY (Jonathan, Jonathan, John), b. 1710 [NOTE]; m. Mar., 1739 [NOTE], Thankful ALLEN, dau. of Elnathan and Mercy (RICE) ALLEN; b. Dec. 1, 1713, in Sudbury, Mass. He was born in Sudbury, but married his wife in Shrewsbury. He resided on the Bannister farm in the north precinct. Was highway surveyor in 1760. Res, Shrewsbury, Mass. 495. i. LEVI, b. Dec. 5, 1739; m. Rebecca CLARK and Mrs. Lydia (RANDALL) PRICE.

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