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Edward Hooker, The Descendants of Rev. Thomas Hooker, Hartford, Connecticut, 1586-1908, (Rochester, NY: E.R. Andrews Printing Co, 1909)

Transcribed by Tim Doyle.

p. 90 386 Pierpont Edwards (Sarah Pierpont,4 Mary,3 Samuel,2 Thomas1), son of Rev. Jonathan and Sarah (Pierpont) Edwards of Northampton, Mass., b. April 8, 1750, at Northampton; m. May 1769, Frances Ogden, daughter of Moses. She died July 7, 1800. He married No. 2, Mary Tucker. He graduated from Princeton College 1768, and saw active service in the Revolutionary War. He became an eminent lawyer of Connecticut, was Judge of the U. S. Court, member of Congress, etc. He died at Bridgeport, Conn., April 14, 1826. CHILDREN, EDWARDS. 965 Mary, b. 1770 d. 1775. 966 Susan, b. 1771; m. Samuel William Johnson, Stratford, Conn., 1791. 967 Henry Waggaman, b. 1773, d. young. 968 Mary, b 1775. d. young 969 John Stark, b. 1777, m. Louisa Morris (his cousin). 970 Henry Waggaman No. 2, b. 1779; d. 1847; m. Lydia Miller; graduated from Princeton 1797. 971 Moses Ogden, b. 1781. m. Hannah Penfield. 972 Henry Alfred Pierpont b. 1784, m. Deborah Glover. 973 Henrietta Frances, b. 1786; m. Eli WHITNEY (inventor of Cotton Gin). 974 Horace. 975 Sally, m. Hon. William Bristol, Judge of U. S. Dis't Court. p. 262 1710 Sarah Lodema Hooker (Lewis,8 Joseph,5 Joseph,4 John,3 Samuel,2 Thomas1), daughter of Lewis and Lodema (Todd) Hooker of Litchfield, N. Y., b. September 17, 1810 at Litchfield, N. Y.; m. February, 1833, Lucius Wood, son of Benjamin and Abigail (WHITNEY) Wood of Litchfield, N. Y. b. April 1, 1809, at Litchfield, N. Y. He was a farmer at Litchfield, N. Y., but the family eventually removed west. He died Aug. 28, 1869, at DeKalb, Ill. CHILDREN, WOOD. 3169 Lewis Hooker, b. Dec., 1837, at Litchfidd, N. Y., d. April, 1853 at Utica, N. Y. 3170 Harriet Josephine, b. Dec. 13, 1840, at Litchfield, N. Y. 3171 Sarah Elizabeth, b. March 16, 1845, at Litchfield, N. Y 3172 Mary Ella, b. Dec. 16, 1853, at Utica, N. Y. p. 362 2709 John Daggett Hooker (Henry,7 Seth,8 John,5 John,4 John,3 Samuel,2 Thomas1), son of Henry and Marv (Daggett) Hooker of Hinsdale, N. H., b. May 10, 1838, at Hinsdale, N. H.; m. August 26, 1869, Katherine Putnam, daughter of Samuel Osgood and Elizabeth (WHITNEY) Putnam of San Francisco, Cal., b. May 2, 1849, at Milwaukee, Wis. He was educated at Holliston (Mass.), Academy and Williams College; went to California, 1861, was in San Francisco until Dec., 1865, then went to Los Angeles, where he is at the head of an immense iron works. Through all his busy life he has been intensely interested in the study of Astronomy. The upper story of his residence in Los Angeles he has fitted up as an observatory, not only for his own use but also for that of the Southern California Academy of Science, of which he has been a member from its inception. As a result of his munificence, Carnegie Institute Observatory on Mt. Wilson is to have a reflector with a hundred inch speculum. CHILDREN, HOOKER. 4279 Laurence Whitney, b. June 14 1873, at San Francisco; died of bloodpoisoning Dec. 11, 1894 at New Haven, Conn.; he was a student in Senior Class, Yale Law School. 4280 Marion Osgood, b. July 15, 1875, at San Francisco. p. 424 3685 Andrew Jackson Hooker (Riverius,7 Riverius 6 Riverius,5 Daniel,4 Daniel,3 Samuel,2 Thomas1), son of Riverius 3rd, and Hannah Butler (Chaddock) Hooker, b. Oct. 23, 1836, at South Lee, Mass.; m. Nov. 23, 1859, at Gardiner, Me., Harriet Coombs Knox, b. at Bowdoin, Me. CHILDREN, HOOKER. 4948 Harry Herbert, b. Nov. 10, 1860, at Gardiner, Me.; living at Lynn, Mass. 4949 Frederick Fessenden, b. Sept. 18, 1865, m. Cora Gardner. 4950 Calvm Boston, b. April 13, 1867, at Gardiner, Me.; d. July 30, 4951 Grace Louise, b. Sept. 13, 1875; m. Orville J. WHITNEY, June 2, 1902.

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