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The European Magazine, and London Review, Published by Philological Society of London, 1812, Vol. 62 From July to December 1812


page 493

Nov. 27. Thomas Bew, a servant, in the employ of Mr. Moody, the Windsor coach-master, in some stables of his at Hounslow, was brought to Bow-street Office, charged with being concerned with robbing Mr. Moody of hay and corn to a considerable amount, for these twelve months past." Mr. Moody stated, that there were two other men who had been concerned in plundering him of his property; and an inn-keeper, who kept the Tankerville Arms, at Hounslow, of the name of George Whitney, who had received it; in consequence of which Mr. Nares, the sitting magistrate, granted warrants against them all. Mr. Moody, accompanied by Westbrook, one of the conductors of the patrole, went to Hounslow to execute them. They arrived there soon after six o'clock, but the two men charged with steal-ing the property had absconded. West-brook went to the Tankerville Arms Inn; when Whitney, the landlord, locked himself in his room, and cut his throat with a razor in a dreadful manner, so as nearly to sever his head from his body. He died immediately. He has left a distracted wife, and six children.

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.

Copyright © 2009, Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq., and the Whitney Research Group.

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