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Lady Peryne Clanbowe, 1422

[Burial to be simple. Debts to be paid. 200 poor men to be clad. £10 for mending Bridges and bad Roads. Gifts of slate Basin and Ewer, silver Chargers, &c.; Mass-Book, Vestment, and Chalices; a Girdle of Pearls, money, furrd Gown, coral Beads; "a book of Englyssh, cleper 'Pore Caytife';" Gowns, and Silver-gilt cups; silver Cup with the scripture of St. John. Gifts to Yasor Church; and to Testatrix's Priest, 4 quire of Doctores on St. Matthew. Residue : half to poor Tenants; half to good needy men.]

(March, lf. 429 back.)

Testamentum Domine Peryne Clanbowe [In margin.]

In the name of 1þe fader and of the son And of þe Holygost, Amen. The thridde day of Aprill in þe yer off our lordt M CCCC xxij I Peryne Clanbowe, beyng in good memory, thenkyng on my laste ende, hauyng gode in forsyght, I haue maad and ordenedt this my present testament and my last wylle in þe forme þat foloweth. First I bequeth and commendt my saule to gode my maker and my sauyour, and to hys blyssyd moder gloriouse Vyrgyn, And to all saintes, and my body to be beryed at Yasore,2 be my lordt my housbond, If I dye in Hertfordshire,3 and ellis where þat gode hath orderined for me, And as son as yt may be don godly after XXat I hame dede, porslych to be beryedt, with-oute gret cost doon therevppon. Also I will And ordeine þat all my dettes þat mowe be prowede be good consciende due, þat they be principaly payde in all þe hast þat it may be. Also I bequeth, to cloth wyth ij poormen, xx ti. Also I bequeth to amende brygges and foule wayes x ti. Also I bequeth to sir Robert of Whitney, my brother, a flate basyn and an ewer, and vj disshes, vj saucers, and ij chargours of seluer. Also I bequeth to þe same Robert a westment of rede cloth of goldt with my massbooke and Chalys: The wych vessell, vestement, massbooke, and chalys aforeseydt, to þe forsaide Robertdt bequethen, I wole þat [he] haue hem

1 þ is for 'y.'

2 Yasor is in Herefordshire, 5 miles S. of Weobly.

3 That is, Herefordshire.

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