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Natalie R. Fernald, The Genealogical Exchange, vols. 1 (1904) - 7 (1910)

Vol. 1, No. 11 (Mar 1905), p. 88


HARRIS. John Whitney (3) [John (2) and (1)] born Sept. 17, 1643, at Watertown, Mass., married Elizabeth Harris, daughter of Robert (1) and Elizabeth (Boughey) Harris. She died March 4, 1726-7, aged 83.John Harris (2) [Robt. (1) and Eliz. (Boughey)] married Mary Sanger, whose mother was Mary Reynolds, daughter of Robt. John (2) and Mary (Sanger) Harris had eight children; the last one mentioned is Margaret. No date of birth given. Any help in tracing her will be appreciated. It seems probable that she was the Margaret Harris who married May 18,1698, Clement Sumner of Boston.

Joseph Sumner, a descendant of Clement and Margaret (Harris) Sumner married Mary Clark Harris, a descendant of Robt. and Eliz. (Boughey) Harris

showing another alliance between these families. B. A.

Vol. 2, No. 2 (Jun 1905), p. 6


225. WHITNEY-WILLIAMS. Jonathan(5) Williams, of Lieut. Ebenezer(4) and Mary (Vetch) Williams, [p. 7] of Lebanon, Conn., born 23 Apr., 1722, at Lebanon, died 3 Oct. 1804, at Colchester, Conn.; married 22 Sept., 1744, Mary Whitney, of William Whitney, of Norwich, Conn.

Desired - Farther data of this Whitney family. L. B.

Vol. 2, No. 2 (Jun 1905), p. 14


246. DAVIS. Wanted, dates of birth and death of Capt. Amasa Davis? Did he marry Nov. 13, 1764, Sarah, daughter of Jonas and Sarah (Perry) Whitney? Somerset.


162. DAVIS. The parents of Capt. Amasa Davis were Joshua and Sarah (Pierson) Davis. F. A. W.

Vol. 2, No. 4 (Aug 1905), p. 29


Derby Genealogy (Daby, Darby, Derby). The Descendants Of Thomas Derby Of Stow, Mass. By Mrs. Viola A. Derby Bromley.

A few of the related families which appear in this genealogy are Brown, Carter, Colbura, Damon, Day, Davis, Divoll, Goodale, Houghton, Hull, King, Lovering, Lawrence, Nourse, Ordway, Ormsby, Peck, Pierce, Prescott, Sawtel, Smith, Whitney, Whittemore, Wilson, Wood and Woods.

Vol. 3, No. 1 (May 1906), p. 5


451. DAVIS. The parents of Capt. Amasa Davis were Joshua and Sarah (Pierpont) Davis.


Capt. Amasa Davis, quartermaster-general from Jan. 9, 1787, for 35 years, was born Aug. 17, 1744, and died Jan. 30, 1825. He was married at the age of 20, in 1764, to Sarah Whitney, daughter of William and Mary (Price) Whitney of Weston, and half sister to Rev. Phinias Whitney of Shirley, Harvard College, 1759. F. A. W., TRANSCRIPT.

Vol. 3, No. 3 (Jul 1906), p. 24

WHITNEY. At the Hospital, at Black Rock, Mr. Ezra Whitney, a Sergt. in Capt. Elias Hull's Co. from Ontario Co., aged about 30 years. He left a wife and two children.

BUFF. GAZETTE, AUG. 25, 1812.

Vol. 3, No. 3 (Jul 1906), p. 30

225. WHITNEY, WILLIAMS. Mary, daughter of William Whitney, was born Sept. 13, 1824. Caleb Whitney of Norwich and Margaret Tracy of Preston were married Oct. 18, 1743. Children: Lebbeus, bom Aug. 21, 1745; William, born Aug. 8, 1747; Margaret, born Feb. 22, 1749-50. David Knight, Jr. and Margaret Whitney, both of Norwich, were married Feb. 10, 1771. Children: Abigail born Oct. 2, 1775; Jedediah Whitney, born Dec. 15, 1778; William, born June 2, 1780; Polly, born Sept. 9, 1783.

Mr. Daniel Whitney and Mrs. Jane Johnson, both of Norwich, married May 3, 1764; Mary, their daughter, was born July 11, 1764. (Mistake in dates?)

John Mireck Whitney, the son of John Mireck Whitney, and of Edith, his wife, was born in N. C, Nov. 19, 1784; Andrew Griswold Whitney, son of John Mireck and Edith Whitney was born in N. C, Oct. 2, 1786.

--Vital Records, Norwich, Conn.

Stephen Backus, born 1759, son of Maj. Andrew and Lois (Pierce) Backus married 1798 Eunice Whitney.

--Old Houses of Norwich

Jan. 1, 1722-3, John Hutchins of Norwich, in consideration of £6, etc. paid by William Whitney of Plainfield, Conn, sold 20 foot square upon ye water on ye west side of ye Rockie point at ye landing place. Richard Bushnell and Hannah Hide, Witnesses.

June 30, 1724. John Welch of Norwich to William Whitney of Plainfield, Conn., for £95, sold 23 acres of land on east side of the Shetucket River with house, etc. John Hutchins and Hannah Hide, Witnesses.

July 1, 1724, entered June 3, 1725, Sarah Knight, of New London, Conn., widow, for £10, paid by William Whitney of Plainfield, Conn., cooper, sold 59 rods of land at ye landing place.

July 20, 1724. Daniel Tracy of Norwich sold 1 acre of land at ye landing place to William Whitney of Plainfield, Conn.

May 8, 1825, John Roath, Jr. of Norwich, for 23 acres of land on east side Shetucket River and £25 sold to William Whitney of ye same Norwich, "23 acres of land at ye little fort so called." Richard Bushnell and Hannah Hide, Witnesses.

May 8, 1725, William Whitney of Norwich to John Roath, Jr. all my 23 acres of land lying by ye road to Pochatannuch, with dwelling house, etc. which said Whitney bought of John Welch.

Whereas, the General Assembly, held at New Haven, Oct. 1737, granted to William Whitney, of Norwich, the right to demand toll of all persons passing over the bridge which said Whitney built, at a meeting held at Norwich Jan. 22, 1739-40. Daniel Tracy, Joshua Huntington and other inhabitants voted to pay Whitney £80 in money for the right to use the bridge. E. M. R. [to be continued.]

Vol. 3, No. 4 (Aug 1906), p. 30:


225. WHITNEY-WILLIAMS, continued. In third line 1824, should be 1724. March 25, 1742-3, William Whitney of Norwich to Caleb Whitney of Norwich piece of land at landing place. March 16, 1743, William Whitney of Norwich to Joseph Langril of Lebanon piece of land at ye landing place. Feb. 27, 1743-4. William Whitney of Lebanon, Co. of Windham, Conn, sold to Uriah Hosmer of Killingly, Conn, a piece of land at ye landing place in Norwich.

Dec. 27, 1744, William Whitney of Lebanon to John Edgerton of Norwich, [p. 31] all claim to the great bridge that I procured to be built over Shawtucket River near the moath thereof, called Whitney's Bridge, in said Norwich Nov. 12, 1746. William Whitney of Lebanon, Conn, to Jabez Crocker of Norwich, Conn. May 24, 1753. William Whitney of Norwich to John Roath, Jr. Lebanon, in Windham Co. Then appeared William Whitney, the signer of the above deed, etc. Dec. 18, 1747, Caleb Whitney of Norwich to Joseph Maylew, of Norwich, "my shop at ye landing place in Norwich which stands on ye highway or common northward from westward end of the great Bridge at the month of the Shawtucket River."

Nov. 5, 1743, Caleb Whitney sold land at Landing Place in Norwich to Samuel Hull of Norwich.

1748. Caleb Whitney sold land to Asa Peabody.

Sept 19, 1838, Shubael Whitney of New Rochelle, Westchester Co. N. Y. to Henry S. Grace, Nancy Grace and Betsey Grace of Norwich same tract which Henry, Nancy and Betsey deeded to me March 25, 1838.

Oct. 23, 1838. Henry S. Grace and Nancy Grace of Salem, Conn, and Betsey Grace wife of said Henry Grace to Shubael Whitney of New Rochelle, N. Y. land where we formerly resided.

July 4, 1839, Shubael Whitney of Sin-Sing, N. Y. to Dolly Morgan of Ledyard land which Henry S., Nancy and Betsey Grace deeded to said Shubael Whitney.

Joshua Whitney and Lydia Palmer, Amos Whitney and Sophia W. Potter, Delilah Whitney and Austin Park, Henry Whitney and Lucy Fitch, Nancy Whitney and Daniel L. Driscoll.

--Land Records of Norwich, Conn.

E. M. R.

Vol. 3, No. 8 (Dec 1906), p. 61


ADAMS, STRATTON. The wife of Joseph(4) Adams [Jos.(3), Sam.(2), Henry(1)] of Chelmsford (p. 255 of Adams Gene.) was Mary.

It seems to be safe to say that she was the daughter of Richard Stratton. The will of Richard Stratton of Chelmsford, drawn March 4, 1724, gives to wife Margaret, daughter Mary and other heirs, and adds: "I do constitute my son-in-law, Joseph Adams, and my neighbor, Thos. Barrett, my executors." [p. 62] The widow Margaret afterwards married ----- Parker. An appended note by the judge of probate shows that Mary was wife of Joseph Adams. The will of Margaret Parker of Chelmsford, drawn Oct. 13, 1747, mentions her daughter, Mary Adams, and appoints her grandson, Joseph Adams, executor. The elder Joseph had a son Joseph born July 8, 1726. Middlesex Co. deed 31-284, shows that Margaret Stratton of Chelmsford, Jacob Warren and wife Ruth of Littleton, Joseph Adams and wife Mary of Chelmsford, and Jonas Whitney and wife Margaret of Stow sell to Jonathan Foster land in Chelmsford, undoubtedly the homestead of Richard Stratton. All these grantors appear in the wills of Richard and Margaret, above quoted, with clear statement of their relationship, and the entire collection of facts seems to settle the identity of Joseph Adams' wife. Her marriage has been printed before, but I have never seen any attempt to fix the identity of her husband. W. H. M. A., TRANSCRIPT.

Vol. 3, No. 10 (Feb 1907), p. 77


629. BARLOW. Nehemiah Barlow, born April 15, 1740, married Jerusha Sherwood, daughter of Daniel and Jerusha (Whitney) Sherwood of Ridgefield, Conn. Wanted parentage of Nehemiah Barlow, whose residence was in the vicinity of Danbury, Conn., and names of Nehemiah's brothers and sisters. I want to find an Abigail Barlow, born about 1745, who married John Lobdell, 1773, and resided at Brookfield, Conn. I think she may have been a sister of Nehemiah. J. H. L.

Vol. 3, No. 11 (Mar 1907), p. 84


630. WOOD. Reuben Wood, born Bennington, Vt., 1779; married in Georgia, Vt., 1802, Phoebe Danforth. Wanted, the ancestry of Reuben Wood. Nathaniel Whitney, 1750-1829, married Molly Houghton, born 1753-1844. Wanted, the ancestry of both. Think thev lived in Vermont. H. L. S.

Vol. 4, No. 6 (Sep 1907), p. 39


John Whitney, watertown, 1635.

Vol. 6, No. 5 (Sep 1909), p. 36


1362. INGERSOLL. Wanted, the lineage of Clarissa Ingersoll, who married, 1836, Rev. Lucius Whitney, who lived in Granville, N. Y.

Vol. 6, No. 7 (Nov 1909), p. 54

1379. HARWOOD. James Harwood, moved from Hartland to Woodstock in 1769. Harwood received from Oliver Willard, the 13th day of April, in the ninth year of his majesty's reign, A. D. 1769, a deed of Lot No. 25, drawn by John Grout, by virtue of his name being entered in the charter of the township of Woodstock granted by N. H., but now being in the Province of N. Y. and County of Cumberland. Also Lot No. 154. Their eldest daughter Eunice was born April 5, 1760; Betsey, born Jan. 20, 1766; Electa, born March, 1775. He had three sons. Theron, died young; Abijah, died young; Abner, wandered away and never was heard of afterwards. Harwood died Jan., 1805. His wife Eunice survived until 1814. One daughter married John M. Call. See Hist. of Woodstock. Vt.

Nathaniel Harwood removed from Lunenburg to Leicester. His wife's name was Hannah. His children were: James; Nathaniel, went to North Brookfield; Jesse, 1750, moved West; Mary, married Col. Seth Washburn, 1750; Elizabeth, married Benjamin Bond, 1765; Hannah, married Micah Whitney; Lucy, married Jonas Gleason, 1775. See Hist, of Leicester. EDITOR.

Vol. 7, No. 4 (Aug 1910), p. 31


Whitney, William

Vol. 7, No. 6 (Oct 1910), p. 48


In Vergennes, on the 30th ult., Mr. Henry Whitney to Miss Mary Golden, both of Burlington.

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