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Henry Higgins Hurlbut, The Hurlbut Genealogy, or Record of the Descendants of Thomas Hurlbut, of Saybrook and Wethersfield, Conn., who came to America as early as the year 1637. With Notices of others not identified as his descendants, (Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, 1888)

Transcribed by Tim Doyle.

p. 138 & 139 496 Gideon Hurlbut 3d, (Gideon Jr., Gideon, Thomas 3d, Thomas Jr., Thomas) was b. in Westport, Ct., 3 Nov. 1752. He m. Hannah Olmstead. Mr. H. was a Rev. soldier and his name was on the Pension Roll in the year 1818, as I notice from a certificate by Mr. Calhoun, Sec. of War in that year. He d. 12 Dec. 1821; she d. 14 March (or May) 1835, aged 77 years. Mr. H. in his last years, I have been told, was afflicted with partial insanity; his brother Taylor Hurlbut was appointed trustee to manage his affairs. 1048. James, b. Westport, Ct., bap. 17 March 1781, Greens Farms ch'h Rec. 1049. John, b. in Westport. 1050. Seth, b. in Westport, bap. 16 Nov. 1783. 1051. Gideon 4th, b. in Westport, bap. 18 Oct. 1805, bel. to have d. 9 March 1809. 1052. Hannah, b. in Westport, bap. 18 Oct. 1805, m. Louis WHITNEY. 1053. Sarah, b. in Westport, bap. 18 Oct. 1805, m. (1) Sam. Vader, m. (2) Geo. Finch. p. 465 1563 Nancy Hurlbut, dau. of David and Lovisa, was b. in Poultney, Vt., m. Solomon WHITNEY, of Poultney, Vt. She d. in Greene Co., Wis. [From her placement among her siblings, it appears that Nancy was born between 1796 and 1801.]

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