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Michael Powell Siddons, D.Litt., F. S. A., Herodr Arbennig Cymru, Wales Herald Extraordinary, The Visitation of Herefordshire 1634 (London, 2002).

p. 143



Vis. Her. Wales, 39.

WG2, Whitney 1, and additions and corrections; Univ. Wales, Bangor, Clifford and Whitney Deeds.

[arms] Azure a cross checky Or and Gules.

[crest] On a wreath a bul's head couped Sable armed per fess Gules and Argent.

I James Whitney1 of Whitney Esq. = Blanch daughter & coheire of Simon Mylborne2 of Tillington Com. Hereford relict of Sr Wm Herbert knight. They had issue
II Robert Whitney3 of Whitney in Com. Hereford Esqr = Margaret daughter of Robert Wye of Glocestershire. They had issue
III Sr Robert Whitney4 of Whitney knight = Sibell da: of Sr James Baskeruile knight. They had issue
1. Sr James Whitney5 of Whitney knight eldest son died without yssue.
2. Eustace Whitney follows IV
3. Robert
A. Blanch wife to Robert Greuile Esqr grandmother to the now Lord Brooke
B. Elizabeth wife to John Price6 of Manaughty Co. Radnor Esqr
IV Eustace Whitney7 of Whitney brother & heire of Sr James = Margaret daur. & coheire of Will'm Vaughan8 of Glasbury Com: Radnor. They had issue
1. Sr Robert Whitney follows V
2. Thomas Whitney
A. Elianor wife to Sr Henry Williams9 of Gwerneuet Com. Brecknock knight
B. Joane wife to John Wigmore10 of Lugton in Com. Heref. gent.
V Sr Robert Whitney11 of Whitney in Co: Hereford knight ao 1634 = Anne daughter of Sr Thomas Lucy of Charlcot Com. Warwick knight. They have issue
1. Robert Whitney eldest son & heire apparent aged about 20a yeares 1634
2. Constantine Whitney
3. Richard
4. Thomas
5. Francis
6. William Whitney sixt son
A. Luce12 wife to William Smallman of Kinersley Co: Heref. gent.b
B. Anne wife to Thomas Rodde13 of Foxley Co: Hereford
C. Elenor

p. 144

D. Suzan14
E. Elizabeth
[signed] Thomas Rodde for Sr Robert Whitney

This pedigree in hand 1.

a. Altered. b. Esqr first written, then corrected.

1 He d. 30 June 1500 (CIPM Hen. VII, ii, no. 261). His heir was his son Robert, aged 6. He had another son, James, for whom see Vis. Her. Wales, 39.

2 For Simon Milborne see Vis. Her. Wales, 11n.

3 Robert was aged 6 in 1500, d. 11 May 1541. His heir was his son Robert, aged 16 (IPMs, PRO, C142/63, no. 40, C142/64, nos. 114, 116). His will was proved 11 June 1541 (PRO, 30 Alenger).

4 Sir Robert's IPM is dated 1567 (Whitney and Clifford Docs., 473). His heir was his son James, aged 23.

5 Sir James's will was proved 1587, PCC 38 Spencer. IPM 1587, extract in Harl. 760, f. 268v.

6 John Price of Mynachdy, Llangynllo, RAD, ap James Prys, WG2, Hywel Fain (A2).

7 Eustace Whitney, aged 34 in 1588.

8 William Vaughan of Glasbury, WG2, Drymbenog 2(A3). The marriage is confirmed in whitney and Clifford Doc. 219 of 20 Aug. 1589.

9 Sir Henry Williams of Gwernyfed, BRE, d. 21 Oct. 1636. He was son and heir of Sir David Williams of Gwernyfed, p. 159, and his son was Sir Henry Williams, first bt., p. 81. His fun. cert. is CA, I 24, f. 64.

10 See p. 157.

11 Post-nuptial settlement 1618/19 (Whitney and Clifford Docs., 41, 42).

12 Luce Whitney had a marble monument in Hereford Cathedral. She married secondly John Booth, and d. 9 Apr. 1673, aet 64 (Hist from Marble, i, 142). For William Smallman see p. 172.

13 See p. 117.

14 Susan married Henry Williams of Gabalfa, RAD (David Edwardes's Breconshire book, CA, Protheroe MS IV, p. 71).

p. 145


WG 2, Whitney 2 (new page with additions and corrections, list 2, 1999)

[arms] Azure a cross checky Or and Gules, in dexter chief a crescent for difference.

[crest] On a wreath a bull's head couped Sable armed per fess Gules and Argent charged on the neck with a crescent for difference.

I John Whitney of Gorsington in the right of his wife = ... daughter & heirea of John Michaell Walter by the da: & heire of Sr Wm Gorsington knight. They had issue
II Eustace Whitney of Gorsington in Clifford Esqr = ... daughter & heire of William Vaughan the Tirant of Clifford [shield of arms in margin] Sable a chevron Argent between three boys' heads couped at the shoulders (untinctured) crined Or entwined about the neck of each a serpent (untinctured) (Moreiddig Warwyn). They had issue
III James Whitney of Clifford on Co: Hereford Esqr = Sibell daughter of ... Parry of Newcourt by the daur. of Sr Hen: Stradling. They had issue
IV Eustace Whitney of Gorsington in Clifford Esqr 1 = Constance da: of Sr Richard Vaughan of Bredwarden kt. They had issue
V James Whitney of Gorsington in Clifford Esqr = Anne da: & heire of Oliver Vaughan2 of the house of Hargest Com. Hereford. They had issue
1. Eustace Whitney follows VI
2. Richard Whitney of Cliffords parish 2 sonn = Margrett da: of Henry Vaughan of Manas3 esq.
3. James Whitneyb of Dunnot in Com. Wiltsh. Bacheler of Devenity = Mary widow of John Button of Dunnot4 in Com. Wilt
VI Eustace Whitney of Gorsington in Clifford gent.c ao 1634 = Blanche daur. of Paul de la Hay of Halternes5 Com. Heref. Esqr They have issue
1. James Whitney eldest son
1. Blanch
2. Constance
[signed] Ewstance Whittney

This pedigree in hand 1, with additions in hand 2.

a. & heire interlined b. Followed by 3 sonn, deleted. c. Esqr first written, corrected.

1 Robinson, Mansions, 67n., states that Eustace Whitney of Gorsington's nuncupative will, proved at Hereford in 1599, mentions his son James and daughter Blanche, wife of Robert Duppa.

2 Oliver Vaughan ab Oliver ap Watkin Vaughan, WG 2, Drymbenog 2(B2), adds. and corrs., list 1.

3 Henry Vaughan of Moccas ap Watkin ap Sir William Vaughan, WG 2, Drymbenog 2(C3). See p. 173.

4 John Button of Dunnor, Wilts. These Buttons descended from Button of GLA (Vis. Wilts., 33; WG 2, Grant 4(D)).

5 Alltyrynys, Walterstone.


"III. David Thomas, an Attorney in the Marches of Wales = Elizabeth da: of George Parry of Poston and had issue

IV. Leison Thomas of Michaell Church Estly, Co., Hereford = Eleanor da: of William Leighton of the Plaish, Co: Salop. They had issue

V. Michael Thomas of Michaell [Church] Estcly a o 1634 = Elizabeth da: of Epifane Howorth, gen. and has issue

1. Edmund Thomas
2. Leison Thomas
A. Elianor
B. Anne"

page 159

Note: The following footnote was found on a snippet view in Google Books. The original volume needs to be extracted.

1 William Vaughan of Clifford (Welsh Rhydhelig), a yr son of Watkin Vaughan of Bredwardine, WG 2, Drymbenog 2(A3).

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