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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.
Ohio; and in August, went with his regiment to Cheat Mountain, Va., where they were encamped till November. They were then removed to Kentucky, remaining for a time at Camps Wickliffe and Jenkins; and joined the army of Grant, in time to take part in the battle of Pittsburgh Landing, where his right arm was shot away near the shoulder, 7 Ap. 1862. After amputation, he was sent, by steamer, to Evansville, Indiana; died there 17 Ap. 1862; and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville.
6554 II. Ann Whitney, b. in East Townsend, Ohio, 27 Nov. 1843; died there, 21 Sept. 1845, and was buried in Norwalk township, Ohio.
6555 III. Calvin Whitney, b. in East Townsend, Ohio, 25 Sept. 1846; a wholesale dealer in hard-wood lumber; married at the St Charles Hotel, Norwalk, Ohio, 5 Nov. 1868, Marian Dean, whose father then lived in Townsend, Ohio. She was born at Irville, Ohio, 16 Oct 1847, dau. of Royal Cady and Mary Ann (Smith) Dean. He dwelt for two years in Custar, Ohio; and thence moved to 44 Prospect Street, Norwalk, where they were living in 1873. 14473
6556 IV. John Lory Whitney, b. in East Townsend, Ohio, 12 Nov. 1848; a wholesale dealer in lumber, in company with his brother Calvin, at 22 Summit Street, Toledo, Ohio; married at Bluffton, Indiana, 24 Nov. 1870, where her father then lived, Clara Bell Borden, who was born at Xenia, Ohio, 27 Dec. 1849, dau. of John and Mary (Satterthwaite) Borden; and was living at Bluffton in 1873, without children.
6557 V. Richard Burt Whitney, b. in East Townsend, Ohio, 7 Nov. 1853; a dealer in lumber; was living at Worthington, Indiana, in 1873.
6558 VI. Idalia Louisa Whitney, b. in East Townsend, Ohio, 5 May 1856; was living in the family of her brother Calvin, in Norwalk, Ohio, attending the High School, in 1873.

Chil. of James Davis and Hannah (Pugh) Whitney. 2101

6559 I. Mary Whitney, b. in Kirkersville, Ohio, 5 Aug. 1836; married in Bloomfield township, Ohio, 9 June 1861, Henry Lowe, son of John and Mary Lowe. She died at Bloom Centre, Ohio, 24 Oct 1867, and was buried there, in the Hendricks Cemetery. He was living at Bloom Centre in 1873. 14475
6560 II. Jonathan Whitney, b. in Kirkersville, Ohio, 9 March 1838; a 14479
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