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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Fifth Generation.
396 IV. Abigail Whitney, b. at Stamford, Conn., but no record of the date has been preserved; bap. at Middlesex, now Darien, Conn., 22 March 1752.
397 V. Lydia Whitney, b. at Stamford, Conn., 21 Oct 1753. Tradition asserts that "she married, about the close of the Revolutionary War, with James McConnell (also written Connell and McCorner); settled in Saratoga, N.Y.; and dwelt there till about 1806, or 1807, when she was thrown from a sleigh, and so injured as to cause her death soon afterward."
398 VI. Joseph Whitney, b. at Stamford, Conn.; bap. in St John's (Episcopal) Church, at Stamford, 24 June 1761. Tradition says that he had several sons, who went to sea with him, and that they were all lost at one time.
399 VII. Samuel Whitney, b. at Stamford, Conn., 21 (family-record says 23) Ap. 1761; a farmer; was a resident of Ballston, N.Y., 10 Oct 1782, when he married at Stamford, in the Episcopal Church, Elizabeth Wright, of Norwalk, Conn., born at Oyster Bay, L.I., 4 March 1761, dau. of Dennis and Susanna (Smith) Wright. They dwelt in Saratoga County, N.Y., till 1805, and then settled one mile east of Allen's Hill, in Richmond, N.Y., where she died 26 Ap. 1838. He sold his farm, in the Spring of 1839, and went to dwell with his son Dennis, at Royalton Centre, N.Y., where he died 14 Dec. 1845. Both were buried at Allen's Hill. They were communicants of the Protestant Episcopal Church; and he was a soldier of the Revolutionary War. 1454

Chil. of Seth and Sarah (Mow) Whitney. 71

400 I. Sarah Whitney, b. 3 Ap. 1750; married, 3 Oct. 1776, Joseph Fowler, a farmer, born 27 Nov. 1753,
Phoenix p0110.jpg
son of Jesse Fowler. They settled at Crompond, N.Y., and there died (he, 22 May 1797; she, 7 Oct 1822), and were buried in the cemetery of the Presbyterian Church at Crompond Corner. The autograph given opposite in fac-simile, is that of her grandfather, Nathan Whitney, of the third generation, which was omitted in our account of him.

401 II. Mary Whitney, married at Yorktown, N.Y., by Rev. Silas Constant, 4 Feb. 1790, to Samuel Beadle. Tradition says that she received an injury in early life, which resulted in insanity soon after marriage; so that she remained in her father's family, and lived apart from her husband, who also became insane. Samuel Beadle, who died 25 May 1827, in his
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