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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.
7374 XII. William Prindle Edmonson, b. at Newton, N. J., 15 Sept. 1837; a farmer; married at Oxford, Mich., Matilda Starks; married (2d), 1 Ap. 1866, at Fentonville, Mich., Adelia Fairbanks, dau. of Francis Colwert and Mary Ann (Chamberlin) Fairbanks, of Linden, Mich., where she was born 9 July 1845. He dwelt at Independence, Mich., till 1866; then settled at Newaygo, Mich.; and was living there in Sept. 1876. He served for one year during the war of 1861, in Co. H, 7th Reg., Mich. Vol. Infantry. 14949
7375 XI1I. George Banghart Edmonson, died at Newton, N. J., and was buried there.
7376 XIV. Stephen Edmonson, died at Independence, Mich., and was buried there, in the Union Cemetery.
7377 XV. Mary Louisa Edmonson, married at Independence, Mich., Murray Slater; and was living at Clarkston, Mich., in July 1876.

Chil. of Samuel Longwill and Phebe (Clark) Bailey. 2475

7378 I. Samuel Lockwood Bailey, b. at Vernon. N. J., 9 Dec. 1823; a banker, and dealer in real estate; married at Rochelle, Ill., 26 Aug. 1846, Lucinda Biggers, dau. of Clark Bartin and Huldah (Truesdell) Biggers, of Wayne, N. Y., where she was born 8 Aug. 1827. They dwelt at Hammondsport, N. Y., four years; at Rochelle, Ill., till 1865; then settled at Colo, Iowa, and were living there in Sept. 1875. He enlisted at Rochelle, 11 Aug. 1862, in Co. H, 92nd Reg., Ill. Vol. Infantry; was appointed orderly-sergeant after three months service as private. and, two months later, second-lieutenant; and resigned in June 1864, on account of illness, having taken part in thirty-one engagements. 14956
7379 II. Lewis Clark Bailey, b. at Wayne, N. Y., 22 Sept. 1825; a farmer; married at Urbana, N. Y., 12 Ap. 1845, Delia Griffith, born in Mass., dau. of ----- and Maria (Hollenbeck) Griffith. She died in 1856, at Bradford, N. Y., and was buried in Savana Cemetery. He married (2d), 16 Sept. 1857, Mary Butler, dau. of Thomas and Rachel (Bennett) Butler, of Osceola, in Elkland, Penn., where she was born 16 May 1832. He dwelt at Hammondsport, N. Y., till 1869; then moved to Colo, Iowa, and was living there in Sept. 1875. He enlisted at Bath, N. Y., 8 Nov. 1861, in Co. G, 10th Reg., N. Y. Cavalry; reached the grade of commissary-sergeant; and was discharged at Belle Plain, Va., 25 Feb. 1863, for disability. He took part in the battles of Warren Junction and Fredericksburgh. 14962
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