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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Second Generation.
and he Decease, and leave a widow, she shall Inioy the privilledges above mentioned so long as she shall remain his widow, & noe longer, and then to return to his Eldest Brother surviving; and in case he shall Refuse, then the next surviving, and so successively to all the Brethren of the sayd John Whittney, Junior.

He sold to his son, John Whitney, 8 July 1712, in consideration of a bond to pay certain sums of money, the grist-mill, and land belonging thereto, taking, 9 July 1712, a life-lease of the premises. His son reconveyed the whole property, three days before his death; and a month later, the father secured the fulling-mill to the widow during the minority of her son, with remainder to him. He finally sold the grist-mill, 20 May 1713, to his son Joseph Whitney, for which Joseph was to pay his father's debts, give him one half of all grain that should be received for toll at the mill during the father's life, if demanded; "and, after ye decease of ye said John Whitne, to maintain his mother, Elizabeth Whitne (if she survive) Honourably During her natural life, if she Remaine ye sd John Whitne's widdow," and within four years after John Whitney's death, pay to his heirs £50 "in Provision pay at price currant equivalent to two thirds of said sum in money."

He probably died, at Norwalk, in 1720, as his son-in-law, Joseph Keeler, was appointed administrator of his estate, 11 Oct 1720. His widow was a member of the First Congregational Church in Norwalk in 1725, and was living as late as 3 Ap. 1741, when her son Joseph Whitney, in a codicil to his will, provided for her future support; but the date of her death is not known.

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