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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Sixth Generation.
456 II. Isaac Keeler, bap. in New Canaan, Conn., 25 July 1756; married Sarah -----; joined the church at New Canaan, with his wife, in 1784, she being admitted at home. The date of her admission was, probably, 8 May 1784, when her sick child was baptized. She died in New Canaan, of consumption, 22 Sept 1793, aged 33 years. He married (2d), 2 March 1794, Catharine Tuttle, in New Canaan; where he died, 23 Jan. 1837, aged 81. 1663
457 III. David Keeler, bap. in New Canaan, Conn., 19 July 1761.
458 IV. Ruhamah Keeler, bap. in New Canaan, Conn., 13 Nov. 1763; died there, 8 Sept 1786, of consumption, aged 23 years.

Chil. of Abram and Dorothy (Keeler) Hoyt. 93

459 I. Daniel Keeler Hoyt, b. in South Salem, now I,ewisboro', N.Y., within a few feet of the State line, in 1751 or 1752; bap. at New Canaan, Conn., 1 March 1752; a weaver; married, 24 Aug. 1775, at South Salem, Elizabeth Wood, dau. of Jacob Wood, of South Salem, where she was baptized 31 Oct 1756. He remained loyal, served in the British arrny, and at the close of the Revolutionary War, went to New Brunswick, and settled on a farm at Prince William, and there died, 30 Oct. 1818, aged 67 years. She, also, died at Prince William. 1668
460 II. Jachin Hoyt, b. at South Salem, now Lewisboro', N. Y., on the State line, just below the north-west corner of the town of Wilton, Conn.; bap. at New Canaan, Conn., 21 Oct 1753; a farmer; married Hannah Keeler, probably his cousin; and settled in South Salem, where they sold land in 1787. They afterward lived in North Wilton, near the State line. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. 1675
461 III. Mary Hoyt, bap. at New Canaan, Conn., 9 Ap. 1755.
462 IV. Abel Hoyt, bap. at New Canaan, Conn., 15 Jan. 1758; a farmer; married Rhoda Benedict, dau. of Stephen and Ruth (Keeler) Benedict, of New Canaan, where she was born 6 Jan. 1758. They dwelt in South Salem, N. Y., or Wilton, Conn. (perhaps, at different times, in each), till 1793 to 1798, when they settled at Pawling, N. Y., and there died about 1816. They worshipped at New Canaan, Conn., and had their children baptized there. 1681
463 V. Hannah Hoyt, bap. at New Canaan, Conn., 6 May 1759.
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