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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.

Chil. of Joshua and Catharine (Bell) Whitney. 3715

10102 I. Isaac James Whitney, b. at Patterson, N. Y., 9 Oct. 1859; was living with his parents, near Dykeman's post-office, in Southeast, N. Y., in Nov. 1873.

Chil. of William J. and Ruth (Benson) Vermilya. 3717

10103 I. Frances Arvilla Vermilya, b. at Ulysses, N. Y., 19 Ap. 1830; married at Ruggles, Ohio, 25 Ap. 1850, by Rev. Seth G. Clark, Presbyterian, to Isaac Fuller Camp, a farmer, born at Kent, Conn., 11 Feb. 1823, son of Samuel and Myra (Hopkins) Camp, of Kent, and later of New York, Ohio, and Michigan. From their marriage to June 1853, they lived at Ruggles; and then removed to Algansee, Mich., where they still lived in 1874. 17434
10104 II. Emily Benson Vermilya, b. at Sugar Hill, in Jersey, N. Y., 6 Dec. 1831; married at Sullivan, Ohio, 3 Sept. 1853, by Rev. H. L. Parrish, Methodist, to William Henry Myers, a farmer and dairyman, son of John Corbly and Elizabeth (Eakleberry) Myers, of Clear Creek, Ohio, where he was born 24 May 1832. They were living at Homerville, Ohio, in 1874. 17441
10105 III. Phila Albina Vermilya, b. at Sugar Hill, in Jersey, N. Y., 30 Oct. 1833; married at Ruggles, Ohio, 7 Sept. 1854, by Rev. W. F. Millikan, to Hiram Milton King, a farmer, born at Pompey, N. Y., 11 Feb. 1833, son of Paul and Sarah (Carr) King, of Jackson, Ohio. They have dwelt at Hillsdale, Mich.; Steuben, Ind.; and New London, Ohio, where they were still living in 1874. 17448
10106 IV. Sidney Smith Vermilya, b. at Farmington, N. Y., 27 Oct. 1835; a farmer; married at Ashland, Ohio, 6 Oct. 1863, by Rev. Charles Hartley, Methodist Episcopal, to Amanda Fluke, dau. of Henry and Margaret (Switzer) Fluke, of Orange, Ohio, where she was born 30 May 1842. They dwelt at New London, Ohio, for seven years; at Clear Creek, Ohio, two years; and settled, 18 Dec. 1872, at North Fairfield, Ohio, where they were still living in 1874. 17452
10107 V. Elkanah Benson Vermilya, b. at Ruggles, Ohio, 9 Sept. 1837; died 31 May 1838.
10108 VI. Commodore Chauncey Vermilya, b. at Ruggles, Ohio, 25 March 1839; enlisted in Sept. 1861, at Ashland, Ohio, in Battery D, First Reg., Ohio Volunteers; and died from sickness, 16 June 1862, at the Sawyer House Hospital, near Cornith, Miss, and was buried there.
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