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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Sixth Generation.
Calais and its vicinity, in the State of Maine. Able to resume his full work, he resumed it in the region which had become peculiarly his home. For a year and a half, and with great success in winning souls, he served the Church at Salisbury Point, Mass." In Dec. 1859, he went to California, where he continued his labors, taking long and wearisome journeys in behalf of temperance, preaching for several weeks at Oroville, organizing the Congregational Church in El Dorado, and preaching, for more than a year, in Redwood City. He died on Sunday afternoon, 16 Ap. 1865, at Oakland, California, of an abscess of the liver, "aged 69 years, 9 months, and 23 days," and was buried on Tuesday, 18 Ap., from the First Congregational Church in Oakland. The discourse which was delivered at his funeral was printed in The Pacific, at San Francisco, 27 April 1865; and from it the preceding extracts have been taken. He was a brother of Rev. Charles Grandison Finney, D.D., of Oberlin, Ohio, for many years President of Oberlin College. She resided, in 1874, at Oakland.
685 V. Mary Whitney, lived at Haverhill, Mass., with her sister, Mrs. Lydia (Whitney) Finney, and afterward at Rome, N.Y.; died at New York Mills, Oneida Co., N.Y., 5 Nov. 1868, unmarried.
686 VI. Philanda Whitney, b. 12 May 1810; married, 1 Sept. 1833, Newell Barker, a farmer, who was born in Mass., in 1800. They dwelt in Ellisburgh, N.Y., and afterward at Grand Rapids, Mich. He died at the Michigan Asylum for the Insane, at Kalamazoo, 4 March 1871, in his 71st year. She died at Muskegon, Mich., 17 Aug. 1873, aged 73 years. They were buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids. 2395
687 VII. John McCall Whitney, b. in Springfield Centre, N.Y., 17 Aug. 1803; a farmer; moved with his father, to Mexico, N.Y.; married, 17 Jan. 1828, at Boonville, N.Y., by Rev. Mr. Barnes, to Mary Ann McCluskey, who was born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, "forty miles north-west of Dublin," 12 Ap. 1800, dau. of James and Eleanor (Marshall) McCluskey, and came to this country, with her parents, in 1821. They lived at Taberg, in Annsville, N.Y., about two years; then at Mexico, about four years; then at Boonville, till 5 Oct. 1845, when they moved to New York Mills, N.Y.; and there passed the remainder of their lives. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church for about thirty years. She died, 5 Nov. 1869, "aged 69 years;" he, 10 Sept. 1870; they were buried at New York Mills. 2400
688 VIII. Chauncey Harris Whitney, b. in Otsego, N.Y., 17 March 1805; a carpenter and joiner; married, 28 Jan. 1827, in Mexico, N.Y., by Rev. George B. Davis, Baptist, to Caroline Matilda Craig, born in Lebanon, N.Y., dau. of Joseph Ashby and Mary (McCafferty) Craig, who lived in Mexico at the time of her marriage. She died in Clinton, N.Y., 2409
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