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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
12506 V. Martha Emily Tiffany, b. at Town Line, in Lancaster, N. Y., 19 June 1845; died at Lancaster, 14 Sept. 1845, and was buried there.
12507 VI. Martha Eliza Tiffany, b. at Windham, C. W., 17 Aug. 1846; was adopted, after her mother's death, by Matthew and Hannah (Kelley) Lowrey, of Windham; was married at Windham, 5 Jan. 1860, by Rev. William Williams, Methodist, to John Allen Bartholomew, a farmer, who was born at Maple Leaf Farm, in Windham, 29 Dec. 1846, son of John and Anna (Smith) Bartholomew, the latter among the first settlers of that town. They settled at Rosehill Farm, in Windham, and were living there in June 1874. 18999

Chil. of Paul and Ellen Stewart (Whitney) Moore. 4881

12508 I. Cyrus Moore, b. at Burford, C. W., 21 June 1840; married at Baltimore, Md., 11 Nov. 1862, Caroline Commages; and lived at Grimsby, Ont., in 1874.
12509 II. Sarah Jane Moore, b. at Burford, C. W., 11 Jan. 1842; married at Scotland, C. W., 10 March 1860, Thomas Ontario Prouse. They resided at Scotland in 1874. 19000
12510 III. Martha Eliza Moore, b. at Burford, C. W., 8 Jan. 1844; and died there, 22 Nov. 1846.
12511 IV. William Henry Moore, b. at Burford, C. W., 4 Nov. 1847.
12512 V. Esther Josephine Moore, b. at Burford, C. W., 22 Aug. 1849; married there, 5 Oct. 1866, Frederick Southmaid Haight, of Montreal, C. E., who was, when last heard from, in 1874, principal of an academic school for boys, in that city. 19003
12513 VI. John Whitney Moore, b. at Burford, C. W., 30 June 1854; and lived there in 1874.
12514 VII. Martha Ellen Moore, b. at Burford, C. W., 17 July 1856; and died there, 12 Nov. 1858.
12515 VIII. ----- Moore, died young.

Chil. of William Alexander and Emily (Malcolm) Whitney. 4882

12516 I. Mary Emily Whitney, b. at Scotland, C. W., 15 Sept 1846; 19004
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