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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
Martin and Mercy (Benedict) Kellogg,1 who died, 15 Oct. 1795, at Brookfield, in her 29th year. He married (2d), at Brookfield, Abigail Combes, dau. of John and Eunice (Towner) Combes, who died at Brookfield, 20 Sept. 1813, aged 37 years. He married (3d), Lucinda Hoyt, widow of Thaddeus Hodge, and dau. of John and Triphena (Clark) Hoyt,2 of Danbury, Conn., where she was born 25 Dec. 1765. He died at Brookfield, 30 March 1835, "aged 74 years, 8 months, and 24 days," and was buried, as were his first two wives, in Pinchgut Cemetery, in the south part of New Milford. Some years after his death, his widow died at New Fairfield.
846 II. Elizabeth Osborn, b. at New Milford, now Brookfield, Conn., 18 Oct. 1761; married, 22 Sept. 1780, Lewis Lobdell, a farmer, son of John and Elizabeth Lobdell. He was born at Brookfield, March 1760; settled in Brookfield; and there died, 13 Jan. 1813. She died, 12 May 1851, aged 89 years, 6 months, and 24 days, at Brookfield, and was buried there, on the next day, near her husband, in Prickback Cemetery. The church-record calls her 90 years old. 2929
847 III. ----- Osborn, died in infancy; name not yet reported.
848 IV. Hannah Osborn, b. at New Milford, now Brookfield, Conn., 9 Oct 1763; married David Baxter, of North Salem, N. Y., who was born 4 Nov. 1763. They settled at North Salem, and there died; she, 27 Oct. 1825, aged 62 years and 18 days; he, 21 Nov. 1825, aged 62 years and 17 days. They were buried in North Salem Cemetery. 2938
849 V. David Osborn, b. at New Milford, now Brookfield, Conn., in 1765; a farmer and carpenter; married Matilda Northrop, who was born in Feb. 1770; settled in Brookfield, where the railway buildings now stand at Brookfield Junction, about two miles south of his father's homestead. There they died (she, 23 Oct. 1844, aged "74 years, 8 months;" he, 4 July 1847, in his 82d year), and were buried near Brookfield Centre. 2941
850 VI. Lewis Osborn, b. at New Milford, now Brookfield, Conn., 9 Sept 1768; married Mary Northrop, who was born in Kent, or New Preston, Conn., about 1780. They settled in Brookfield, and died there (he, 8 Sept 1825; she, 9 Sept. 1866, aged 86 years), and were buried in Prickback graveyard. The parish register buries her a day before her death. 2946
851 VII. Richard Osborn, b. at New Milford, now Brookfield, Conn.; married Gitty Harder, who was of Dutch extraction; and settled at Hudson, N. Y., where he died a few years ago. They had several children, whose names have not been ascertained. Another account says that he was a
  1 See Benedict Genealogy, p. 285.
  2 See Hoyt Genealogy, page 411.
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