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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
They lived in the Miry Brook District, Danbury, and are buried in Miry Brook graveyard. He died 15 Oct. 1836, "aged 69 years, 9 months, and 10 days." She died 17 Ap. 1855, "aged 80 years."
902 III. Eunice Wildman, b. in Danbury, Conn., 11 May 1769; married in Danbury, 24 May 1789, by Rev. Samuel Camp; Congregational, to Stephen Brownson Benedict, born in Danbury, 20 Dec. 1764, son of Lieut. Lemuel and Sarah (Trowbridge) Benedict. She died in Danbury, 8 Aug. 1804, and was buried in Miry Brook graveyard. He married (2d) Hannah Dunning, widow of ----- Keeler, who was born in 1770, and died at New Canaan, Conn., in 1858. He was first selectman of Danbury, in 1824. He died at Danbury, 19 Nov. 1851, according to the Benedict Genealogy, p. 380, while his monument, in Wooster Cemetery, says, "18 Nov. 1851, aged 84 years." 3122
903 IV. Adoniram Wildman, b. in Danbury, Conn., 7 May 1771; married in Lanesborough, Mass., 5 Nov. 1795, Anna Bradley, born in Lanesborough, 14 Sept. 1775, dau. of William and Lois (Beach) Bradley. He was successively a shoemaker, trader, and manufacturer of woollen hats and cloth. They settled in Lanesborough, Mass.; thence removed to Milton, now Genoa, N. Y., where they lived a few years; and finally returned to Danbury, where she died 18 Aug. 1810. She was buried in the old Episcopal graveyard, but her remains have since been removed to Wooster Cemetery. He married (2d) in Danbury, 17 March 1811, Mary Ann White, dau. of Joseph and Rachel (Nichols or Peck) White. She was born in Danbury, and died there, 20 March 1837, aged 70 years. He married (3d), 27 March 1838, Anna Hamilton, widow of Elias Boughton. She died in Danbury, 17 Sept. 1843, aged 67 years. "Hiram Wildman" died, 24 Jan.1860, in his 89th year, and was buried, with his wives, in Wooster Cemetery. 3126
904 V. John Rockwell Wildman, b. in Danbury, Conn., 9 Ap. 1773; married in Lanesborough, Mass., 19 Sept. 1800, Electa Curtis, born in Lanesborough, 22 Ap. 1781, dau. of Peter and Phebe Curtis He was a tailor; lived a while in Lanesborough; thence removed to Cooperstown, N. Y., and from there to Binghamton,1 N. Y., where he engaged in trade. He built the second framed house in the city; and, failing in business, returned to Danbury, where he passed the remainder of his days in farming. He died in Danbury, 9 Jan. 1849, "aged 75 years and 9 months." She died in Danbury, 23 July 1855, "aged 84 years and 3 months." They were buried in Wooster Cemetery. 3133
905 VI. Benajah Wildman, b. in Danbury, Conn., 7 Jan. 1775; married, 3136
  1 Wilkinson's Annals of Binghamton, pp. 182 and 190, show that he bought and built on Court Street in 1802, and sold in 1812.
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