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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.

Child of Albert Wells and Sarah Eliza (Durand) Carpenter. 10220

17544 I. Agnes Ida Carpenter, b. at Carthage, Mo., 23 Aug. 1874.

Chil. of Lemuel Cornelius and Eliza Ann (Whitney) Fryant. 10224

17545 I. Clarence Roswell Fryant, b. at Lansing, Mich., 9 Aug. 1870.
17546 II. Guy Fryant, b. at Streator, Ill., 1 July 1873; and died there, 5 Aug. 1874.

Child of Adam Henry and Clarissa Matilda (Whitney) Clippenger. 10225

17547 I. Henry Wells Clippenger, b. at Sterling, Ill., 10 Feb. 1873.

Chil. of George and Sarah Jane (Whitney) Howard. 10227

17548 I. Frederick Howard, b. at Albion, Mich., 23 Sept. 1872.

Chil. of Ellison and Katharine Bethanie (Dowd) Smith. 10249

17549 I. Smith, b. at Northford, Conn., 10 Feb. 1850.

Chil. of Ellison and Ellen Augusta (Hough) Smith. 10249

17550 I. Mary Angelina Smith, b. at Northford, Conn., 17 June 1857.

Chil. of Samuel Linsley and Maria Deborah Stark (Griswold) Smith. 10250

17551 I. Nathan Griswold Smith, b. Meriden, Conn., 10 Nov. 1853; died 6 Dec. 1853, and was buried at Windsor, Conn.
17552 II. Mary Dimock Smith, b. at Windsor, Conn., 10 Dec. 1855.
17553 III. Catharine Griswold Smith, b. at Windsor, Conn., 15 Ap. 1861.
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