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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
was bap., 5 Feb 1769; a farmer, distiller, inn-keeper, and trader; married, 26 Aug. 1790, at Stockbridge, Electa Williams, dau. of Azariah and Beulah (Brown) Williams, of Stockbridge, where she was born 20 Sept. 1772. They moved, with his parents, to Newark Valley, N. Y., arriving there 4 March 1793. He built a log-house on the spot now occupied by the conference-room of the Congregational Church. He was the first postmaster of Newark Valley, and built the first framed house in that village, which is yet standing as a part of the old tavern. They died in Newark Valley (he, 2 June 1838; she, 12 Feb. 1853), and were buried in Hope Cemetery. She and her husband's mother were the first women in Newark Valley; and for the first six months of their residence there, they did not see another woman.
1276 VI. Electa Slosson, b. at Stockbridge, Mass., 3 March 1772; bap. there, 10 May 1772; went, in 1794, to Union, now Newark Valley, N. Y., where she married, 9 Dec. 1799, Elisha Wilson, a farmer, son of Elijah and Mary (Curtis) Wilson, of Stockbridge, where he was born, 13 Aug. 1767. He was one of the first settlers within the limits of the present town of Newark Valley, 1 Ap. 1791. They settled on his farm; and there died (he, 11 Nov. 1857, aged 90 years, 2 months, and 29 days; she, 19 Nov. 1862, aged 90 years, 8 months, and 16 days), and were buried in the old Brown Cemetery, at Berkshire. 4206
1277 VII. Jerusha Slosson, b. in Nov. 1774, at Stockbridge, Mass., where she was bap., 1 Jan. 1775; married, about 1803, at Tioga, now Newark Valley, N. Y., Samuel Ball, a farmer, born at Stockbridge, 13 Nov. 1777, son of Josiah and Esther (Ward) Ball,1 of Tioga, now Berkshire, N. Y. 4210
                                      1 ANCESTRY OF SAMUEL BALL

JOHN BALL, supposed to have come from Wiltshire, England, was admitted a freeman of Mass. in 1650; settled at Con-
 cord; and died. Oct., or Nov. 1655.                 |
JOHN BALL, b, in Eng.; a tailor; m. (2d), 3 Oct. 1665, Elizabeth Fox; sold his farm in = ELIZABETH PIERCE, dau. of
 Watertown, Mass., 21 Oct. 1665, and moved to Lancaster, Mass., where he was killed    |  John and Elizabeth Pierce,
 by Indians, 10 Sept. 1675.                                                            |  of Watertown, Mass.
JOHN BALL, b. at Watertown, Mass., in 1644; a weaver; = SARAH BULLARD, dau. of George and Beatrice Bullard,
 m., 17 Oct. 1665; died 8 May 1722.                   |  of Watertown.
JAMES BALL; b. at Watertown, Mass., 7 March 1670;   = ELIZABETH FISKE, dau. of Nathan and Elizabeth Fiske; g.
 a weaver; m., 16 Jan. 1693-4; died.. Feb. 1729-30. |  dau. of Nathan and Susanna Fiske; b. at Watertown, 19
    ________________________________________________|  Jan. 1667-8.
JOHN BALL, b. at Watertown, Mass., 22 July 1697; d. in Worcester, Mass.,          = LYDIA PERRY, of Waltham, Mass.,
 Jan. 1756. His first wife, Abigail Harrington, b. 24 July 1698, d. 25 Nov. 1728. |  second wife; m. 4 Oct. 1739; d.
    ______________________________________________________________________________|  23 Nov. 1752.
JOSIAH BALL, twin, b. at Watertown, Mass., 16 Dec.   = ESTHER WARD, dau. of Maj. Daniel and Esther (Coggin)
 1742; moved, in Feb. 1795, from Stockbridge, Mass., |  Ward; b. at Worcester, Mass., 7 March 1750-51; m. 26
 to Union, now Berkshire, N. Y., where he died, 26   |  Feb. 1768; died at Berkshire, N. Y., 9 March 1836.
 July 1810.                      ____________________|  Ward Genealogy, p. 42.
                             SAMUEL BALL, = JERUSHA SLOSSON, No. 1277.
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