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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Sixth Generation.
two miles south of Pompey Hill, in Pompey, where he died 4 May 1864, and was buried in Pompey Hill Cemetery. She moved, in Ap. 1865, to Syracuse, N. Y., and dwelt at 101 Gifford Street from May 1866 till 15 Ap. 1874 In Aug. 1875, she was living in Genoa, N. Y., with her daughter, Mrs. Anna Augusta (Wheelock) Maynard.
1314 V. Pamelia St. John, b. at Fabius, N. Y., 5 Dec. 1799; married, 15 Jan. 1829, at Fabius, Jacob Sickles Hallenbeck, a farmer, son of Abram and Mary (Pruyn) Hallenbeck, of Coxsackie, N. Y., where he was born, 24 Ap. 1799. They settled at Tully Valley, N. Y., where he died, 20 March 1864 She moved, in 1867, to East Saginaw, Mich., and was living there in Jan. 1876. 4365
1315 VI. Fanny St. John, b. at Fabius, N. Y., 21 July 1802; married at her father's house, in Fabius, Jonathan Stanley, a physician. They settled at Onondaga Hill, N. Y., where he had charge of the county-jail, but did not practise his profession. He died, 12 Sept. 1841, aged 39 years, at the house of Jacob Sickles Hallenbeck, at Tully Valley, N. Y., where he was visiting; and was buried at Onondaga Hill, but afterward removed to Apulia, N. Y. She moved to Hamilton, N. Y., where she kept an inn; and there died, 22 Ap. 1844, and was buried at Apulia, beside her husband. 4370
1316 VII. Abigail St. John, b., 17 July 1804, at Fabius, N. Y., where he died, 17 Dec. 1813, and was buried in Apulia Cemetery.
1317 VIII. Elijah Howell St. John, b. at Fabius, N. Y., 22 Dec. 1806; a farmer and contractor; married at Pompey, N. Y., 6 Jan. 1831, Charlotte Sophia Dunham, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Parmelee) Dunham, of Pompey, where she was born, 8 Dec. 1811. They dwelt at Fabius, for sixteen years; at Chittenango, N. Y., one year; at West Troy, N. Y., 17 years; and, in 1865, moved to Orange, N. J., where he died, 13 March 1875, and was buried in the family vault. She was living at Orange, in July 1875. 4373

Chil. of John and Lois (Drake) St. John. 335

1318 I. Sylvanus St. John, b. at Canaan, N. Y., 8 Oct. 1790; a farmer; married, 27 June 1819, at Bozrah, Conn., Chloe Stark, dau. of Joshua and Olive (Lathrop) Stark, of Bozrah, where she was born, 31 March 1795. They settled at Mapleton, in Canajoharie, N. Y., and there died (she, 5 May 1860; he, 5 March 1861), and were buried in Ames Cemetery. He was a sergeant in his father's company, in the war of 1812. 4376
1319 II. Sylvester St. John, b. at Canaan, N. Y., 31 Jan. 1792; unmarried;
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