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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
Church, 1 May 1825. He joined the same church, 4 Nov. 1832, and has since been elected one of its deacons. They were still living at Darien, in June 1874, near the old home of his father, which was torn down in 1866.
1435 II. Mary Ann Whitney, b. in Darien, Conn., 29 March 1801; married, 22 Oct. 1826, in Darien, George Mather, a merchant, who was born in Darien, 11 Oct. 180.$, son of Moses and Sally (Bishop) Mather, of Darien. They settled in Darien, and were living there in Sept. 1874. 4665
1436 III. Walter Whitney, b. in Darien, Conn., 25 May 1803; married, 11 Feb. 1827, at Norwalk, Conn., Caroline Matilda Disbrow, who was born at Westport, Conn., dau. of John and Priscilla (Mallory) Disbrow. They settled in Darien, where she died 9 Feb. 1875. He died in the same place, 19 Sept. 1852, of dysentery, and was buried there. "He was an honored and influential member of the Congregational Church in Darien; one of its deacons, and a great helper both in its financial and spiritual prosperity; a man of exemplary and devoted piety, and the fragrance of his good name yet lingers among the people." 4672
1437 IV. Charles Edwin Whitney, b. in Darien, Conn., 3 Feb. 1806; married, 5 Nov. 1833, Rosanna Mather, who was born 31 Aug. 1808; and was living at Darien in July 1874. 4678
1438 V. Cordelia Whitney, b. in Darien, Conn., 24 Feb. 1810; joined the church at Darien, 3 Jan. 1831; married by Rev. E. D. Kenny, 8 Nov. 1841, to Henry Morehouse, at Darien, where they were living in July 1874.

Chil. of Henry and Prudence (Gray) Whitney. 392

1439 I. Platt Whitney, b. at Middlesex, now Darien, Conn., 28 Sept. 1789; a farmer; married at Moreau, N.Y., 10 Nov. 1818, Susan Parks, who was born at Moreau, 18 Feb. 1795, dau. of Solomon and Susan (Burnham) Parks, and died at Moreau, 16 Aug. 1820, of consumption; married (2d), at Sheffield, Mass., 2 Oct. 1821, Rana Bills, born at Sheffield, 15 Aug. 1802, dau. of Hosea and Sally (Kellogg) Bills. He settled in Sheffield, where he died by drowning, 5 March 1842, and was buried in Sheffield Plains graveyard. His widow lived at Sheffield, in Nov. 1875. 4684
1440 II. Nancy Whitney, b. at Middlesex, now Darien, Conn., 14 July 1791; married at Green River, N.Y., 15 Nov. 1809, Thomas Burnham, a lumberman, born at Sandy Hill, N.Y., 24 Feb. 1785, son of Charles Burnham. He settled at Sandy Hill, and thence moved to Lake George, and from there to Northumberland, N.Y., where he died of consumption, 4687
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